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I am a college student and literally the only time I have something to eat is in between classes. I commute, so I try to pack some things, but I haven't figured out how to make something quick at night or in the morning to take with me to school (because let's face it, cafeteria food consists of greasy hamburgers and oreos..oh, and the one lone banana they leave sitting out for three days..awesome).

I need some help so I don't get so bored, but so that I'm not spending hours in the kitchen the night before. Because frankly, I don't have it! (story of all our lives)


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super simple snacking
by: Rachel Assuncao

I think the secret to enjoying delicious, easy and healthy meals on the go is in planning and preparing a few simple things ahead of time to give you maximum flexibility all week long.

I like to have 2 or 3 different kinds of dips in my fridge all the time - often it will be some sort of hummus, some sort of bean dip, and some sort of veggie dip like baba ganoush or an olive tapenade. With these on hand, I can easily make a wrap or sandwich or pack up some veggies, pita and/or crackers and dip.

I also like to make up big pots of soup (hot soups in the cooler months and chilled soups when it's warm outside) that I can eat all week long - or even divide up into single servings and freeze. All it takes in the morning is to heat the soup (if needed) and pour it into a thermos and you have a hot and ready meal on hand whenever you have a few spare moments.

And finally, I like to have a few good hearty salads on hand that stand up well to travel - my current favorites are brown rice with spinach and toasted cashews in a soy sauce based dressing or quinoa with black beans, jicama and mango in a minty mango dressing. These hold up well for several days (add the dressing just before eating by storing it in a small leak-proof container) and again are easy to just dish into a single-sized container, pop into your backpack and eat whenever you've got a few moments.

Hopefully these ideas are helpful!

Veggie juice
by: Mareile

The only thing I can add to the previous entry (all excellent advice that works well for me and my 24hour shift patterns :D ) is that you could always take fresh veggie juice in a bottle (I keep mine chilled in a coolbox - a good thermos works as well). I mix it with a little fruit juice for a sugar boost (that's probably just me though - keeps me off the biscuits). A good juicer will make that for you while you have breakfast. :-)
Another thing I try to have available are different kinds of wholemeal crispbreads (here in the UK it's usually Ryvita) - they come with all kinds of seeds and stuff and taste quite nice on their own or with a dip.

Eating on the go
by: Memory

Hi Toria,

I buy pita pockets and put them in the freezer in individual baggies so they stay fresh. At night I can take one out to thaw and in the morning quickly cram them with fruit, veg, salad or ( my fav,) nut butter and banana and seeds. If I'm really short on time, I can return them to the same baggie to nosh later. If you are able to, take a few hours every weekend to cook up a big batch of soup or beans or loaf and individually package them for later in the week. If you have other vegans around you, you can turn a cook-up into a party, with everyone bringing ingredients and each person getting a helping or two of the dishes so that you don't end up with five days in a row of eating the same thing.
The other thing that can be made up the night before is sushi. It's easy to make, stores well overnight in the fridge and is yummy for breakfast.
Cheers, Memory

by: Kate

You could batch cook lunches one day a week. It's like making the pot of soup on Sunday and having it each day. I do this for my lunches, though at this point I already have several recipes I know work fairly well for this. If it isn't soup with a little hunk of bread, I have a Goodbyn that is split into a couple different sections.
I try to fill the big one with something salad-y like a big raw kale salad, or broccoli salad, or Brussels sprout salad (or lettuce salad, though those don't keep all week and would have to be thrown together that day).
The medium sized section I try to fill with some kind of bean or grain (or bean/grain dish)such as a wild rice salad, mango bbq kidney beans, a slice of lentil loaf, 2 falafel patties, etc.
The smallest section I put carrot, or some cut up seasonal fruit, which I also cut up ahead of time. Throw in a utensil and a cloth napkin and I have a healthy and pleasant lunch that I usually look forward to each day. All I usually have to do in the morning is to add the day's portion to my lunch box.

Excellente! :)
by: Sassy

AWESOME IDEAS. Thanks everyone. I am sure this will help a lot of people. :) xo

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