Newly Vegan?

If you're new to vegan cooking look no further! We've hand-selected our very best tips and advice to make going vegan quick and painless!

New to vegan cooking?  You'll love our best and brightest tips in one cozy spot.

This is an important time in your life. You've decided to go vegan, but you're not exactly sure where to start, right? So much NOISE out there it's hard to know where to put your attention or who to trust.

We gotcha covered.    :) has been online since 2007, and since that time has grown to include hundreds of pages chock full of delicious dishes, handy tips, and spot-on advice.

But let's make it easy for you, m'kay?

Check out these pages which we've selected just for you, dear new Vegan. Have fun!


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These Tips Are Perfect For New Vegans...

Recipes Shmecipes NewsletterFree Subscription!
Join us every week for our jam-packed-with-super-helpful-tips-and-advice vegan cooking and nutrition newsletter. You'll find so much GOOD STUFF that will help get you on track (and keep you there). We're here for you every step of the way.

Peace sign with the word VeganGo Vegan Tips!
Newly vegan but not sure what the road ahead is really going to be like? Learn from those of us who have been there, done that. Begin your new lifestyle with confidence!

Diet For A New America book coverThe Best Vegan Books
You will LOVE my picks for the best vegan books out there. They are the best vegan cookbooks, best vegan nutrition books, and best books on veganism overall.

Vegan Cooking Guide Tutorial CartoonVegan Cooking Guide Tutorial
There is a lot of information tucked within our website and this Tutorial will help you find your way around.

VeggiesHow To Cook Vegetables
First we'll have a chat about which veggies to buy organic, how much to eat, and whether they should be raw or cooked. Then you'll learn how to shop for, clean, and cook fresh vegetables, plus flavor tips. There's so much here for you to play with.

Bags of beansHow To Cook Beans
Learn how to cook beans from scratch! We teach you how to shop for your beans, prepping and soaking tips, cooking techniques, and helpful flavor matches.

WheatHow To Cook Grains
Our guide has it all! We'll begin with a chat all about cooking grains including how to shop for and select your grains, soaking and prep advice, various cooking methods, and flavor ideas. Plus simple nutrition advice.

This helpful article will guide you to which fruits must be organic versus conventional. Then, we'll show you how to select and clean your fruit, and ingredients that will match your selected fruit perfectly.

A pressure cookerVegan Kitchen Tools and Small Appliances
As a Vegan since 1994, I know what works in a busy vegan kitchen. These are the main kitchen tools I use nearly every single day.

Blueberry PancakesVegan Recipes
Need some vegan recipess? We got 'em—and yummy ones at that! Enjoy this small but very select collection of vegan recipes created by Yours Truly which were tweaked again and again until they passed our very picky taste buds.

Happy PeasVegan Nutrition
Build your vegan nutrition confidence and conquer uncertainty. This guide is filled with tips that are easy to add to your everyday plant-based diet.

Sassy's Top 10 Weight Loss TipsTop 10 Vegan Weight Loss Tips
Here are 10 spot-on weight loss tips that you can start using TODAY.

Take A Class!
These Courses Are Perfect For New Vegans...

Vegan FUNdamentalsVegan FUNdamentals
We'll help you get organized as you learn how to stock your kitchen with the ingredients and tools you need. We'll show you how to buy, prep and cook all the basic whole foods that make up a healthy plant-based diet PLUS how to magically transform them into quick and easy vegan meals. You'll love establishing an everyday stress-free routine.

Vegan Menu Creation Made Easy.  Good for you.  Good for the planet.Plan It With Sass!
This is the perfect follow-up course to Vegan FUNdamentals (above). After you learn how to stock your kitchen with basic vegan ingredients, how to shop for them and store them and cook them up and make easy vegan dishes with them you'll be ready to Plan It!    In this course, we focus on which foods (and how much) to eat each and every day so your basic nutritional needs are met. That's what Plan It With Sass! is all about. You'll learn how to take everything you learn in this class to pull healthy meals and menus together quickly, easily, and intuitively -- for years to come.

Thanks for visiting, my sweet. I'm here if you need me!    :)

Happy day!

Heart with quotes"In my (rarely humble) opinion, this Vegan Coach website is "the bomb", and Sassy and Jeff Knutson are just the right sort of high quality, knowledgeable teachers who can help you to make the often difficult transition from the "SAD" (Standard American Diet) lifestyle (whether in whole or in part) to committing to a delicious, wonderful, functional and healthy vegan/plant-based way of life!"
-- Daryl Grant Lindsay, Seaford, Delaware

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