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Hi Sassy!
I am looking for ideas for Vegan wedding food. I am planning my wedding (set for early September, 2011)and am wondering if you know of any great, carnivore-pleasing, recipes that are super easy to make and can feed a boat-load of people.

I've been vegan for about a year and would hate to "break" my veganism on my wedding day but both mine and my fiance's families are very much used to the traditional American diet.

I am also on a very tight budget so I was planning on serving small "bites" and letting my guests know to eat their evening meal before-hand. These need to be pretty simple recipes; the family will be doing the cooking.

Any ideas?


Sassy Sez: Hi Amy! Wow, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I am so happy for you both.

You have QUITE the tall order, m'dear. All vegan (yes!!), short on funds, small bites, easy recipes, AND your family and friends are making the food. That is a lot to take on, but I have no doubt you guys can pull it off. ;)

Since I have never catered a wedding, I went "in search of" for a few ideas that I could toss your way...

*Seitan and veggie skewers (with plum sauce)
*Sweet potato spread and plum tomato crostini with balsamic drizzle
*Fresh fruit skewers
*Spring rolls with soy-ginger dipping sauce
*Stuffed grape leaves (you can certainly buy these)
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*Vegan Lettuce Wraps
*Falafel w soy yogurt Tzatziki sauce
*Butternut Squash Soup Shooters (I LOVE this idea; the soup is served in small demitasse cups. Cute!!!)
*A Bruschetta Station
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Wish I could have been more help. I'm going to open this question up to your fellow visitors to see what they come up with. So if anyone is reading this has some ideas, please do share!

Again, congratulations to you both, Amy! xo

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fabulous lasagne
by: Diane B

I know of two celebrity cooks who both recommend a wonderful veggie lasagne for weddings, especially if the wedding is buffet. Rip Esseltyn, the ripped ex fire fighter from Austin and author of The Engine 2 Diet has a great recipe for lasagne on his website and in his book, that he and his wife served at their wedding. Also Chef AJ, who has a wonderful new book called Unprocessed, has a great lasagne receipe called Disappearing Lasagne on page 100 that she recommends. I haven't tried it yet but it gets rave reviews on Dr. John McDougall's Discussion Board under recipes. In fact her recipe might even be there. Hope this helps. Lasagne certainly isn't fancy and if your reception is a sit down formal affair, it wouldn't be appropriate but if you are doing a buffet, it would work well. Folks like a hearty meal instead of the usual skimpy "wedding food." Good Luck....

by: Brianne

I was also going to suggest the lasagna! Rip's Engine 2 lasagna is great, but Chef AJ's lasagna is fantastic. We served it at my daughter's birthday and didn't tell anyone it was vegan. People loved it and were amazed to find out it didn't have any cheese. I followed the recipe on

Wedding yummies
by: Michelle

Since you are having an Autumn wedding- Curried squash soup. You can grow or have a family member grow the squash( packet of seeds and a little tending through out the season- the end product great- very budget friendly food). Most think that squash soup needs to be made with a meat based broth or stock... we use a veggie stock and its wonderful. If the geusts want a dairy product there are several non-dairy available for a decent price for a dollop- or a "spooch" of "milks". You can serve this with a pita bread(easy to make ahead of time and freeze)with fresh herb flavored olive oil and sea salt.

I think in the end it could cost about 125-160 bucks to feed about that many people if you make ahead and freeze- then heat.

When my husband and I married we had our wedding on our farm and had spring greens with sorrel soup for a meal, with crusty bread. We really didnt care if people ate it or not. Most did and some just ate bread with herbed olive oil.

And we live in the midwest where meat is 3 times per day along with dairy too.

Either way Congratulations on your big day and the best of luck to you and your soon to be hubby!

125-160 for food
by: Anonymous

Wow..I must live in the WRONG state. It it weren't for the weather and family here on the west coast........we'd be tempted to join to in the midwest.

"I think in the end it could cost about 125-160 bucks to feed about that many people if you make ahead and freeze- then heat."

Ideas for vegan wedding food
by: Small Footprints

Hi! CONGRATULATIONS on your big day!

How about Crispy Tofu Nuggets (yummy small bites) and a Rainbow Deli Macaroni Salad. I just happen to have the recipe on my blog today:

The person who created these wonderful recipes has a site full of yummy vegan food. Here's her site address:

I attended a wedding reception that included a sit-down dinner. They served a vegan pasta primavera that was wonderful ... and I don't think it was an expensive dish to make. Everyone, vegans & meat-eaters alike, loved it!

I hope that helps! :-)

Thank you!
by: Amy

Wow! First, I am so grateful to Sassy for posting my question. The website you mentioned was so helpful!
Second, what a wonderful community we have here at vegancoach! I'm pretty amazed at all of the great suggestions!
I have a boat load of recipes to choose from now. So, I'm going to start the fabulous process of sampling! Hooray! I'll let all of you know what we end up choosing.

by: Sassy

Yes, Amy, please do let us know what vegan food you decide on for your wedding. I'm sure everyone would love to know. :)

I agree, this is a wonderful community here - visitors are the salt of the earth. xo!

Planning The Best Vegan Wedding
by: Diane

Hi Amy,
I found this while browsing and thought you might be interested in watching it....It is called Planning the best vegan wedding.....Best of luck, Diane from Roseville Ca

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