How To Go Vegan?

Hi Sassy,

I love your website. It is one of the most comprehensive that I have found--and I have looked a lot! My life-partner and I have been talking about going veggie for years.

So in the last several months we have started by cutting out red meat (which we never ate a lot of anyway), then we cut out pork, then chicken. When I say cut out I mean that I don't buy it. We still eat it at friends' houses--we haven't gotten to that place where we make the veggie request when invited for dinner.

I do still use cream, 1/2 & 1/2, eggs, and butter; though I try to buy organic, local and free range whenever possible.

My question is what can I do next to take that next step? I think I am getting all the nutrition I need. I am very careful to listen to my body and I don't feel lacking. I run and or go cycling 6 days a week and do light workouts 3 days a week, so I am very active. I don't feel fatigued, I get up earlier, am sleeping great, etc.

How would you recommend I take the next step?

Tulsa, OK


Hi Jared - Congratulations on the positive steps you and your partner have been taking to move towards a more healthy diet. I love that you are choosing local, free range, and organics whenever possible. That's awesome. :O)

Since you are feeling so good, I recommend taking things in baby steps, just as you have been doing. Listen to your body every step of the way so you are choosing the diet that works best for YOUR body, nutritional requirements, energy output, etc.

It's difficult to go vegan "overnight". Much better to take things nice and slowly so each step is manageable and you learn how to make the changes in a smart, educated way.

Personally, I would begin by removing the "meats" from your diet completely, which means nixing the chicken first, and then when you're ready following with the fish. Be sure to start to fill your diet with beans and whole food sources of soy (such as tempeh and tofu), which are all excellent source of vegan protein.

At that point you'll be vegetarian.

Next, I would recommend saying goodbye to eggs, and then milk (and 1/2 and 1/2), followed by cheese, and then filling in the calcium needs with foods high in calcium such as nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, green beans, asparagus, oranges, figs, most beans, and calcium-fortified foods and beverages.

Above all, it is extremely important that you listen to your body and your intuition. If something isn't feeling right, back up and sit with it for a while until you are ready to move on.

Once fully vegan, be sure to add Vitamin B12 to your diet -- very important.

You might consider taking my "Go Vegan" menu planning course Plan It With Sass! which takes you step by step through the process of going vegan, including not only what to eat each day, but perhaps more importantly WHY from a nutrition standpoint. You will likely find it incredibly helpful.

Best wishes. xo

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by: Jared V. Tulsa, ok

That is very helpful. I appreciate it!

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