I hate vegan cooking

Hi Sassy!

So I have a challenge: I hate cooking. I didn't like it before I went vegan, and I don't like it now that I'm vegan.

But I know it's what my body wants, if that makes sense. I knew if for a while, but kept eating animal products because it's what we all ate as a family. Finally, I had to decide to do what I knew my body was saying. That was 6 years ago.

Still, I have this challenge. Any thoughts?

Thank you!
Leanne C.


Sassy Sez: Hi Leanne! Well, first and foremost, I love that you listened to your body and decided a vegan diet was right for you. That's a huge step, and it sounds like it's working out well for you.

So here's the part that confuses me: How have you survived for 6 years as a vegan without cooking? My guess is you have either been eating out, opting for fast or frozen foods, or maybe you just get by with the bare minimum over there (such as cooking up some pasta, opening a can of beans, or heating up some frozen veggies in the microwave).

Before I went vegan, I was the WORST cook. Seriously. And I hated cooking because everything I made turned out like crapola. Who wants to cook when you know the end result is going to make you feel like a failure?

This question is very timely because just last night I said to Jeff "Do you think some people who say they hate cooking REALLY hate cooking? Or do you think they just say they hate cooking because they don't know how to do it and if they learned how to do it right they would love it?"

He said "Well, I think there are people from both camps!"

Okay, so that wasn't exactly the clear answer I was looking for. :)

I'm not sure if you are the type of person who just truly hates getting in the kitchen and cooking. Or if you just THINK you hate cooking because you don't know how to do it right.

So let's say you just truly hate cooking, you have no desire to be in the kitchen, and you just want someone else to do it for you. In this case, and if you can afford it, I recommend you hire a personal chef to come in once a month and do a bunch of cooking for you -- they cook it up, package the food, label it, and stick in the freezer for you. Healthy, homemade cooking made EXACTLY to your exact tastes. Worth the money, especially for very busy people.

Now, let's say you are the type of person that just THINKS you hate cooking. But maybe you just need to learn how to make good-tasting food. Does that sound like an interesting proposition?

If so, then you are certainly in the right place because VeganCoach.com is all about teaching you the basics of vegan cooking. It's all right here for you to play around with -- 500 pages of free info right at your finger tips.

So here's what I want you to do:

  1. Pick one veggie you like from this list of veggies;

  2. Pick one grain you like from this list of whole grains;

  3. And if you're up for it, learn to make beans -- or if that's too much, then just go with canned beans for now.

Next, I want you to study this page of my site, the Vegan Cooking Guide Tutorial, that will help you use the information you will learn from your above veggie and grain selections. You will have learned how to select them in the store, how to clean, how to cook, and how to flavor. So you simply start from the verrrry beginning, and learn to make something very, very simple. On your plate you'll end up with a pile of veggies, a pile of whole grains, and a pile of beans.

Next, and when you're ready, learn how to play around with these main ingredients to create something different each time. These whole food plant-based dishes should give you some inspiration.

I hope this helps, and please ask questions below.

And I do hope our wonderful community of peeps will pipe up and share what works for them to keep them interested in cooking. Making your own meals is truly the best choice for your good health and to keep weight under control.

Giant hugs to you!

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I Love Cooking Now!
by: Leanne

Hi Sassy!

Thanks for featuring my question and for providing such a cool and thorough response!

What's funny is that now, about a year later, I LOVE cooking!

It's really important to me to put good nutrition into my body and it always has been. I never eat out and I don't eat processed or frozen or canned crap :). I didn't back then either. I did cook before. I just hated it and dreaded it. So, I worked to find easy, nutritious recipes (some thanks to you), built up my recipe file and now I love it.

So . . . I guess I was someone who THOUGHT I hated cooking. I love that distinction!

Thanks again!


by: Sassy

Hi Leanne!

Yay, that is fantastic news! I just love that you love cooking now. Bravo to you!

Was there a particular dish you can remember that was your "first" love? That would be so interesting to know.

Good for you. Thanks for the update. :)

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