High fiber foods are plugging me up

My future groom and I recently got a Vitamix as a Christmas present. We love it!! We make raw veggie soups every night, and he has smoothies everyday for breakfast.

He says he doesn't eliminate nearly as much as before (eating salads, regular healthy dinners, etc); is this normal? I know we are consuming as much or maybe even more fiber by using the Vitamix so we are confused about this issue with our digestion.

Thanks for your help,
Charleston, SC


Sassy Sez: Hi Megan! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. And what a fantastic Christmas present, a Vitamix. So glad you are using it and discovering its fantastic and near-magical abilities. :O)

Since I am not a doctor, I can only give my opinion as to what could be causing your future hubby's...um...elimination challenges.

Because of the Vitamix's tremendous power to blend fibrous foods, as you likely noticed, it is easy to be getting a TON of fiber into your diet and not even realizing just how much you are ingesting.

Now, fiber helps to mooooove things along "down there". But you have to drink a LOT more water in order to let the fiber continue on its merry way out the back door. If you guys are not used to eating quite this much fiber, and you have not increased your water intake, then that could be the reason for the current challenge.

So continue to use that Vitamix, eat those soups, and drink those yummy smoothies, just be sure to drink a lot more water as well.

Best wishes to you guys! xo

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