The Best Vegan Recipes from Sassy's Kitchen

In search of the best easy vegan recipes? is all about teaching you how to create healthy and delicious vegan food without recipes.

But sometimes you're just not feeling creative.

Sometimes you just need a recipe, right? Like those times when you're afraid your family won't like your cooking. I completely understand.

Our recipe collection might be small, but I get emails all the time from people who LOVE them!

"I just want to say that your site has made all the difference in the world to me in my first weeks/months as a true and proper vegan. I've made a ton of recipes and they've all been amazing - my boyfriend has even said a few times "If you keep cooking like this, you just may convert me!" (to veganism - and he's Guyanese, and they love their meat, so that's saying something!)"

-- Carly Power, British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

What's different about these recipes? They are here for a reason -- to provide you with time-tested and family-, friends-, and client-approved recipes using whole foods (for the most part) that you can feel confident making. Save money and stop wasting your precious time on clunkers! :)

So here are some of my favorite heart healthy recipes, chosen because they're yummy for the tummy. And many of the recipes have helpful nutrition information as well.

"I have tried several recipes from your website and you really know what you're doing! I look forward to trying more."

-- Kathy Speckhahn, St. Augustine, Florida

Enjoy this small but very select private collection of vegan recipes -- recipes which were many times created over and over and over again, tweaked again and again until they passed our very picky taste buds. Kudos to hubby Jeff, who suffered through all the icky experiments over the years so we can enjoy the perfected recipe today. Thanks, Jeff! (smooches!!)

Be sure to visit Cooking From Scratch for healthy dishes made with whole foods that I whipped up in my kitchen on-the-fly. Every recipe includes photos too.

Thanks for stopping by.    :)

Happy cooking!

Baking Tips and Recipes (Bread, Rolls, and Biscuits)
There are some tricks to vegan baking, so you will find some of the biggies on this page. Along with some of my favorite baked goods recipes.

"LOVE THIS SITE! Anytime I have a question or want to expand my recipe box, I come here. Your generosity to share what you know is such a gift."

-- Genine F., Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Breakfast Recipes
It is said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don't really care what the experts say, I just like having an excuse to eat in the morning.    :)

"Your recipes and the knowledge you share are SO invaluable to my family and I could never express to you my appreciation."

-- Lauren Cunningham, Clifton, Virginia

Appetizer Recipes
I have always loved appetizers. Whether they kick off a meal, or you chow on them while drinking a glass of wine or a cold brew, apps hit the spot.

"The thing I love most about this Web site is that practically every recipe calls for ingredients that I tend to keep on hand. I can just pull up a recipe and go to the kitchen and make it! No special trip to the store for any crazy exotic ingredient you will only use once for one recipe."

-- Amanda M., Hickory, North Carolina

Dips, Salad Dressings, and Sauces
If you have spent enough time on my website you know that I am a HUUUUUUGE fan of rich and creamy saucy-type additions to my vegan meals. They simply make the difference between boring and deliciously fun.

Also, if you want to learn to create your very own signature sauces from scratch, then you'll want to Get Sauced With Sass!

"Thank you for the support and great recipes."

-- Caroline Lamantia, La Conner, Washington

Salad Recipes
When people think of vegan, they usually think all we have to eat are green leafy salads. Well, yes, we do eat those too. But there are many other yummmmmy salads to whip up. Give some of these a try.

"I love how you give food that "comfort-food" touch."

-- Carol Steele, Reston, Virginia

Vegan Soup, Stew, Chili Recipes
Perhaps some of my all-time favorite dishes are soups and stews. Perfect in the cooler months to "warm you to your kissers".

"Thank you so much for your tried and true recipes. They have been awesome! It has made our switch to veganism a lot easier than expected."

-- Denise H., Redding, California

Side Dish Recipes
What to serve with your soups, salads, and main entrees. In fact, many times you can just make a bunch of sides and call it a day.

"I love your website. It is filled with fun facts, information, recipes. I just love it! I also love the way you write, like you are speaking to us!"

-- Leslie Frank, Middle Village, New York

Entree Recipes
Our day is not complete around here unless we sit down to enjoy dinner together. As we do at every meal, we click our forks together and say the one thing we are most thankful for that happened that day. Try it, because it usually leads to some interesting discussions.    :)

"You're awesome & your website is awesome & your recipes look divine! I just can't wait to try them out on my husband & two year old...not to mention myself!"

-- Myndy K., NYC, New York

Dessert Recipes
Just because you eat a vegan diet doesn't mean you shouldn't have yummy desserts to choose from. Here are my favorite picks. Eat dessert first!    :)

"Keep up the wonderful work of explaining what can be really confusing information for the masses, while providing mouth-watering, easy-to-prepare recipes. I love your site, and will spend many, many more hours on it. Hooray!"

-- Jae Z., Los Angeles, California

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