"Finally, a main course that says 'Dinner!' and doesn't just look like a salad or a bunch of side dishes! I'm looking forward to having frozen slices ready for lunch at work, or dinner after a long workday. So grateful!"

Welcome to Loafing Around With Jeff, a 100% plant-based interactive online course that will teach you how to use the ingredients you have on hand to make easy vegan, delicious and nutritious meatless Veggie Loaves that will transform your meals from boring to fun.

When you have Veggie Loaves on hand, you can skip a day (or two!) of cooking and enjoy a filling and nutritious meal created with the flavors that you love and that your family can all get behind too!

Missing That Central Focus On Your Plate Meat Used To Fill? Veggie Loaves To The Rescue!

A Quick Summary of Loafing Around With Jeff:

  • Learn the skills to mastering delicious and satisfying meatless veggie loaves from scratch (without a recipe!) in our next online class;
  • Master creating your own homemade healthy loaves with a variety of ingredients like vegetables, beans and lentils, whole grains, herbs and spices and flavorings, nuts and seeds...and more;
  • Helpful instructional and inspirational cooking videos to guide you through the process from start to finish;
  • Easy to learn! You can enjoy a no-meat veggie loaf TONIGHT;
  • Hop into your kitchen to conquer cooking challenges as you discover the secrets to FREESTYLE veggie loaves;
  • Personal coaching right in the course — your questions will always be answered in a timely and friendly manner and you'll never be alone;
  • Join the rest of your classmates in our friendly and unique forums, supporting each other as together you all learn the fun process of making meatless veggie loaves;
  • Pick up tips to creating sauces and gravies that work beautifully poured over veggie loaves;Retake the course at any time.

If it ever seems to you that vegan meals are just a bunch of sides pulled together in various ways you're not alone.

Back in your pre-vegan days there was always a central focus on the plate. Something to build the rest of the meal around.

Sometimes it's hard to get behind the vegan diet if you're missing that one aspect of the meal that brought in a dense bite. (Plus, delivering that experience made it easier for you and your family to accept the vegetables off to the side!)

The good news is with just a few tweaks to your routine, you can easily create meatless Veggie Loaves — that you'll enjoy making as well as eating — that will once again give you that focus on the plate you've been missing.

Loafing Around With Jeff Offers A Tasty Solution These 4 Main Challenges Most Plant-Based Home Cooks Face

Loafing Around was created to help you overcome these problems we hear from our community on a regular basis.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar To YOU?

  • Bored of everything that comes out of your kitchen;
  • Missing the ease of pulling meals together (like back before you were vegan);
  • Sick of throwing out ingredients that go bad before you get a chance to use them because you're so busy;
  • Exhausted. You need a break from the kitchen once in a while!

And if you're from a mixed family (some Veg*n and some non-Veg*n) they're used to having their old non-vegan standby on the plate (like meatloaf, chicken, or steak).

And if you so much as attempt to replace it with something that you can all enjoy (that's also good for you!) all hell breaks loose; am I right?

Meatless veggie loaves are the answer!

Hear From Our Students Who Will Inspire You With Their Success Stories

YOU can do this, too!

It's fun to hear from our students about how much more exciting their meals are after getting the Loafing Around techniques under their belt. Here are some of my favorite stories...

"Well done video series. Valuable content with a simple process to begin using right away. Presented in a straightforward manner that valued our time and allowed for different student pacing. Worth the money - not only in content provided, but also in reduction of future food waste!"

Ann DiLuzio
Huntington Beach, California

  • Had never made a veggie loaf
  • Turned to unhealthy foods when in a hurry
  • Needed to learn some new skills to go along with her relatively new plant-based diet
  • Likes to make healthy veggie loaves to freeze for later
  • Loves utilizing on-hand ingredients
  • Appreciates the repeatable process that will soon become 2nd nature

"I loved the videos because I learn better by having the visual with the narration rather than reading instructions. I am confident to try more experimenting in all of my cooking. I appreciate that with every veggie loaf I make, I learn lessons and takeaways that are helping me become a better cook."

Laurie C.
Apollo Beach, Florida

  • Had never made a veggie loaf before
  • Was buying a lot of premade veggie burgers and always thought it couldn't be that hard but when she looked at recipes it was too much trouble to buy all the special ingredients
  • Didn't feel she was learning anything from all the recipe failures she's had in the past
  • Loves using up all the random vegetables in her fridge
  • Has jump started her ability to create meals without a recipe
  • Looks forward to making loaves but also meatballs, burgers and taco fillings -- anywhere ground beef would normally be used

"Finally, a main course that says 'Dinner!' and doesn't just look like a salad or a bunch of side dishes! I'm looking forward to having frozen slices ready for lunch at work, or dinner after a long workday. So grateful!"

Cricket Cooper
Dalton, Massachusetts

  • Had only made one veggie loaf (with a recipe) which was a lot of work and the results were only so-so
  • Desperate to use up veggies in the fridge
  • Had mostly fed her compost pile since becoming vegan
  • Is having more fun cooking
  • Loves the easy of making veggie loaves
  • Feels confident making her own ingredient choices and decisions vs. relying on a recipe

Hi, and Welcome To
Loafing Around With Jeff

Jeff here from Vegan Coach. I'm Sassy's hubby, and the Master Veggie Loaf Maker in our home.    ;)

I didn't always make loaves like I do now. In fact, when I had the idea of making recipe-free no-meat veggie loaves I had never made one before in my life!

But one thing I knew for sure...

Many of our Vegan Coach friends were having a big challenge coming up with meals that would not only satisfy themselves, but their picky family, too.

What was the missing link that would make everyone happy?

When I got to thinking about what most people ate before they went vegan...

...the answer became glaringly obvious:

Most plant-based cooks were missing a central focus on the plate that you can build the rest of the meal around.

Sure, you can do that with frozen, pre-packaged or processed foods—there are any number of pre-packaged and frozen "faux" chicken, beef, and even salmon that you can purchase! But...

What if you could easily create your very own "vegan meatloaf" made of healthy and organic whole foods you have on hand -- without having to rely on convenience foods?

I could imagine this is a dish that anyone would enjoy, especially split households, where some are Vegans and others aren't.

Everyone could get behind a well-made, delicious, moist and satisfying no-meatloaf!

Meatless veggie loaves are beautiful and can add so much to your plate.

So I set to work...

...figuring out exactly how to make my very own Veggie Loaves chock full of vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices and other seasonings.

I quickly realized the most crucial part: The binder. Because if your veggie loaf doesn't hold together and cook up moist AND firm, it's not a loaf but a casserole!

There were a few failures along the way. But little by little I started to figure it out.

Of course, we had MANY taste test parties because-well, here at Vegan Coach Headquarters Sassy and I will use any excuse for a party.   :)

It took a lot of trial and error to figure out the ratio of ingredients. And seasoning loaves are a slightly different ballgame too so the flavors come through in the final cooked loaf.

If you're looking for the perfect meal to enjoy not only for dinner but for handy lunches too, then you're going to love learning how to make your very own Veggie Loaves.

In fact, that's why I created Loafing Around With Jeff.

Because I want you to learn how easy it can be to create made-from-scratch meatless loaves based on nutritious whole foods.

When You Join Me In Loafing Around With Jeff...

...you'll learn the magic making Veggie Loaves can bring to mealtime.

I'll show you step by step how to create your very own tasty and nutritious Veggie Loaves using simple tips and techniques that I promise you will not only find easy but that you'll enjoy because you'll tap into your own creativity in the process.

We'll begin with a general overview of my loaf-making techniques before we dive right in and get cooking.

And Sassy even steps in to give you a few easy tips about making your own recipe-free vegan sauces from scratch that you can use to smother your delicious loaf if you'd like.

Check Out These Gorgeous Meatless Veggie Loaves Created In Class!

These veggie loaves were made by our students.

You can do this, too!

Creative Cooking Challenges

The BEST way to learn is to just step into your kitchen and start playing with your food! And that's what you'll do during the course as you cook-create using the simple techniques I'll share with you.

When you begin to get into the groove of Loafing Around, you'll...

  • Enjoy discovering the endless possibilities and variations ensuring your meals are never boring again
  • Gain confidence in creating your own veggie loaves even if recipe-free cooking is a new concept to you
  • Use a wide variety of ingredients (especially all those bits and pieces in the fridge you can't seem to find a use for)
  • Rely on your creativity and intuition which makes the entire process a breeze.

Believe me, if I can do it ANYBODY can. Truly!

Let's Hear From Some More Loafing Around With Jeff Students

I Would Love To See YOU Have Success Creating Veggie Loaves, Too!

"Watching you add the ingredients together in the videos took me from 'Hmmm, maybe I should just stick to what I know so far' to throwing all kinds of stuff together and not being afraid of the outcome!"

Nancy McCutcheon
Stockbridge, Georgia

  • Had never made a veggie loaf (closest thing to it was falafel)
  • Followed specific rules of cooking in the kitchen and wasn't likely to break out of her ruts
  • Cooking wasn't much fun
  • Unleashed her imagination and loves the endless possibilities
  • Realized that you can use vastly different spices together and come up with something from "not bad" to OMG
  • Got her to step up and embrace 'cooking on the fly' -- and her son got in on it, too!

"This course has opened my eyes to the many possibilities & variations of my own veggie loaves with the ingredients I can eat (without needing to fear failure). It has offered me the comfort of knowing I can make something that is very filling & nutritious, easy to store and fun to make without having to worry about next-day lunch or dinner (or even breakfast).

"This is a great course for visual learners who crave a sense of variety, freedom, lightheartedness & experimentation without being bogged down by tons of details. Excellent for getting the bigger picture first (divided in clear & concise chapters), and then the necessary details (i.e. cooking tools, cooking time, ratios). Very, very liberating."

Miriam Baza
Ghent, Belgium

  • Feared ending up with some mushy stuff that didn't hold together well or satisfy
  • Ate the same meals over and over because she never knew what to make next
  • Had to be careful of food restrictions
  • Connects cooking with feelings of lightheartedness & fun
  • Cooking doesn't feel in vain now but like actual steps to success (a.k.a. a better, more fulfilling & balanced life)
  • Enjoys using flavor matches, what tools to use, and the RATIOS!

Get Inspired With Our Unique Cooking Videos

Our students love Loafing Around With Jeff videos because you'll see the entire process from beginning to end.

You'll see all of the ingredients I have in my fridge, freezer, and pantry (such as beans and whole grains, fresh veggies, nuts, seeds, etc).

Next, I'll select many of them to make a whole food plant-based veggie loaf on the spot -- without a recipe to guide me. This is just what you'll learn how to do in this class!

This includes the secret to your Loafing success: The Binder! Made with healthy whole foods like nuts and seeds.

Then, I'll show you how to cook it up for best results. As well as how to properly store (for future meals) as well as reheating tips (if you don't eat the whole loaf in one meal!

You'll be helped tremendously just by watching how I make these FREESTYLE veggie loaves improvisationally right in my own home.

If You Miss That Central Focus On Your Plate That Many Vegan Meals Are Missing, Then You'll Love Creating Veggie Loaves!

"Before Loafing Around I was in search of a loaf recipe. I was not even sure it could be done. I tried some that I found on the internet and even tried to make a few on my own. No success!

"After taking this course, I can now have a loaf that I can serve for dinner or make sandwiches for another meal. I like the idea that I can make a loaf at any time using whatever I have on hand. The binder is the key, I could never figure out how to hold it all together after it came out of the pan."

Jean Goulder
Orange Village, Ohio

"Before taking this course I had made veggie loaves maybe five or six times in 2 years, always from a recipe and was never happy with the texture or the flavour. I am now confident in making a loaf without a recipe, and love the fact that it means I am getting seeds, especially flax, chia and pumpkin into my partner who never eats enough of these. And I love having leftovers to eat for lunch for several days."

Deborah Russell
East Lothian, United Kingdom

There are usually 3 main reasons people don't make no-meat Veggie Loaves from scratch.

In a nutshell, they...

  1. Never even knew vegan loaves were possible!
  2. Live a life that's just too busy to figure out how it's done;
  3. Lack confidence in whether they have the skills to pull it off.

Once you discover how easy it is to make your own no-meat Veggie Loaves, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them!

Loafing Around with Jeff teaches you how to create Veggie Loaves that taste like what you'd expect to find it in a restaurant.

Loaves that not only surpass everything you expect in a fabulous meal, but also one that enhances your health because the ingredients are the best available.

But through it all — and perhaps most importantly — I want you to enjoy the process.

Loafing Around With Jeff includes our easy to use forums.

So you'll never be alone!

That's because Loafing Around  is interactive.

Just as with all of our online courses, you'll find a forum at the end of every Lesson. If the word "forums" conjures up images of an overwhelming place to be where you're inundated with emails every day, fear not! Our forums are unique; they're simply a friendly little spot where you can ask questions about what you're learning.

It's a place for you and me to connect so you stay on track. So that means I'll be there every step of the way to help you out, answer questions, offer suggestions and encouragement as needed. Think of it as private coaching without the cost.

Plus, you can read the questions and comments students before you have made which helps to propel your learning experience even further. It's not unusual for friendships to form as students respond to a question or comment someone else has made. You'll feel supported in our friendly forums.

And because you'll always have access to your course and our forums, you can come on back any time to retake the course and ask for clarification about something. Because you WILL be learning a lot, and you WILL have questions. Guaranteed.

Loafing Around With Jeff

Ready To Begin Loafing Around With Jeff ?

Your Package Includes:

  • Loafing Around With Jeff  online interactive video course teaching you how to make delicious and satisfying meatless Veggie Loaves from scratch without a recipe;
  • VIDEOS that show you step by step how to make your own homemade healthy and delicious Veggie Loaves made with a variety of vegetables, beans and lentils, whole grains, herbs and spices and flavorings, nuts and seeds...and more;
  • Access to our fun online community filled with students just like you who are learning the fun process of making Veggie Loaves right alongside you;
  • Suggestions for sauces and gravies that work beautifully poured over veggie loaves;
  • Personal coaching right in the course—your questions will always be answered in a timely and supportive manner;
  • Cooking challenges to help you practice your new veggie loaf-making skills;
  • You'll own the course and can revisit the videos, lessons and forums PLUS retake the course at any time.

Own It Today

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100% Money-Back Guarantee!


We're committed to your success!

And we need YOU to be committed to your success, too.    :)

Here's how it works: Join us in class. Complete the coursework. When you've reached the end of the class, if you aren't satisfied with your experience with our materials, the tips and advice, the forums, the online classroom -- the entire experience! -- you get a 100% refund.

If you'd like, we'll even hop on the phone with you for a free 1-on-1 private coaching session just to be sure you're getting the results. Why would we do this? Because when you team up with us, you join our ever-growing Vegan Coach family. We truly care about you!

We want you to feel super comfortable with your decision. We gotcha covered!

Questions about Loafing Around With Jeff

Q: I'm a new Vegan. Is this course for me?
A: Maybe. We consider Loafing Around to be an advanced course in vegan freestyle cooking.

It's okay if you haven't cooked without recipes before. But it's more important that you have a good handle on which foods make up a vegan diet and how to work with them (such as how to clean and prep vegetables, how to prep and cook whole grains and beans from scratch).

Is your kitchen (cupboards, fridge, freezer) organized and stocked with everyday vegan ingredients such as nuts and seeds, herbs, spices, and flavorings?

If not, we recommend starting with our complete vegan kitchen management course -- Vegan FUNdamentals -- as a prerequisite to taking this course (a beginner's cooking course and perfect for those new to eating a plant-based diet).

Q: I am the only vegan in my household. Will your course work for me?
A: This course is especially for you! As mentioned above, if you're in a split family with some Vegans and some non-Vegans, then meatless Veggie Loaves are the one thing everyone can usually agree on. Plus, since you don't use recipes you can focus on the flavors your family loves and leave out any they don't.

Q: How do I know if this course will fit into my schedule?
A: You'll receive one Lesson per day until the course has been delivered (which takes 8 days from start to finish). Each Lesson will take you approximately 20-30 minutes of your time. Of course, you'll also want to figure in time to make your loaves as your schedule allows. Once all the Lessons have been delivered, you can come back any time to review (for instance, on weekends) when you might have more time to play in the kitchen.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?
A: You will own the course and can access it at any time. There is no expiration date.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: With your purchase of Loafing Around With Jeff you receive our personal money-back guarantee so you can feel as confident as we are that you'll love this online course. If at any time you feel you did not get your money's worth, then you can request a full refund. We want you to be happy!   :)

Q: I have some questions about the course. Is there anyone I can talk to?
A: Yes! You can ask below in our Facebook commenting section or shoot me an email through our Contact form. Thanks!

"There's no other cooking course like this out there! Once you learn the art of loafing there will be no more staring in the refrigerator or cupboard and wondering what to make! I loved learning how to make different loaves with a variety of whatever ingredients were on hand. I also loved the discussions before and after the videos."

Candy M.
Gainesville, Georgia

"I love the process! It helps so much to have a general idea of what to do and then use what you have on hand to pull it together. Now I am making beans and grains to have on hand for meals. I also don't have to worry about what veggies I have on hand or that they won't work because the 'recipe' didn't call for them. Now I can make a hearty main course that not only I'll love as a vegan, but also that my extended family members as non-vegans will also really like."

Char R.
Auburn, Washington

"I loved Jeff's presence. He explained so well before each lesson, that when I watched the lesson, I could enjoy the process and then ask more specific or deeper questions. Jeff was so calm, knowledgeable, and explained things well with precise yet understandable words that even a complete newbie could understand. I felt encouraged that I could ask 'dumb' questions and I never felt less smart than others (even though I'm a new cook) because Jeff made me feel like my questions were valid and worth his time, even when I asked soooo many questions."

Joyce S.
Oakland, California

"I slowly walked out of work after a long week and trying day. A year ago I would have ordered a pizza or made a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. Not today. I pulled out a slice of the loaf from the freezer and put it into the oven. While that was baking I steamed some cauliflower and carrots. Next, I successfully made Sassy's brown gravy, I have never made a good gravy until today. I smashed the cauliflower and added some Earth Balance, seasoned the carrots and adorned the loaf with gravy. It was good! I felt satisfied and not overly full."

Susan Jenison
Farmington Hills, Michigan

You're going to love this deliciously fun and creative Veggie Loaf making course!

Are you ready?

It's time to start Loafing Around!

Jeff Knutson
Culinary Educator
Master Loaf Maker   :)

p.s. Remember, you can retake the course at any time at no charge. And as with all of our courses you have our personal 100% money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Thanks, and I hope to see you in class!

"I have always liked the idea of loaves because they are convenient. I usually do my cooking on the weekends, since during the week things are rushed. And I love to use Veggie Loaves for lunches."
-- Elissa Johnston, Foley, Alabama

"I liked the whole course. It was fun and very interesting. And it gives me a nice challenge to get more veggies in my diet."
-- Melissa Burns-Palmquist, Mosinee, Wisconsin

"Before Loafing Around I tried a few recipes for vegetarian loaves that I didn't like. Now, it's easier to use up leftovers and odds and ends. And I finally have a good binder! I also learned to be aggressive with seasonings. The course makes it easy to "wing it".
-- Brenda Jenkins, Caribou, Maine

"I found the binder helpful. (I had used mashed potatoes in the past and it did not turn out as a loaf…more like a veggie mash!) I like the idea of doing the work once and then can freezing for future meals."
-- Rita Moore, Rio Grande, NJ

The Big Question: Do You Miss Having A Central Focus On Your Plate The Entire Family Can Get Behind?

Thick and meaty whole food plant-based veggie loaves help you find a use for all those odds and ends floating around your fridge (no more waste!). Feel comfort knowing you've created a filling and nutritious meal based on the flavors you love.

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