Raw or Toasted Seedalicious

Should the seeds for the Seedalicious salad topping be raw or toasted before making the mix?

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Sassy Sez: Hi Cindy, Interesting question.

Seeds contain that tough exterior that Mother Nature built into them that ensures they will not germinate before they come into contact with water. And the reason they do not germinate is because there are enzyme inhibitors present. When you eat foods with enzyme inhibitors, over time they can lead to problems with your pancreas (for example, swelling).

So grinding (or soaking) helps to remove that tough exterior so the enzymes can be present for your body to make use of.

I always feel it's smart to eat raw foods when possible because they contain those beneficial enzymes we need. So grinding (or soaking) allows us to get at those enzymes.

On the other hand, it is thought seeds contain a lot of phytic acid, which basically makes it difficult for your body to make use of some important nutrients.

This is also why we soak rice (and many other whole grains) and beans before cooking, to break down those walls and remove the phytic acid to make them easier to digest.

So here's what I recommend these days. It's probably a good idea to be on the safe side and eat some seeds that are raw, while the other half are roasted.

Lay seeds out in a baking dish and roast at 350 degrees F for about 10 minutes or until fragrant. Then let cool completely.

Mix them with the same amount of raw seeds in a jar or other container with a lid and store in the fridge. Then pull out the amount of seeds you need for grinding each salad.

Hope this helps. :)


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Making Seedalicious Topping
by: Teddie Hight

Sassy, With the directions for making Seedalicious Topping, you added that you put double the amount of nutritional yeast into this mix of seeds to grind daily. I don't know how much nutritional yeast is needed daily per person (making this up for 2 of us). When I know what that is I can surely double it! Thanks.

Here's what I mean...
by: Sassy

Hi Teddie! :)

I use 2 Tbsp of the seed mix and toss that into the Vitamix or coffee grinder (or whatever you're using). That is perfect for one giant salad for Jeff and I, although I could easily add 1-2 Tbsp more (especially these days...we seem to be eating bigger salads than we ever have).

So if you use 2 Tbsp seeds, then you double the nutritional yeast to 4 Tbsp. If you are using 3-4 Tbsp seeds, then you can go ahead and use 6-8 Tbsp nut. yeast. No hard and fast rules for nutritional yeast -- it's really just a great flavor booster. And although it contains B12 (provided you get the B12 fortified nutritional yeast) I really don't rely on it for my B12 needs, instead making sure to take a B12 supplement.

Does this help?

Soaking seeds
by: David

Hi Sass, great site. Just wanted to ask about soaking vs. grinding.

Does grinding make seeds more bio-available? I understood they need to come into contact with water before you can really derive any real benefit from them. Otherwise, you're locked out!

Please advise!!



Grinding vs soaking seeds?
by: Sassy

Hi David!

This is likely the biggest question I have had in all my years as a vegan. I have researched the H-E-DOUBLE-TOOTHPICKS out of this topic. There is surprisingly not very much information about whether or not grinding seeds has the same effect as, say, sprouting them.

I have for years ground my seeds for our salads which breaks open the tough outside of the seed, just as sprouting does. I'm healthy as a horse, so it's what I continue to teach.

But if anyone has any further research proving things one way or the other, I would LOVE to read it. :)

by: Anonymous

Sassy could nuts be substituted for seeds? Thanks Beth

Nuts instead of seeds?
by: Sassy

Hi Beth!

I imagine you could, but the nutrient profile will be a little different. And of course, you'll have to call it Nutalicious instead of Seedalicious. :)

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