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"Best plant-based resource for everyday living on the Web!"
-- Beverly English, Mableton, Georgia

"Really fabulous with lots of helpful and useful hints on living a healthy, nutritious vegan life. I always looked forward to receiving these emails the most, and found the friendly and open style in which they are delivered very encouraging. I am ready now to put all this information into practice."
-- Amanda Brown, Beccles, Norfolk, United Kingdom

"Sassy and Jeff have taught me a lot. They have given me the confidence to not be afraid of trying new things to cook and eat (like tofu and tempeh). They have helped to make my eating habits healthier (although still not the best...yet) and I am very grateful."
-- James Blount, Pompano Beach, Florida

"I feel very fortunate that I found your website. Being a foodie, a nurse and perpetual former dieter, I thought that I knew everything about food and how to cook it. Boy was I wrong!"
-- Lisa Scott, Rochester, New York

"There is much to be said that is positive. I have enjoyed The First Step, am currently taking Plan It With Sass, and find Vegan Coach to be not only fun but knowlegeable and user friendly! I hope to take Get Sauced With Sass and Vegan Fundamentals in the near future."
-- Londa Reese, Sacramento, California

"Very good use of my time -- both to reinforce the concepts I already knew and to introduce me to new concepts."
-- Caroline K., Foster City, California

"If you are thinking about becoming a vegan this is very informative and will answer a lot of questions about consuming a balanced vegan diet."
-- Lenore S., Cairns, QLD, Australia