Sauce For Broccoli
Perfect On Most Vegetables!

This is a tasty sauce for broccoli that is easy to whip up and tastes great on all veggies. With just 3 ingredients you can serve it anytime. Kid-friendly too.

Broccoli is one of those fabulous vegetables that happen to go with many different dishes, from Asian to Italian, salads to soups. I usually just steam it and eat it "as-is" for the utmost in healthy, and because I just love the taste of broccoli in all its natural beauty.

But every once in a while I like to make a special little sauce that is SO simple and has just the best flavor. I'm sure you're going to love it too.

This broccoli sauce has only 3 ingredients, which is why it's so quick and simple to whip up. So let's chat about these ingredients for a moment...

  • Nutritional Yeast: LOVE this stuff. I use it in just about every single thing I create in the kitchen because I dig the slightly cheesy flavor it imparts.

    Nutritional Yeast is LOADED with B vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 which is one vitamin that's nearly impossible for us Vegans to get from a natural food source. Red Star is the nutritional yeast to be on the lookout for. When my natural foods store runs out, I purchase it online.

  • Earth Balance: This is a non-hydrogenated buttery spread that has been rocking my world for years now. Before this, vegans were relegated to using "vegan margarine" (which is not a very good thing to put into your body).

    What makes this spread special is that it's a HEALTHY FAT, and it's NON-HYDROGENATED which means it doesn't wreak all sorts of havoc when it enters your body. I recommend the organic variety.

  • Tamari I tend to use this quite a bit in my cooking. It is a kinder, gentler fermented soy sauce. The flavor is richer than soy sauce too, and it contains no MSG. (Since it's made with soy always choose organic.) Tamari tends to go well with most vegan ingredients such as veggies, whole grains, and beans.

So now you have a bit of a background on these 3 ingredients. And the directions are so easy you'll be tickled pink:

Simply melt some Earth Balance in a small saucepan. How much? Well, it depends on how many people you are feeding. But for Jeff and I, I would start with about 1/4 cup. Then whisk in about 1-2 teaspoons Tamari and 1 Tablespoon nutritional yeast. And voila! Your broccoli sauce is ready.

Play with the ratios. You're simply looking to make a sauce that is slightly thickened. You'll get the hang of it immediately. I promise.

Place your cooked veggies in a large bowl, pour a little sauce over the top, and toss. Remember, you can ALWAYS add more, but it's impossible to take it away, so add the sauce slowly.

Feel free to add any herbs and spices to your sauce. The sauce makes a great base for you to play around with to your heart's content. Check out the Vegan Flavor Matches found on any vegetable page for some ideas. Or learn to make your own vegan sauces from scratch.

Happy cooking!


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