How To Cook Vegan Soup Without A Recipe

One of the easiest dishes to cook is vegan soup. It always turns out well. Here, we'll make it even easier for you! Because I'll teach you how to cook soup without a recipe which saves you time and money.

Soup is incredibly easy to pull together without recipes. You go into your kitchen to see what you have on hand to play with (and what needs to be used before it goes bad!), then start chopping, cooking, seasoning — and eating!   :)

When I first started cooking without recipes it was exciting, but a little scary. It was important to me that everything I made tasted good. I'm sure you can relate!

So if you're new to recipe-free cooking, then the perfect and easiest way to get started is to learn how to cook soup.

Here are some of my favorite reasons for making soup:

  • Soup is VERY forgiving. You can add practically ANY ingredient to the pot and it will taste delicious in the end;
  • You can use up all the odds and ends lying around in your fridge and counters like 1 carrot, 4 kale leaves, 1/2 onion, etc. Suddenly, what you thought was a sad little assortment of veggies and other ingredients can now play nicely together in a big pot of homemade soup;
  • You'll save money! Instead of tossing your ingredients because they died and wilted on you before you had a chance to use them, toss them into a pot of soup;
  • Soup is comforting. Who doesn't love soup!? It warms you to your kissers and makes your soul happy -- plus, soup is good for you;
  • Leftover soup just keeps getting better and better as the days go by.

When the weather turns a little cooler, you can make a soup every day of the week and never make the same soup twice.

Goodbye boredom!

Ready? Let's Make Some Vegan Soup!

All the soups below were created with plant-based whole foods without a recipe in sight. Think of them as mini cooking lessons with some helpful tips and advice along with a tasty and good-for-you home-style recipe to illustrate how it all came together in the end.

Ready? Click any dish below and let's get cookin'.    :)


p.s. If you want to learn more about recipe-free cooking, click here to check out our helpful and fun online courses. They'll teach you everything from stocking your kitchen to cooking to menu planning — all based on our recipe-free and custom-made vegan lifestyle motto.

How To Make Soup From Scratch
Let's kick off this soup section with a little tutorial about how exactly you can make a vegan soup recipe from scratch without a recipe. Together we'll make a delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Soup. Gorgeous!

Creamy Vegan Vegetable Soup Tutorial
Another take on how to make creamy vegan vegetable soup. Vary the veggies to make cream of mushroom, broccoli, asparagus, and more! Easy, quick, healthy, and tasty!

Peanut Butter Vegetable Soup
Packed with nutritious ingredients like carrots, celery, pinto beans, cashews, and raisins with a surprising sweet finish.

Rustic Vegetable Soup
Filled with huge chunks of potatoes and carrots along with some healthy whole grains and other goodness, you will surely feel like you're eating soup they might have enjoyed in Little House on the Prairie.

Pesto Vegetable Soup
Chock full of gorgeous chunks of vegetables, barley, seitan, and more floating in a pesto-flavored broth. OMG!

"I love making soup every week with different ingredients. I barely knew how to cook before (and microwaved a fake chicken patty for two meals a day) and Vegan Coach has really transformed my cooking and eating!"
-- Kate Williamson, New York, New York

"I boiled some cashews and then processed in the Vita-Mix with ginger, sea salt, homemade chicken-like flavoring, marjoram, smoked paprika! When it was creamy, I tossed in some steamed peas...Voila! Creamy split pea soup (small portion edition)! Heated it to just a boil and served it with home-grown tomato/guacamole sandwiches on homemade bread. I toasted some raw pecans to sprinkle on the soup!"
-- Shirley M., Nampa, ID

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