Recipe-Free Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Looking for a never-ending supply of vegan breakfast ideas? Use what you have on hand for quick and easy breakfasts custom-made to your exact taste.

Do you ever get tired of coming up with ideas for breakfast? It's said to be the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it just stresses you out! If you find yourself stuck in the oatmeal-and-toast rut, it's time to break away from the same-old-same-old and whip up tasty breakfasts that will get your day off to a great start.

So many of us get hung up in the idea that breakfast has to look a certain way or contain certain ingredients for it to qualify. But that's just not true. You can eat ANY ingredient at ANY time of day and walk away feeling satisfied.

And the best way to get on track to your never-ending supply of vegan breakfast ideas is to learn how to cook without recipes. Because when you do, you'll simply go into your kitchen, open the fridge to see what you have to play with, and get cooking! You can have a nutritious and simple meal on the table in minutes.

PLUS, because everything is based on the foods, herbs, spices and other flavorings that you already have on hand, your breakfast will be personalized to your taste buds.

I was speaking to a friend who is currently eating a very low-carb diet and she said breakfast is always the hardest for her to figure out. Low-carb peeps, if you learn how to cook without recipes, you'll never run out of breakfast ideas because you can use the ingredients you already have on hand to whip up tasty and nutritious vittles.

Next time you need vegan breakfast ideas...

...look no further than your own refrigerator and cupboards. Gone are the days of making breakfast recipes only to find they taste gross, or they're too time consuming for your busy morning — or you never even get around to making it because don't have the ingredients on hand.

All the breakfasts below were created with plant-based whole foods without a recipe in sight. Think of them as mini cooking lessons with some helpful tips and advice along with a tasty and good-for-you home-style recipe to illustrate how it all came together in the end. Hope they inspire you to get your own recipe-free wheels turning.

Ready? Click any dish below and let's get cookin'.    :)


p.s. If you want to learn more about recipe-free cooking, click here to check out our helpful and fun online courses. They'll teach you everything from stocking your kitchen to cooking to menu planning — all based on our recipe-free and custom-made vegan lifestyle motto.

Vegan Breakfast Ideas You Can Make From Scratch

Southwest Quinoa Burro
The perfect vegan brunch. This burro is stuffed with quinoa and kidney beans, then wrapped in a tortilla and topped with a flavorful Southwestern sauce!

Sausage and Rice Hash
This hash is a yummy way to get a serving of whole grains and vegetarian protein. A delicious combo of sweet and spicy makes the perfect vegan breakfast.

Quinoa Bacon Breakfast Wraps
Quinoa is a grain that cooks up fairly fast, it's completely delicious, very filling, and a great source of complete protein.

Italian Rice and Black Bean Burritos
These vegan burritos mix Italian ingredients like balsamic and basil leaves. Beans and rice are chameleon-like and work with most International flavors.

Sassy Macs
My take on an "eggless McMuffin". If you're searching for delectable tofu scramble breakfast recipes here's one to try. A delicious and fun breakfast or brunch!

Southwestern Quinoa Wraps
These make the perfect vegan brunch. Quinoa, onion, and bell pepper rolled into a tortilla and topped with salsa and avocado. Yummy!

Vegetable and Bean Burrito
We love burritos around these parts. And it's SO easy to make them with whatever you have on hand.

Sausage Gravy Smothered Polenta
Polenta rounds are covered in a gravy stuffed with sausage-flavored tempeh.

Rice and Beans Rollups
Make these funky rollups when you have some brown rice and beans on hand. It's all rolled up in Swiss chard leaves and topped with salsa and a creamy brown rice sauce. Positively addicting.

Enjoy and Happy Cooking!

"Thank you for this eye-opening way to make breakfast. (Pun intended! haha)"
-- Jean G., East Greenwich, Rhode Island

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