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"Since getting plugged into Vegan Coach's classes, I now eat, cook and prepare delicious food with out-of-this-world flavor."

Learn how to be vegan with our helpful online vegan cooking classes and helpful eBooks! We'll show you how to cook, balance your meals, stock your kitchen and more -- all with plant-based whole foods!

All of our vegan courses are based on the same "rules of the vegan road" that we've taught since we started back in February of 2007.

We'll show you how to design a vegan lifestyle that's highly personalized, so everything is completely customized whether planning a menu, stocking your kitchen, choosing ingredients to cook with or creating your own recipes.

We want to help you break through the boundaries you've likely grown up with, where everything about food and cooking is so strict including grocery shopping, cooking, even how you stock and manage your kitchen! Because my friend, there IS an easier way!

Being Vegan doesn't have to be difficult. It can be fun! And we'll be here for you every step of the way.


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p.s. If you have any questions about any of our eCourses or eBooks, please let me know via our Contact form or in the Facebook comments below.

Vegan FUNdamentals!

Get Sauced With Sass!

Loafing Around With Jeff

Plan It With Sass!

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Vegan Cooking Classes: Vegan FUNdamentals!

Vegan FUNdamentals Vegan Beginner's Set

Vegan FUNdamentals! Out of all of our vegan cooking classes, this one was created just for those new to eating a plant-based diet.

This 6-week online cooking course teaches you everything you need to know to cook easy whole food plant-based meals.

If you're new to cooking plant-based, this is the perfect place for you to start.

Because you can't even begin to make a meal if you don't know which individual foods and ingredients to buy — how to shop for them, prep them, cook them and flavor them.

Only then can you actually pull them together into tasty meals that are not only quick and easy but filled with the nutrition that you need.

On-the-fly FREESTYLE cooking is what we've always taught in all of our courses and across our entire website. And this cooking course is devoted to laying the very foundation you need in order to pull it off day in and day out. Because once you get the basics under your belt, you can apply them to absolutely every dish you make -- whether you use recipes, or not!

Your Vegan Cooking For Beginners Set includes:

  • Vegan FUNdamentals  Beginner's Vegan Cooking and Kitchen Stocking and Organizing 6-Week Online Interactive Course;
  • 18+ videos that go in-depth on topics such as: herbs and spices; "pre-paring" beans, legumes, whole grains, and pseudocereals, nuts, seeds and kitchen cupboard/fridge/freezer organization;
  • Access to our seriously helpful (and fun!) community Discussions filled with students just like you who are focused and driven to find success with the vegan diet;
  • Personal coaching right in the course - your questions will always be answered in a timely and supportive manner;
  • Helpful downloads on topics such as cooking times and seasoning tips including "The Well-Seasoned Vegan", "Cool Beans" and "Grain and Simple";
  • Bonus #1: Raw Veggies and Salads Videos with some of our all-time favorite salads that are tasty AND nutritious — you're going to LOVE these salads and NEVER get tired of them!
  • Bonus #2: "Stock Up With Jeff" in this handy eBook you'll learn the important skill of stocking up with bulk ingredients PLUS how to keep them organized, in rotation, and how to keep track of it all so your food stays fresh and ready to go when you need it. Perfect for establishing an emergency food supply, too!

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Heart with quotes"I made the decision to move to a plant-based diet but this required that I learn how to prepare and cook plant-based. This course has helped me do that. Now I shop the Sassy way: Find the fruits and veggies that are available and then make meals without a lot of recipe action. I loved this course and the videos were so helpful. I have told a number of friends about it!"
-- Beth W., Lutz, Florida

Vegan Cooking Classes: Get Sauced With Sass!

Get Sauced With Sass! Vegan Sauce Course Set

Get Sauced With Sass! This is one of our online vegan cooking classes designed to teach you one-of-a-kind vegan saucemaking!

You'll learn to create nutritious and yummy sauces from scratch without a recipe in sight! They make each and every meal special and unique.

Get Sauced! helps you free yourself from the bonds of recipes. You can develop your very own tasty sauce at any time and with any ingredients you have on hand.

Sauces can be ready in minutes, because delicious and nutritious doesn't have to mean time-consuming! With GSWS, there is simply no huge time commitment to get yummy meals on the table.

In fact, you can make a saucy meal tonight! Get started right away. The techniques are laid out so simply, that you can implement them immediately.

Your Vegan Sauce-Making Set includes:

  • Get Sauced With Sass! 6-week online class held in our state-of-the-art online classroom;
  • 30+ videos to demonstrate my sauce-making techniques;
  • Get Sauced With Sass! 68-page downloadable e-book that works hand-in-hand with our FUN online course;
  • Saucy challenges to perfect your new cooking skills;
  • Bonus Video: "How To Make Rejuvelac" with its own dedicated forum so you can ask any questions about the process. We'll all be there with you every step of the way!
  • Bonus eBook: "Your Quick Guide To Vegan Flavor Matches", a 42-page downloadable e-book to assist you in your flavoring choices;
  • Access to our helpful and super friendly unique forums;
  • Personal coaching right in the course! Your questions will always be answered in a timely manner.

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Heart with quotes"I want to send my thanks for the Get Sauced with Sass! course. It really helped me out in making not just my sauces, but all my cooking in general, taste much better!"
-- James Franze, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I love the Flavor Matches and use them often."
-- Jaime D., Murray, Utah

Vegan Cooking Classes: Loafing Around With Jeff

Cartoon of Jeff sitting back on a chair with his feet up holding two loaves with oven mitts

This is one of our online vegan cooking classes that teach you how to make delicious and satisfying meatless Veggie Loaves from scratch without a recipe.

When you learn to cook recipe-free no-meat Veggie Loaves you can skip a day of cooking plus have delicious lunches ready to go (or store and freeze for a later date), find a use for all those odds and ends hanging around your fridge (no more waste!), and feel comfort knowing you've created a filling and nutritious meal based on the flavors you (and your family) love that you can all agree on.

This course will instruct you step by step into how to create your very own tasty and nutritious Veggie Loaves using simple tips and techniques that you'll not only find easy but that you'll enjoy because you'll tap into your own creativity in the process.

Loafing Around helps you create fresh new dinners every single time.

Your Loafing Around With Jeff class includes:

  • Loafing Around With Jeff  online interactive video course teaching you how to make delicious and satisfying meatless Veggie Loaves from scratch without a recipe;
  • VIDEOS that show you step by step how to make your own homemade healthy and delicious Veggie Loaves made with a variety of vegetables, beans and lentils, whole grains, herbs and spices and flavorings, nuts and seeds...and more;
  • Access to our fun online community filled with students just like you who are learning the fun process of making Veggie Loaves right alongside you;
  • Suggestions for sauces and gravies that work beautifully poured over veggie loaves;
  • Personal coaching right in the course—your questions will always be answered in a timely and supportive manner;
  • Cooking challenges to help you practice your new veggie loaf-making skills;
  • You'll own the course and can revisit the videos, lessons and forums PLUS retake the course at any time.

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Heart with quotes"Made my first two loaves yesterday! I just watched the third installment in the series and I can't wait to make more! I really don't know why it's so much fun. Maybe it was being up to my forearms mixing while my son added the seasonings I called for. Then seeing the fruits of your labor. This course has made me realize I had gotten into a rut, no longer creative with my cooking. Same ol' same ol'. My inspiration has been restored!"
-- Nancy McCutcheon, Port Huron, Michigan

Vegan Cooking Classes: Plan It With Sass!

Plan It With Sass! Go Vegan Menu Planning Course Set

Plan It With Sass! This is the first vegan menu planning course of its kind.

We'll show you how to get a fresh idea of the food on your plate! Learn to plan your vegan meals so you can choose the foods you love that also support you nutritionally as you learn about the vegan food groups as well as figuring out your unique protein/calcium/healthy fats needs and how to create a daily menu that delivers the nutrients you need every day. Plan It!   teaches you step by step how to plan well-balanced, healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals that you (and your family) will love.

Join me as we take a walk through the information-packed Lessons filled with the best of advice about vegan cooking and nutrition that will get you in and out of the kitchen in record time. You will learn how to build vegan menus that you can use for the rest of your life.

Plus, all meals you create are not only good for you, they're good for the planet.    :)

Your Vegan Meal-Planning Set includes:

  • Plan It With Sass!  7-Week Vegan FREESTYLE Meal-Planning Course (Online and Interactive);
  • Learn the basic steps to quickly and easily create well-balanced everyday vegan meals and menus on-the-fly;
  • Take a deep-dive into the vegan food groups that will meet your basic nutritional needs (such as protein, calcium, smart carbs and healthy fats) — with zero stress;
  • Plan It! Menu Planning Workbook  includes one week of Sample Menus w/targeted nutritional goals to provide examples and help put what you learn into practice;
  • Access to our fun private online community forums filled with students just like you who are focused and driven to find success with the vegan diet;
  • Personal coaching right in the course! Your questions will always be answered in a timely and friendly manner;
  • Plan It! Recipe Book with all of the recipes from the course in one cozy place;
  • "Scratch It!", when you've got an itch to get creative with vegan made-from-scratch meals;
  • "Smooth Move", the ultimate guide to creating superfood smoothies your taste buds will love;
  • "Don't Have A Cow, Man", your guide to creating and ordering yummy vegan meals in non-vegetarian restaurants your chef will be excited to create - that will make your palate happy;
  • Retake the course at any time.

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Heart with quotes"I loved your menu planning course Plan It With Sass! I have been vegan for a couple of years but I still learned a lot from this book. It has helped me, in a short time, make some changes that I can already feel are affecting me in a positive way. I am ready to stock my cupboards and start planning meals!"
-- Michelle Moore, Enfield, Connecticut

Our Iron-Clad Get Sauced w/Sass Pinky-Swear Money-Back Guarantee!
100% Money-Back Guarantee!


We're committed to your success!

And we need YOU to be committed to your success, too.    :)

Here's how it works: Join us in class. Complete the coursework. When you've reached the end of the class, if you aren't satisfied with your experience with our materials, the tips and advice, the forums, the online classroom -- the entire experience! -- you get a 100% refund.

If you'd like, we'll even hop on the phone with you for a free 1-on-1 private coaching session just to be sure you're getting the results. Why would we do this? Because when you team up with us, you join our ever-growing Vegan Coach family. We truly care about you!

We want you to feel super comfortable with your decision. We gotcha covered!

Your Vegan Coach Team

Patty "Sassy" Knutson

Jeff Knutson

Janie Gulick
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Thanks so much for checking out our vegan courses. Be sure to check back occasionally as we have more courses planned to help you be the healthiest and happiest vegan you can be.


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p.s. Remember, if you have any questions about any of our eCourses please let us know via our Contact form.

p.p.s. Hi guys! I received this question today about our online cooking classes and thought I'd share:

Q: I am considering taking one of your courses and wondered if it is adaptable to vegetarian (with eggs/dairy)?
A: All of our courses are perfect for any level of vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegan. We simply teach you the vegan end of things and you can take it as far as you want to.

For instance, let's take Plan It With Sass! By the end of the course you have learned all you need to know to eat a well-balanced vegan diet so you're covered if you want to release the animal products, but you certainly don't have to. It's not a requirement.

As a point of fact, you don't have to be vegan to hang with us at all. No judgments or guilt trips here. We'll offer support to you wherever you're at on the vegan to non-vegan scale. We're cool like that.    :)

Please let me know if you have any further questions about any specific course in the Facebook comments area below. Thank you!

Heart with quotes"You are quality all over! Your courses are super quality! You really rise above the norm. So glad I found you!"
-- June B., Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

"Love the Vegan Coach, and Sassy and Jeff are amazing at providing the necessary information and guidance to help you on your way to eating healthier and making the switch to a vegan lifestyle. Great courses!"
-- Andrea V., Carlisle, Ontario, Canada

"I just wanted to say thank you. Your website, eBooks, and tutorials have made a huge impact in my life. Late last year I chose to become vegan, but was lost in how to prepare meals and maintain proper nutrition levels. I randomly stumbled upon your website and it has become one of my favorites. I appreciate all that you and your husband have done in educating and helping vegans."
-- Valerie Johnson, Spring Lake, Michigan

Jennie and her husband

"Prior to working with the Vegan Coach, I was an unhealthy, overweight, junk-food vegan that had no clue and had no idea where to start with what is truly a HEALTHY diet. I rarely cooked, and always the same boring things.

"Since getting plugged into Vegan Coach's classes, I now eat, cook and prepare delicious food with out-of-this-world flavor that my non-veg friends and family (and even my non-vegan husband Tyler) actually request!

"It has all been simple and easy to understand. I now know what it means to eat HEALTHY and have all tools I need, and the peace of mind that goes with it. If you have not started into their training and services, do it. Now! You and your health cannot afford not to."

Jennie Haraldson
Spokane, Washington

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