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"I really can't believe how your course has opened my eyes to another realm of sauces and has gotten me back into healthier cooking. It is enlightening and empowering!"

Welcome to Get Sauced With Sass, a one-of-a-kind vegan sauce-making recipe-free cook book. There is simply no other vegan sauce book like this out there! In it, you'll learn how to create healthy and mouthwatering quick vegan sauces that turn any meal you make from boring to sinful-tasting — without a smidge of guilt.

A Quick Summary of Get Sauced With Sass!

  • Create yummy and creamy whole food plant-based sauces from scratch without a recipe;
  • Get Sauced With Sass! 6-week online class includes videos and our helpful, friendly forums;
  • Get Sauced With Sass! downloadable e-book works hand-in-hand with our FUN online course;
  • Make sauces that are nutrition-focused, cholesterol-free, dairy-free, egg-free and 100% vegetarian;
  • Discover EASY techniques used to create a sauce from beginning to end - including assignments for hands-on learning;
  • Become a better whole-foods cook - most of the cooking basics in Get Sauced! translate to other dishes you create;
  • Includes downloadable eBook "Your Quick Guide To Vegan Flavor Matches" that takes the guesswork out flavoring your food.

Are your vegan meals bor-ing? When you hear "rich and creamy sauce", do you think of long and difficult recipes that only a top chef could create? Sauces stuffed with cream and butter and cheese and other cholesterol-raising and artery clogging ingredients?

What if I told you that you can learn to make delicious, creamy, dreamy sauces quickly and easily. Would that sound good to you?

I promise you, sauces are the key to a satisfying nutritious whole-foods diet.

My sweet, there is no reason under the sun why you cannot eat a plant-based diet that satisfies and nourishes your body at the same time.

The secret is the sauce.

Sauce over Southwestern Quinoa Burro

I'd love to show you you how easy it is to use the whole food ingredients you have on hand to create healthy and yummy quick sauces.

In fact, you will be so surprised how easy it is to make your own sauces from scratch, that you'll wonder how you ever made your meals without them!

You'll discover easy and fun techniques that guarantee your success as you gain confidence in your cooking -- while creating sauces that are uniquely yours.

You'll never be bored with your meals again.

Get Sauced With Sass!

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Chef Jesse Miner

"I love your approach, teaching an understanding of the foundations of great sauces in a clear, easy-to-follow process for creative sauce-making." -- Chef Jesse Miner, San Francisco, California

Hands-On Step-by-Step Instructional Guide

This hands-on, step-by-step instruction of how to create and flavor your sauce means you can repeat these techniques over and over and over again.

Vegan sauce over Southwestern Quinoa Burro

So you'll free yourself from the bonds of recipes and allow your creativity to shine through as cooking becomes fun.

As you gain an understanding for the ingredients you are adding to your sauce, you can create a sauce at any time with the ingredients you have on hand. These are ingredients that most whole-foods kitchens are stocked with like nuts, seeds, tofu, beans, vegetables and whole grains.

And these are the foods that you will learn to use in creating your very own unique sauces. So your sauces are winners that taste great and are healthy for you too.

Chef Heather Mader

The entire course offers gentle guidance.

The in-depth review of sauce bases and how to combine those bases with ingredients to create sauces without a recipe was very thorough. The entire course offers gentle guidance and loving support. -- Chef Heather Mader, Personal Chef, Portland, Oregon, www.BlackRadish.net

In fact, since most of the techniques taught in GSWS can work with any whole-foods cooking you do, you'll become a better cook.

That's because as you learn many cooking basics to build a winning sauce, you can easily translate these basics to other dishes. So you can create whole-foods dishes at any time with the ingredients you have on hand.

What does this mean for you? Very little meal planning, since you can build an entire meal quickly and easily.

We call this "freestyle cooking" and it goes to the heart of what we teach here at Vegan Coach.

Imagine how excited you will be to get into the kitchen to whip up a yummy and healthy meal.

Make Sauces With Healthy Fats

The sauces you'll create are good for you made with the healthy whole food fats your body needs.

Baked potato covered with a creamy white sauce

There's a world of difference between sauces made with cholesterol-free healthy fats (such as avocado, extra-virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds, and organic tofu) vs. cholesterol-packed and rear-end maximizing fats (milk, butter, and cheese).

You can enjoy these creamy, comforting and delicious sauces every day if you'd like. Without the guilt!

Chef Francie Fuhrel

Your course has opened my eyes to another realm of sauces.

I really can't believe how your course has opened my eyes to another realm of sauces and has gotten me back into healthier cooking. It is enlightening and empowering! Thank you so much. -- Francie Fuhrel, Personal Chef and Recipe Tester for Cook's Illustrated, Las Vegas, Nevada

Fabulous Weight Loss Secret!

Using whole-foods ingredients means more fiber in your food. And since fiber sweeps through your intestines to keep them clean, this gets rid of the junk inside.

Broccoli covered in a rich creamy sauce

But there's another reason these sauces can help you to lose weight.

Rich-tasting, fiber-filled sauces help you feel satisfied so you eat less. It's amazing how much weight you can lose if you walk away happy and fulfilled instead of wanting more!

Can you believe a creamy, dreamy, delicious sinful-tasting sauce can actually help you to lose weight?

Believe it!

Not to mention, if you could be satisfied with your own homemade sauces instead of loading up your meals with fattening non-dairy cheeses that are stuffed with sodium, wouldn't that sound like a good idea?

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The Key To A Vegan Diet

I've been vegan since 1994. So you can say that I'm experienced in a plant-strong diet and creating sauces that can make every meal special.

Seitan sandwich with a creamy cheesy sauce

Not only that, but these sauces are the KEY TO MY VEGAN DIET SUCCESS.

Every one of the successful techniques you'll discover come from my very own hands-on experience.

You'll learn everything I know about creating your perfect sauce from scratch without a recipe -- in a fraction of the time it took me!

Not Just A Collection Of Recipes

Remember, this is not just a collection of recipes! Get Sauced! helps you free yourself from the bonds of recipes.

What does this mean for you in your kitchen?

You can develop your very own tasty sauce at any time and with any ingredients you have on hand.

I promise you'll become more creative in the kitchen and feel empowered to create. Cooking becomes fun!

Get Sauced With Sass!

Get Sauced! is made up of our Get Sauced With Sass! online class that goes hand-in-hand with a comprehensive downloadable eBook and includes 30+ videos and our friendly and unique forums.

The online class and the ebook work together to walk you step-by-step through the sauce-making techniques I use — and that you'll learn, too.

Cartoon of Sassy holding up a dripping whisk and a bottle of wine

Here is a short description of just some of the topics you'll discover in Get Sauced With Sass!...

  • Uses for sauces: Discover the vegan foods that just beg for a sauce. This opens your mind to ideas that are possible. Your meals will be more interesting and fun to create, so you enjoy yourself in the kitchen - FINALLY!

  • Glossary of Ingredients: Whole-foods ingredients are important to your success. With this handy glossary, you'll adapt more quickly to new and interesting foods so you'll feel confident in this new adventure.

  • How To Build A Sauce: What can you use for the base of your sauce? Which liquids work best for the proper consistency? What about healthy fats for a rich mouth feel? You'll learn how to choose each whole food component of your sauce so it all works together beautifully and successfully.

  • Flavoring Your Sauce: Develop an understanding of how flavors work with each other in harmony. We cover flavor matching and how to balance your sauce. You'll play with your food and create sauces according to your personal taste.

  • Flavor Techniques: This is fun. You'll learn how to match your sauce to your main dish.

  • Herbs & Spices: Often overlooked when creating in the kitchen, you'll learn which flavor each herb and spice listed will bring to your cooking. This helps you develop an understanding of the important part herbs play so your dishes are more flavorful.

  • Consistency Tips: Learn how to achieve the proper consistency for your sauce. You'll create sauces according to your perfect taste.

  • 30+ Videos: These videos provide you a library of sauces! You'll watch as I demonstrate my easy sauce-making techniques. These visuals will help you make associations with the written and online material so you can find saucy success more quickly.

  • Unique Forums: Our students LOVE our helpful and friendly forums. Ask any questions you have as you make your way through class. Post photos your saucy creations the rest of the class can cheer you on. Gentle advice is offered if requested. The forums are where a lot of the most important connections are made not only to the material but to other students as well.

Get Started Quickly And Easily

The best part is, sauces can be ready in minutes, because delicious and nutritious does not have to mean time consuming. With GSWS! there is simply no huge time commitment to get yummy meals on the table.

You'll be in and out of the kitchen so you can sit down, relax and enjoy your meal with loved ones.

In fact, you can make a saucy meal tonight! Get started right away. The techniques are laid out so simply, that you can implement them immediately.

Money-Back Guarantee

With your purchase of Get Sauced With Sass!, you receive my personal money-back guarantee. So you can feel as confident as I am that you'll love this course. You can relax and enjoy your saucy experiences at your own pace and in your own good time.

And if for any reason you are not 100% happy with your purchase of Get Sauced With Sass!, you can request a full refund.

Secure Payment Using Paypal or a Credit Card

Purchase with a credit card or Paypal. Choose the secure option that is familiar to you so your online shopping experience fits your comfort level.

And since each and every transaction is secure, you can feel comfy with your purchase.

Plus Free Bonuses!

With your purchase of Get Sauced With Sass! you receive:

Bonus #1: Your Guide To Making Rejuvelac

Bonus Video: How To Make Rejuvelac

One of my secrets to making a sauce that satisfies? Rejuvelac!

In this BONUS VIDEO, I'll show you how to make Rejuvelac from scratch. This is a pre-biotic beverage that helps your gut to make probiotics.

What does this have to do with sauce-making?

Because in addition to being good for you, you can use Rejuvelac in your sauces so they're richer and more complex, intensifying the flavors and making every sauce super satisfying!

This bonus also includes an additional forum so you can ask any questions about the process. I'll be there with you every step of the way!

Bonus #2: Your Quick Guide To Vegan Flavor Matches

Your Guide To Flavor Matches! eBook Cover

Flavor matches take the guesswork out of cooking.

GSWS! uses flavor matches that can be found throughout our website. But this eBook goes further and includes far more matches for you to play with in your kitchen.

Flavor Matches are simply the easiest and fastest way to create sauces that are yummy and good for you by simply using what you have in your cupboards and fridge at any given time.

Your Get Sauced With Sass! package includes:

  • Get Sauced With Sass! 6-week online class held in our state-of-the-art online classroom;
  • 30+ videos to demonstrate my sauce-making techniques;
  • Get Sauced With Sass! 68-page downloadable e-book that works hand-in-hand with our FUN online course;
  • Saucy challenges to perfect your new cooking skills;
  • Bonus Video: "How To Make Rejuvelac" with its own dedicated forum;
  • Bonus eBook: "Your Quick Guide To Vegan Flavor Matches", a 42-page downloadable e-book to assist you in your flavoring choices;
  • Access to our helpful and super friendly unique forums;
  • Personal coaching right in the course! Your questions will always be answered in a timely manner.

Get Sauced With Sass!
$197 USD

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Have no fear.
All orders are 100% secure.

The possibilities for vegan sauces you can create on-the-fly are never-ending.

Creativity at its finest.    :)

Are you ready?

Let's Get Sauced!


Sassy's Signature

p.s. Remember, you receive my personal money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, and a future full of yummy, creamy and dreamy easy-to-create sauces to decorate your favorite dishes.

Get Sauced With Sass! Q&A

Q: "How many recipes for sauces in your book include or require soy? Do you suggest alternatives? I am allergic to soy and too often have purchased books and found a good portion of them unusable for me for that reason."

A: The course is unique because YOU will choose the ingredients to create your sauce (based on my recommendations).

There is absolutely no reason to use soy, although soy options are there for those who do. You simply choose from base ingredients such as beans/whole grains/veggies, liquids such as veg broth/water/non-dairy milk, healthy fats such as avocado/nuts/coconut, and herbs/spices/whole food flavorings to create your own winning sauce. Basically, I provide the ingredients and the instruction, and you play Mix & Match.

Q: "Can you post on your website or send me a few sample recipes?"

A: This is not a recipe book in the traditional sense. If you are looking for recipes you can follow, then this is not the course for you.

Instead, GSWS! teaches you sauce-building techniques so you can create health-supportive and yummy sauces from scratch - without a recipe. In order for me to share how I create sauces in my own kitchen, it was necessary for me to completely deconstruct my techniques, and figure out a way to teach them in an easy-to-understand manner.

Beans and rice and veggies are an easy and inexpensive way to eat a healthy plant-strong diet. But sometimes they CAN get a little boring. The simple addition of a sauce can make a world of difference between a ho-hum meal and a dish that will make you excited about eating again.

Q: "I'm wondering if Get Sauced! is essentially gluten free as well? Thanks a bundle."

A: The course is unique in that we teach you how to cook without any recipe to guide you. That means that YOU choose the ingredients you want to use.

Cant' eat gluten? No problem! No oil? No need to use it!

There is absolutely no reason to use ingredients which contain gluten if you are, in fact, gluten-free. You simply choose the ingredients you have in your very own cupboard to create your own winning sauce.

Q: "I'm interested in your sauce class but had a question. For health reasons, I need to leave out fat, even the good fat from avocados, ets. Will I still be able to make sauces using your guidelines? Thank you!"

A: Yes, absolutely, you can make sauces without any fat at all. That's the beauty of freestyle (recipe-free) cooking, which is what we teach in all of our courses and throughout our website. You can use whatever you normally have on hand to create delicious vegan meals.   :)

Q: "How do I know if this course will fit into my schedule?"

A: Each week you will receive an email to notify you that a new Lesson is ready to be viewed. You can simply visit our virtual classroom whenever you have the time (and the head space!) to concentrate and get the most out of each Lesson.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: You will own the course and can access it at any time. There is no expiration date.

Q: How do I download the eBook portion of the course?

A: After your purchase, you will receive a link to join us in class. Once there, you'll download the eBooks Get Sauced With Sass! and Your Quick Guide To Flavor Matches.

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If you have a question you'd like to ask about Get Sauced With Sass! just send me a note through my contact form.

Thanks so much, and enjoy!

Heart with quotes"I've been 100% vegetarian and about 95% vegan for 7 years or so. I am loving your course! I was looking for ways to create my own sauces, and I actually have a pretty extensive vegan cookbook collection."
-- Harriet L., Los Angeles, California

"Sauces are such good stuff with veggies and it's actually hard to find good references. I like the concept that you use."
-- Jan Bennett, Port Orford, Oregon

"I just wanted to say thank you. Your "Get Sauced with Sass!" course gave me the courage to create a sauce out of pureed bell peppers from scratch, that will become a new staple in my diet."
-- Valerie Johnson, Spring Lake, MI

I love Get Sauced with Sass! I totally feel empowered to make my own vegan sauces. Of late I have made Ranch dressing, Alfredo Sauce, and cheesy pasta sauce, all out of cashews and macadamia nuts. Huge, huge fan. Please keep up all the great work!"
-- Jaime D., Murray, Utah

"I've been reading through the course and it is absolutely amazing; all the information I was looking for and more."
-- Lise Fournier, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

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