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Hello Sassy,

I am an overweight vegan. I have been vegan for about three years now and vegetarian since I was 18. (I'm 33 now). Over time I have developed a very high interest in nutrition and believe that I am fairly educated when it comes to questions like this. I have been receiving your newsletter for the past 1 1/2 years, which I always find very interesting.

In general I have been okay with my weight, not thrilled, but okay. During the last year I have gained about 7-8 lbs due to having gone back to an office job, not enough time to exercise - the usual. I think I might be interested in joining your weight loss course. I believe that there is always more to learn about nutrition and eating habits.

I was wondering if the testimonials about your course have mainly been submitted by omnivores, or if you can assist already vegan people staying at a stable weight. I just don't want to imagine that I gain that much every year from now on... :( I think that I would benefit from mental restructuring.

I have a quite un-American eating habit as it is. I eat breakfast at home and lunch at work, but don't eat dinner, haven't done so for decades. It just doesn't work for me. My husband is an omnivore and we don't eat together a lot, mainly when we eat out. Also I eat a lot of raw foods, and green smoothies are an elemental part of my diet.

Best wishes,



Sassy Sez: Hi Margarete! You are absolutely not alone in this because I hear from Vegans often who feel they are overweight and don't understand how it could be?

As you might know, one can be eating a vegan diet that is unhealthy and fattening. ESPECIALLY in this day and age when you can run to the store and stock up on vegan convenience foods such as frozen foods, canned goods, and prepackaged vegan foods of all kinds including soy cheeses, soy meats, soy this, soy that.

You might be surprised at some other things that could be contributing your "bottom line" - such as certain whole grains that you could be sensitive to. Other things can contribute to weight gain, such as eating on the run, eating out a lot, starting your day off with the wrong foods, etc. Not saying you are doing these things though. ;)

But to answer your specific question...

MOST of the people who visit my site, believe it or not, are NOT vegan but are searching for the information they need to make an informed decision about the topic. So statistically, most people who take the course are non-vegan -- at least at the start. They tend to change things up once they begin their journey with me. ;)

What you want to know is whether or not Get Down With Sass! will help change you from an overweight vegan to your old svelte self? Very hard to say, mostly because I don't know a lot of details about your lifestyle, the foods you eat day in and day out, your secret eating habits (most people have them), and on and on. So many factors come into play.

While I absolutely believe my course can assist you to reach your goals, most of the work falls onto your shoulders.

When you begin the course, you will set a realistic goal for your weight loss. That's an incredibly important thing to do. Then, if you follow the course to a T, I believe you will discover some holes in your diet and lifestyle that are blocking you from losing the weight you want to lose.

After receiving this note from you I was chatting with a current student of my weight loss course...

...and found out she has already been vegan for a year and half. So I asked if she felt the course would be beneficial to most current vegans?

Here's what she said:

"I'd say the course would help not only those who are more new to veganism, but even a long-time vegan could absolutely benefit from the course! You have so much great information, and the structure is also hugely helpful.

"Also, I find that there are things that I know perfectly well I should do (really important things, like staying away from GMO foods even when eating out) that I push to the side of my mind because I haven't figured out what I want to do to replace, say, non-organic tofu in Chinese or Thai restaurants. But doing Week 4 (in combination with some super-scary stuff my scientist sister was telling me about the effects of Round-up treated seeds on hamsters, like total sterility within three generations?) makes me determined to get my head out of the sand.

"Plus you do get stuck in food ruts. I just got your sauce course and see how many interesting alternatives there are to my usual solutions. Looking forward to playing with them in the kitchen.

"Tell that long-time vegan I said yes the course would help! :D"

-- Sarah, Berkeley, California

So there you have it, Margarete! Hope this helps.

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"I really followed your instructions and stayed the course, I am happy to say that I have lost 10 nasty pounds that I put on over the past 12 months! Thank you!!!"
Kim McLeod
Jamison, Pennsylvania

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You're just fine!
by: Angel

I am only 5 feet tall, but 140 pounds! I weighed 175 for the longest time and finally lost some weight about a year ago....and yes, I am vegan! Vegan food is so delicious...I had to cut down portions and eat healthier. Not so much starchy stuff. I try to eat more beans and grains instead of potatoes and such. :)

by: Sassy

Glad you're finding your way through, Angel! Congratulations to you. :) xo!

Help is needed for this obese vegetarian
by: 2 year vegetarian

I am a new vegetarian of 2 years. I started off very obese and still am (was over 300). In the two years I have lost about 35 pounds without really trying to "diet". I eat very healthy. Veggie and fresh fruit shakes for breakfast. Eat fresh veggies in my lunch and dinner meals along with whole grains.Take all my vitamins etc. But I still can not seem to get rid of the refined sugars. This is really where my weight stays on. Any ideas to get rid of the sweet tooth?????

On average I eat 4 fruit servings a day and about 4-5 vegetable servings a day. I use very little oils and butters for most of my meals and the only animal product I use is cheese about 2X a week and rarely an egg but I try to use replacements for the eggs most of the time. Obviously when I eat out I probably eat eggs that are cooked in etc. And yes we eat out 2X a week. Some choices are good some are not so great! And yes, I exercise on average 3-4x a week.

Help is needed for this overweight vegetarian!

Eliminating sugar
by: Sassy

Hi there --

Congrats on your weight loss. I know you have further to go but it's good to appreciate how far we've come. :)

It's difficult for me to give too awfully much advice without taking a more thorough peek into what you are eating day in and day out, but I would say to begin with if you're trying to lose weight, back off of the fruit. No more than 2 servings/day. A serving equals 1/2 cup or 1 medium piece of fruit.

Do you CRAVE sugar? If so, you likely have a challenge with systemic yeast. I find that most of the time someone has a lot of weight, they usually have yeast which has proliferated throughout not only their gut but their entire body. You'll want to research how to bring those levels down because it will be difficult to lose weight until you do.

It's a difficult process to bring yeast down to normal levels. But I can tell you the ONE thing that you positively must stop is the sugar. NO SUGAR WHATSOEVER. Not even the teeniest tiniest amount. I promise you that you will notice a difference in your weight.

I realize this is your biggest challenge, the sugar. There is no way around it. No magic bullet. But I will tell you that the less sugar you eat, the less you want to eat. The healthier your diet, the less sugar you want. I used to live on sweets. Now that I'm vegan, I just don't have a sweet tooth. It's like it was turned off or something!

Hope this helps. :)

Help with weightloss
by: 8 year vego

Hi there Sass I've come across your page to hopefully help find a weightloss solution !
I am 18 years old 5ft4 138 lbs and eating around 1200-1400 calories a day...
I don't eat any refined grains, gluten, refined sugar and all additives I can avoid.
Essentially I eat 100% plants in their natural form. (Raw vegan)
I exercise for around an hour every day. at the moment mostly hot yoga and walking with 30 mins-1 hour weight training a week.
I take iron and B+ tablets because I am deficient
I am at school still doing my last year ...
Does your guide stray from this? Would you have an answer for why I have been gaining weight steadily for the past month and a bit. I don't know what to do anymore....
Thanks I hope you can help! Or your guide can help.

Much appreciated, Geena.

What does your diet look like?
by: Sassy

Hi Geena!

It's very hard to say without seeing your diet as a whole. Can you give me an idea of what you eat in a typical day? :)

Overweight need help fast
by: Elizabeth

Hi, I had been a vegetarian for 16 years. I became ill and had to have surgery. During this time I was not active and the weight started to pile on. After my surgery I found I could no longer eat dairy as it would cause nearly immediate nasty side effects. I try to eat healthy but alot of the time I don't know what I should be eating. I have tried joining weight loss classes but since I don't eat meat I'm told just to take the meat out of meal plan, which leaves me with nothing much to eat and I can't stick to it.

I have also recently suffered a back injury which means even walking is quite painful.

I feel like I'm stuck in body that won't do what I want it to do. I'm tearing up even writing this because I'm nearly 6 stone overweight and I've never experienced this before my illness and I just don't know what to do.

How could your course help me? Or am I beyond help

Vegan Weight Loss Course
by: Sassy

Hi Elizabeth!

I'm so sorry you're hurting over there. I'm sending a huge hug of support your way, girlfriend!! XO!!!

You said "I try to eat healthy but alot of the time I don't know what I should be eating."

So I'm going to say with certainty my course can help you! This is exactly what you will learn when you take Get Down With Sass! Which foods make up a healthy and well-balanced vegan diet AND encourage weight loss at the same time.

Perhaps as you begin to lose the weight you'll have an easier time walking. Do what you can do, stay positive, and take things one step at a time. I think you'll love the course. It's laid out in a simple step-by-step manner so you'll never be overwhelmed.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I'm thinking of you!

What's helping me
by: Ash

Hi everyone. I've been vegan for 1 year 4 months. There were times when I thought I should give up. I felt really uncomfortable, bloated, put on weight (I've always had curves, average sized) and had stomach pain, gas etc. I was eating lots of fruits, veggies and salad so was feeling quite hard done by. I was looking at these tiny women on youtube who say after 3 weeks you're detoxed and feel amazing! I did a lot of research online and what's worked for me is taking iron, vitamin d, acidophilus plus, calcium, magnesium, zinc and b12 supplements. If I take these daily I feel normal and my weight has been going down a lot too. Hope this helps :)

50 years old and trying to get rid of the fat
by: Lili

Hi there Sassy!
I am a 50 yr old that has been vegan for about 6-7 years now. # years ago I lost about 10-15 lbs on a macronutrient diet but... the protein was highly processed and unsustainable. I loved the look but was scared of what it could do to me long term. I shot right back up to my 135lb, I am 5 ft tall, very quickly. Since then I have dabbled but most of these fat loss, premenopausal diets are all meat based. I have read many books and just wondered if you had any thoughts. I love your site. Thank you for your time.

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