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"Before this class, I wasn't sure what I would make for our main meal of the day. I had some things going bad in the fridge. Now, I have a better idea of what's going to show up on our plate each day. Plus, I'm not wasting as much produce so I'm not buying as many groceries. This is definitely a well-spent investment of time and money and your long-term health, which is priceless."

Welcome to Vegan FUNdamentals, the step-by-step plan that teaches you how to cook all the basics (like veggies, beans and whole grains) and then turn them into quick and easy vegan meals PLUS establish an everyday stress-free routine.

A Quick Summary of Vegan FUNdamentals:

  • Learn the skills to affordably stocking your kitchen with a wide range of plant-based ingredients PLUS we'll show you how to cook them, season them and whip 'em up into yummy meals in our next 6-week online beginner's cooking class;
  • Discover which ingredients are best to have on hand and how to make your grocery shopping quick and painless;
  • Get inspired by weekly cooking videos showing you how to shop for, prep and cook vegetables, beans and whole grains PLUS how to pull them into quick and easy and good-for-you vegan dishes on the spot;
  • Hop into your kitchen to conquer weekly cooking challenges that will teach you step-by-step so your adventure is never overwhelming;
  • Join the rest of your classmates as you all move along the Lessons in a group, supporting each other as you learn by trial and error together sharing what works -- and what doesn't;
  • Establish a new routine that will carry you through your vegan journey for years to come!

Gale Henrard

"I have now implemented a system that actually makes eating healthy, nutritious whole foods on a daily basis faster, more convenient, and less expensive than I could have imagined. This was a revelation to me!" -- Gale Henrard, Story, Arkansas

If you're new to plant-based cooking, or you've been at it for a little while and you feel you never really learned the basics, then this is the class for you.

Vegan FUNdamentals!
Our Next Group Class Begins
March 2018!

Vegan FUNdamentals

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Back when Jeff and I went vegan...

...we didn't know anybody who could show us the plant-based ropes. It was incredibly challenging, especially to THIS cook who really didn't know my way around ANY kitchen, let alone one without any animal products!

It took a long time to find my way. The going was VERY slow. One recipe at a time.

Week after week. Month after month. And year after year I kept at it.

But I didn't feel that I was really making progress.

Sure, I could cook a recipe with the best of them, but I wasn't any closer to learning how to do things quickly OR easily!

I can't tell you how often...

...a friend or family member would see how healthy and energetic we were and would indicate an interest in checking out the vegan diet, asking me for some direction.

All I could do was send them recipes! And these were just way too complicated for them and so time consuming that they ran (no, sprinted!) in the other direction.

I knew something was wrong with my approach to vegan cooking, I just didn't know what it was!

It wasn't until I had been eating a vegan diet for about 7 years (!) when I finally figured out the basics that I had missed from the get-go.

I really wish someone had been there for me from the start -- it would have saved me so much time and effort!

Avril H.

"Before I took the course, I wasn't sure how to shop and put meals together. I relied on recipes and made a shopping list from the recipes. Now, I see that I can just create meals with what I have on hand. The flavor match information is wonderful! The course was a great learning experience for me."
-- Avril H., Tortola, British Virgin Islands

We want your experience to be positive...

...so we've created this class to show you ALL the basics of vegan cooking so you can get off to a quick and easy start. You'll feel so much more confident than I was (for such a very long time).

And as your confidence grows, you will be more excited to stick to your choice to move as much as possible to a plant-based diet. Isn't that the point, after all?

I'd love to take a few minutes of your time to share what this course covers so you feel good and secure this is the class for you.

What is Vegan FUNdamentals?

In a nutshell...

Vegan FUNdamentals!Vegan FUNdamentals is a beginner's cooking class that teaches you everything you need to know to cook easy plant-based meals.

Because you can't even begin to make a meal if you don't know which individual foods and ingredients to buy — how to shop for them, prep them, cook them and flavor them.

Only then can you actually pull them together into tasty meals that are not only quick and easy but filled with the nutrition that you need.

Now, on-the-fly improvisational recipe-free cooking is what we've always taught in all of our courses and across our entire VeganCoach.com website.

This cooking course is devoted to laying the very foundation you need in order to pull it off day in and day out.

Because once you get the basics under your belt, you can apply them to absolutely every dish you make, recipe-free or not!

Rosanne F.

"This course will change your life! It will make you a confident vegan cook and save you time and money in the kitchen. Before this class, I wasn't sure what I would make for our main meal of the day. I had some things going bad in the fridge. Now, I have a better idea of what's going to show up on our plate each day. Plus, I'm not wasting as much produce so I'm not buying as many groceries. This is definitely a well-spent investment of time and money and your long-term health, which is priceless."
-- Rosanne F., Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania


"I made the decision to move to a plant based diet but this required that I learn how to prepare and cook plant-based. This course has helped me do that. Now, I shop the Sassy way: Find the fruits and veggies that are available and then make meals without a lot of recipe action. I loved this course and the videos were so helpful. I have told a number of friends about it!"
-- Beth W., Lutz, Florida

Step by step...

...we'll cover everything that our experience over the years taught us AND these are the exact same tips and techniques that we'll teach you.

So by the end of the class, you can cook vegan meals that you'll love and be proud to serve.

When you study the FUNdamentals you'll learn how to:

  • Get organized! This is definitely one of the points that took me a while to figure out. It's challenging to cook in a kitchen that's set up for cooking animal products. There are so many ingredients you need to learn about including which ones to buy and how to store them and how to arrange your kitchen, pantry, fridge and freezer to make it all work for you;
  • Shop for herbs and spices and other plant-based flavorings that will help you to create meals that match your unique taste buds;
  • Shop for and cook fresh, gorgeous produce like leafy greens (come on, you know you have to eat them!), cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, squash and more, as well as accent veggies like onions, garlic and tomatoes. What do you do with these veggies? How do you clean them? Prep them? Cook them? Flavor them? This is what we'll explore together;
  • Stock, rotate and cook beans and whole grains, and nuts and seeds from the bulk section that will save you so much money! We'll show you how to buy them all AND store them properly so they stay fresh and ready to go when you need them;
  • Pre-prepare your beans and whole grains in advance of the creation of meals. You'll learn how to prep your ingredients to derive the maximum nutrition as well as the various cooking methods you can use while increasing your cooking skills at the same time, such as food steaming, pressure cooking, boiling, pan-simmering, slow cooking and more;
  • Season everything properly so each and every dish you make is highly edible, and in fact quite mouth-watering;
  • Use everything you've learned throughout the class to explore this introduction to the art and skill of improvisational natural vegan cooking. This means you'll be off and running cooking recipe-free, quick and super easy meals.

Janet C.

"Before I took this class, I cooked sporadically and ate out quite a lot. Now, I cook beans or grains in advance so that they can be ready to be used in any dish. I like that I have a wider repetoire of seasonings and flavourings to use. This course gives you the basics you need to do recipe-free cooking. It is comprehensive so I'm thankful that I can keep coming back to review the material. A non-threatening way to get started!"
-- Janet C., North Vancouver, BC, Canada

You'll love our cooking videos!

One example of our fabulous instructional videos!Throughout the entirety of the course you'll find helpful instructional videos so you'll have a visual that will help make the learning curve a LOT easier for you.

Some examples of the videos you'll find are how to select, prep and cook beans, lentils and peas, breakfast grains, dinner grains, nuts, seeds, a large selection of vegetables, and more!


"I love the videos. I watch them over and over. I also appreciate baby steps. You have broken things down to their most basic parts to put together at the end. I love, love, love that I can come back again and again to repeat the course."
-- Chauna D., South Jordan, Utah

Join us in our online classroom...

Our unique Q&A forums after each Lesson......and you'll join our fun online community of peeps. You'll never be alone.

That's because Vegan FUNdamentals is interactive!

You'll find our unique Q&A spot after each and every Lesson. Join your fellow students to ask questions about what you're learning, share your comments and ideas, and even help other students out with your own unique experience and knowledge.

And because you'll always have access to your course and our community, you can come on back any time to retake the course, ask for clarification about something, or share your successes with your new friends.

You'll also receive two special Bonuses!

These complementary Lessons will help you along your journey during the course — and after too:

Bonus #1: Raw Veggies and Salads Videos!

Believe it or not, there's an art to making a salad that tastes amazing because it's balanced in flavor and texture.

You'll go ga-ga for these salads which includes my Spinach Salad that tastes so good everyone wants to know how to make it, even non-vegans! And my vegan Caesar Salad with such tremendous flavor it's WAY better than any non-vegan Caesar you've ever tried. You and your family will love these salads!

Bonus #2: Stock Up With Jeff

Jeff has made a science out of keeping us in good stock with all the foods from the bulk section. He'll walk you through every step so you know exactly what to buy and in what amounts, how to package and store them for the long term, and how to keep it all organized!

This guide will help you to not only create and maintain a large store of dried goods that you can rotate through your everyday cooking but also to prepare you for any emergency life throws your way.

So in review, Vegan FUNdamentals includes:

  • Vegan FUNdamentals  Beginner's Cooking and Natural Vegan Kitchen Management 6-Week Online Interactive Course;

  • 18 videos that go in-depth on topics such as: herbs and spices; "pre-paring" beans, legumes, whole grains, and pseudocereals; nuts; seeds; and kitchen cupboard/fridge/freezer organization;

  • Helpful downloads on topics such as cooking times and seasoning tips;

  • Access to our fun online community filled with students just like you who are focused and driven to find success with the vegan diet;

  • Personal coaching right in the course - your questions will always be answered in a timely and supportive manner;

  • Bonus #1: Raw Veggies and Salads Videos with some of our all-time favorite salads that are tasty AND nutritious — you're going to LOVE these salads and NEVER get tired of them!

  • Bonus #2: "Stock Up With Jeff" a 17-page downloadable eBook so you can learn the important skill of stocking up with bulk ingredients PLUS how to keep them organized, in rotation and how to keep track of it all so your food stays fresh and ready to go when you need it. Perfect for establishing an emergency food supply, too!

Vegan FUNdamentals!
Our Next Class Begins
March 2018!

Vegan FUNdamentals

Click to join our Early Birds list.
We'll shoot you a note before class begins with a special deal you're going to love!


"Looking back before the course my cupboards contained a lot of foodstuffs years old. Clearing these out and making room for all my vegan food has been exhilarating. What a great learning curve!!! I have to go back and reread, that I will do as I need to. I didn't think that this would be so interesting and practical."
-- Patsy C., Vegan FUNdamentals Reviewer, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Chris T.

"Before the course I tended to eat the same things over and over. I wasn't eating a good range of foods. My kitchen cupboards were jumbled. I didn't buy in bulk. I only ate tinned beans.

"Since taking this class, my kitchen looks really cool! I've rearranged everything and made it into a 'vegan' kitchen. I know where everything is and what I have to play with. I've got into a routine of soaking/cooking beans/grains and always having some cooked in the fridge and ready to use. I've now started buying in bulk once a month and shop for my fresh veggies/frozen fruit when I need to. Basically, I'm organised!

"Everything is so simple now, I look forward to every meal. I don't have to stand scratching my head wondering what to eat, or whether I've enough time to follow a recipe. Everything I make is scrumptious as I like all the bits that I put in.

"It was all good and so informative. I liked rearranging my kitchen and getting organised, making a nice cooking space, learning to buy the right stuff, when to pre-soak and cook, and having stuff ready to go in the fridge, not having out-of-date herbs/spices...

"This is a fantastic course to get anyone who wants to live a healthy and holistic vegan lifestyle up and running in next to no time."

Chris T.
Wolverhampton, Shropshire, United Kingdom

Money-Back Guarantee

Satisfaction 100 Percent Guaranteed

With your purchase of any of our courses you receive our personal guarantee so you can feel as confident as we are that you'll love this online course. If you're not happy, we're not happy, and you can request a full refund. Period. Exclamation point!   :)

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And since every transaction is secure, you can feel comfortable with your purchase.

Questions about Vegan FUNdamentals

Q: I've been vegan for a while. Is this course for me?
A: Maybe. Do you feel you have a good handle on which foods and ingredients make up a vegan diet and how to purchase them affordably? Is your kitchen (cupboards, fridge, freezer) organized so everything has its place? Have you established a routine so you know how long you've been storing them? Do you have bulk foods in a private stock at home and do you rotate them into your everyday cooking? If you answered no to any of these questions, then Vegan FUNdamentals might be perfect for you.

Q: I am the only Vegan in my household. Will your course work for me?
A: For those who share a kitchen with others, or live in a household where people prefer the status quo, then you will need space that is devoted to your cooking needs, for the most part. As you will see in the videos in this course, all the cupboard space you need is actually quite simple and doesn't take up much space. Plus, when we get into stocking up a personal store of foods, you won't be keeping these in the kitchen or even the pantry, if you have one.

Q: How do I know if this course will fit into my schedule?
A: Each week you will receive an email to notify you that a new Lesson is ready to be viewed. You can simply visit our virtual classroom whenever you have the time (and the head space!) to concentrate and get the most out of each Lesson.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?
A: You will own the course and can access it at any time. There is no expiration date.

Q: Is this course adaptable to vegetarian (with eggs/dairy)?
A: All of our courses are perfect for any level of vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegan. We simply teach you the vegan end of things and you can take it as far as you want to.

For instance, in Vegan FUNdamentals! you learn all about how to shop for and prepare all of the basic ingredients that make up a vegan diet as well as how to cook them up and whip them into easy meals. You certainly don't have to eat ONLY these vegan ingredients. But if you add them to your current diet you will learn to be more comfortable with these fiber-rich, calcium-rich, and protein-rich foods that form the basis of a healthy vegan diet (which will make it easier for you down the road if you'd like to take things further).

As a point of fact, you don't have to be vegan to hang with us at all. No judgments or guilt trips here. We'll offer support to you wherever you're at on the vegan to non-vegan scale. We're cool like that.    :)

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: With your purchase of Vegan FUNdamentals you receive our personal money-back guarantee so you can feel as confident as we are that you'll love this online course. If at any time you feel you did not get your money's worth, then you can request a full refund. We want you to be happy!   :)

Q: I have some questions about the course. Is there anyone I can talk to?
A: Yes! You can ask below in our Facebook commenting section. Or shoot me an email through our Contact form. Alternatively, you can click here to Chat w/the Coach. Sign up for an available 20-minute time slot, and I'll give you a call to answer any questions you have about the class OR help you determine which of our courses would be a better fit for your current needs and plant-based skill level. Thanks!

Lyn V.

"I am delighted to over the moon and back with this veg-u-cation! I am sucking up the information faster than one could soak a batch of quinoa!

"I took on this course with a 'tire kicker' mentality. Thought there was a good 50% chance when pushing that "purchase course" button that I would be looking for the refund. Please know that this course really REALLY exceeds my expectations! The videos are THE BOMB! This class is SO worth the investment! I am elated that I took the leap!

"The presentation, organization and formatting of this wealth of vegan knowledge (both video and written) sealed the deal after only two weeks in. I like how all is broken down into manageable sections and how you don't make all the material available at the same time. That would have been a Lyn Train Wreck - binge entire course in one sitting, then crash and burn from information overload.

"I also like how the materials are available after the course. I love how you both are there to hold my hand. OMG - you guys are not only vegan lifestyle educators...but also therapists for vegan "grasshoppers!" LOL!

"Thank you for all the wealth of information!"

Lyn V.
Hudson, New Hampshire

You're going to love this simple (yet thorough) and fun vegan cooking and kitchen management course.

Can't wait to play with you!

Sassy's Signature

Patty "Sassy" Knutson
Vegan Coach
Nutritional Consultant

p.s. Remember, you can retake the course at any time at no charge. And as with all of our courses you have our personal 100% money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Thanks, and we hope to see you in class!

Heart with quotes"Oh my goodness. I'm honestly quite taken aback. Yesterday, in the middle of a busy day, I came into my transformed little kitchen, full of all sorts of beautiful food. Mysterious new whole grains, colourful pulses, big seeds, little seeds, teeny seeds... all sorts of nuts...and a fridge full of fresh vegetables. Nothing in a tin. Now I can pull a dish together totally spontaneous and stress-free that looks gorgeous and tastes super delicious. The thing is, I've never been interested in cooking! So how did you make that happen? I can't praise your whole approach to 'playing with your food' enough. I'm really glad I stumbled on Vegan Coach. Your course is just brilliant."
-- Fran Keeley, Milton Keynes, Bucks, United Kingdom

"I really loved this course. It was very interesting. Also, the videos are amazing. The way I cook now is so very different to the way I cooked before and my food tastes so very different. This course was truly amazing. I would recommend it to all Vegans. Congratulations on such a well presented course."
-- Audrey McQuade, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom

"Before I took this course I was shopping without any plan and usually only for 1 or 2 meals at a time. This course is practical and manageable. Do it!"
-- Charlene Fitzpatrick, Tucson, Arizona

"I feel really good about the changes we are making. We are exploring new flavors, and textures. I feel we are making positive lifestyle changes that will be helpful not only to us, but the environment."
-- Candace Selph, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This is the best course I have seen to learn vegan. Though I usually prefer books so I have something in my hand to refer to without going online (I can't get the best internet), the videos were helpful to actually see how things work, since you can't get that in a book. Overall I would recommend this course (and your website!) to anyone wanting to learn how to eat vegan in a simple, straight-forward sustainable way."
-- Vicki Shockley, Thaxton, Virginia

"Before I took this class I was cooking food out of boxes and eating premade meals. I only used salt and pepper for flavour. And beans? What? I didn't have a clue. Now, I plan my meals a lot better. Plus, I have a pressure cooker. And the best part is, I use it! The information in this course is easy to understand and then put into practice."
-- Michael Hobbs, Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia

"This course has benefits for non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike. It gives us basic concepts for incorporating valuable nutrients into our diet and saving time and money!"
-- Teri Peters, El Paso, Texas

"This course has benefits for non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike. It gives us basic concepts for incorporating valuable nutrients into our diet and saving time and money!"
-- Teri Peters, El Paso, Texas

"I loved how all the fundamentals were explained..tools, storing, appliances, beans, spices, etc. Now I know what everything means! I like that I can go back and look over the materials anytime if I need to. I'm much more confident now that I know the basics and am happy to freestyle my cooking to suit my tastes and not follow a recipe meticulously."
-- Wendy T., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"I live alone and find it hard to cook something exciting and/or different for one. I was feeling stuck in eating the same foods over and over and not sure how create new meals. I was picking up items as I felt the urge. Now I shop once a week and purchase items that are in season and by price. I loved the humour and presentation. Thank you."
-- Stella Lum, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

"I'm working on being more mindful of what I'm buying and what we've got on hand for quick easy meals. I have pre-cooked more and a larger variety of grains and beans. I love the "no-recipe recipes", especially since I can never seem to follow a recipe as-is!"
-- Dawn Martin, El Cajon, California

"While I have been vegan for nearly 4 years, I was eating a ton of processed foods. My kitchen was extremely disorganized. Since taking the course, I have been trying to eat whole foods a lot more often. And while my kitchen has a long way to go, I'm working on it."
-- Nancy Davis, Carson City, Nevada

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