What's In Your Freezer?

Ever wonder which ingredients are in the freezer of a REAL LIVE VEGAN?    :)

Here's what is in mine, in case you're looking for some guidance.

Please check it out, then add your comments below and tell us "What's in yours?"

So, are you ready?

Here goes...

Sassy's Freezer

a. COFFEE! Must have my LEGAL drug every day. Currently, we're liking Equal Exchange fair trade and organic French Roast coffee. There's another coffee I found recently that I love made in my good ol' humble town Reno: Blind Dog Coffee, owned by Mark who is a super cool guy that I met one day at Whole Foods when he was giving out samples of his delicious organic coffee. Yum!

b. A smattering of frozen fruits for my Superfood Smoothie.

c. Ezekial sprouted bread -- Cinnamon and Raisin, my favorite. I toast this and spread it with chunky peanut butter and jelly. Love it.

d. Various small bags of obscure flours that I very occasionally use, such as soy flour, tapioca flour, gluten-free flour, and also some xanthum gum.

e. A bag of frozen broccoli crowns. I normally wouldn't have this in my freezer since I rarely use frozen veggies, but I overbought for a recipe recently. So there it sits.

f. Tomato paste. Have you ever opened a can of tomato paste and you use just a little bit -- what do you do with the rest? I USED TO put the leftovers in the fridge, but it just sat there unused until I had to throw it away. Now I measure the leftovers out in general Tablespoon measurements (doesn't have to be exact) and wrap each Tablespoon of tomato paste in some plastic wrap. It's SO convenient to just pull out a Tablespoon or two when I need it for a recipe. No more waste!

g. Frozen bananas, ready to go for a smoothie or shake. When your bananas are super ripe, PEEL THEM, and then wrap them in plastic wrap. Place in freezer until ready to use. Not exactly sure how long these keep. When they start to look freezer-burned or nasty, I throw them away. But I usually use them before that happens. ;O)

h. Phillo Dough.

i. Nuts. I learned long ago that it's best to keep certain foods in the freezer to prolong their life. This includes nuts, seeds, grains, and flour. So I used to have all these little annoying bags of these ingredients all over my freezer. Then one day Jeff put his fabulous organizational skills to good use. He put all the nuts into one big container. All the seeds into another big container. Same with the grains. Same with the flours. I simply can't tell you how EASY it is now to find the ingredient I'm looking for.

(This is just one of the many tips found in our beginner's cooking PLUS natural kitchen management course. Perfect for new Vegans.)

j. Bag of whole grains, along the same lines as the nuts in category "i" above. I grind my own whole wheat flour in a powerful blender when I need it for optimum freshness and taste.

k. My favorite pizza crusts EV-ER. Vicolo Organic Cornmeal Pizza Crusts are fabulous to have on hand in case of a pizza emergency, which usually happens when Jeff and I get home late after a night out on the town. Some day my dreams will be answered and there will be an all-night vegan pizza parlor we can call. But for now, I'm happy these yummy crusts are out there! In the meantime, try this Vegan Pizza, or this Vegan Smoky Pizza.

l. Bag of seeds, same as the nuts in category "i" above. Although you can't see them, I also have a large bag of different types of flours.

You may notice that my vegan freezer is missing the usual fun frozen foods that many people keep around. I stopped doing this long ago. Why? Because it's WAY too easy to fall into the trap of eating these foods instead of creating fresh veggies, beans, grains, etc. Although occasionally I'll get a hankering for some special treat. And in these cases, I make a purposeful stop at the store to pick it up. When it's too much work, it's no longer fun food -- suddenly, those veggies or beans or grains in my fridge look MUCH more convenient, ya know?

I recommend you save the frozen meals and treats for a special occasion. Just my 2 cents for the day.

So there you have it. Hope it was fun to peek into the vegan ingredients in my freezer, or at the very least educational.

Now that you are insprired to stock your vegan freezer, learn how easy it is to turn whole foods into yummy meals with my Vegan Cooking Guide.

Please add your comments below and let us know what's hiding in your vegan freezer!


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