What Are The Secrets to Long-Term Vegan Weight Loss?

It's easy to lose weight with the vegan diet. But what happens when you gain the weight back again?

Here's my story...

Hi, Sassy here, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer around these parts.

I've been vegan since 1994. I'm a long-time vegan chef, Nutritional Consultant, and publisher of VeganCoach.com. Thanks for visiting.    :)

I've received many emails over the years with these exact words:

"I went vegan and gained weight! I thought the vegan diet was supposed to help you LOSE weight?"


I can totally relate. Because it happened to me! Not at first, but over time. And let me tell you, it's a really confusing place to be.

And to make matters worse it seems like you're the only one going through it!

Well, I'm here to tell you that if you're experiencing weight gain eating a plant-based diet, you are NOT alone.

Here's my story along with what I did to pull myself out of this rut. Perhaps it will help you too...

Growing up, I was a really skinny kid. At school my nickname was "Bones."

And I had a HORRIBLE diet back then. Cheeseburgers and prime rib were favorites of mine. I could drink chocolate milkshakes like they were going out of style. And I loved CHEESE. It wasn't crazy to see me munching out on a big hunk of Cheddar or Mozzarella, taking one bite after another. Hey, I needed the calcium!    ;)

Vegetables and fruit weren't part of my vocabulary. In fact, I rarely ate any foods that contained fiber unless it was an accident!

I was the quintessential mindless eater.

My sister used to joke that one day all of that excessive eating would catch up with me.

And one day it did.

Ever so slowly, I started to gain weight.

When people started making comments under their breath about my weight gain, the alarm bells went off.

And I started dieting. Well, I thought I was dieting. I don't know that eating a salad dripping with Ranch dressing, grated cheddar and about an inch thick of parmesan cheese exactly qualifies!

My heart was in the right place. But...

I was completely clueless about what I needed to do to lose weight.

As the years kept ticking on past, I tried advice from well-meaning friends, latched on to every magazine article I could find about the topic, even began exercising. I just couldn't lose the weight no matter what I did.

Then, in 1994 at the tender age of 28...

I Went Vegan.

I didn't go vegan to lose weight. In fact, I didn't even have a clue that it would have that effect!

Photo of Sassy at her normal long-term weight

But lose weight I did. Lots of weight. Really quickly.

And I felt amazing. And my hair and skin looked gorgeous too. I was more energetic than I had felt in years.

Eventually my weight stabilized and I was trim and healthy for a long time.

Years, in fact!

Overall, going vegan was an incredibly positive experience.

But Then Over The Years, I Gained The Weight Back! CURSES!

It happened slowly, but surely. A relentless weight gain that wouldn't stop no matter what I tried.

Sassy, packing on the pounds

My pants started getting tighter. My energy started to nose dive. I felt (and looked) like I was wilting! My hair was lifeless and eventually got dry and split-endy. In fact, it's so embarrassing to admit but I even started losing my hair. And I began aging more quickly.

What!  The!  Hell?!

I was so angry. I felt betrayed by my vegan diet.   :(

It was so embarrassing walking around as a "fat Vegan." Oy vey. I wasn't exactly the poster child for health and vitality, was I?

Damn, those were some painful times. And if you've been through this, I'm sure you can relate!

So I began researching the H-E-DOUBLE-TOOTHPICKS out of my vegan diet.

I experimented with many different variations of a plant-based diet.

I tried...

  • Low-carb;
  • No-carb;
  • No grains or grain products;
  • No sugar;
  • More exercise (in case my metabolism was slowing with age);
  • Eating more foods with protein;
  • Not eating any soy whatsoever;
  • A 100% raw food diet;
  • Getting my hormone levels checked (all was well!);
  • Getting my B12 levels, my iron, and my thyroid all checked (and all was well here too!);
  • Eating less;
  • Eating more (on the off-chance I wasn't eating enough to get the nutrition I need);
  • Ditching alcohol completely;
  • ...and so much more it would make your head spin!

On and on it went. I left no stone unturned. This went on for years!

What was I doing wrong? What was going on?

It was entirely frustrating.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you can relate to my story, then it's really important for you to know that it's not your fault. You can find boatloads of vegan recipes out there, but how do you know if they're giving your body what it needs to thrive? Growing up, we're simply not taught what to look for when it comes to the vegan diet.

If your vegan diet stops being the big ol' miracle weight loss remedy you (maybe even unexpectedly) discovered, it could be because your nutritional needs aren't being met.

Here are some factoids to chew on...

  • When your body lacks calcium, it can experience up to a fivefold increase in the enzyme that converts calories into fat. A 2009 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition observed that fueling your body with D-rich nutrients could potentially speed weight loss by up to 70 percent;
  • A 2008 study at the University of Sao Paulo suggests that intake of dietary calcium is related to body weight. The group with the lowest average intake had a 25 percent greater chance of being overweight;
  • Scientists at the University of South Australia believe that omega-3 helps to stimulate enzymes that transport fat to where it can be stored for energy;
  • A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition points to evidence that modestly increasing the proportion of protein in the diet may facilitate fat loss and improve body weight maintenance after weight loss.

Over time I came to realize that not only was I NOT getting all the nutrition from my vegan diet that my body needed, but I was completely out of touch with what I was eating and its effect on my body.

If I would have learned sooner how to make direct correlations between what I was putting in my mouth and its effect on my weight, energy and vitality I could have avoided years of pain, anger and heartache!

For instance, I would have noticed that all the overly processed soy foods I was eating were having a negative effect on my energy levels. I would have learned how to prepare my whole grains, nuts and seeds properly so they were more easily digested and I could draw the nutrients from them I need. And I would have paid attention to my Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios and learned how important very specific healthy fats are to my well being.

And I would have figured out much sooner that I was missing some vital nutrients that we Vegans, in particular, need to be healthy and well-balanced while controlling our weight for the long-term.

It's no longer okay to just blindly eat a vegan diet. Especially in this world of more-than-ever-readily-available-convenience-and-restaurant vegan meals. You have to learn which ingredients and nutrients are vital for you to thrive.

And if you're an overweight vegan, this is doubly important because something is broken and you need to figure out what it is.

So It's Not Just About "Going Vegan"

You also need to become more intimate with how your own unique self processes food so your body can work at its optimum.

Otherwise, you're just running around trying this and trying that--sometimes for years!--without any clear idea of what YOU need to find success with your weight loss (and good health) once and for all.

Every person is different. And once you get a grip on what makes YOU uniquely tick, everything becomes clear and you can lose the weight in a way that makes sense.

Just like I did.

Me, Today...

Me, today

Here's a recent picture of me.

I happen to be spending a fortune buying flavored vinegar at a tasting shop -- which, by the way, is the single most incredible ingredient you can add to your pantry! But I digress.    :)

Anyway, I'm not perfect. But...

I've definitely made positive changes to my health and my weight since discovering a few key things about myself. The same things that you can EASILY learn too so you can move forward with confidence—not only today but for years to come.

If you hope to be a healthy and fit long-term Vegan as well, there will come a time when you're going to have to start paying closer attention to what you're eating and how you're prepping your food, as well as ensuring you're getting the nutrients you need.

And it's so much better to start sooner rather than later.

One of the main reasons my clients have hired me over the years...

...is to help them lose weight.

Sassy the Vegan Coach

I work one-on-one with weight loss clients. A single coaching session with me costs $197 for 45 minutes. And to cover everything you need to learn about vegan weight loss that works for the long-term takes at least 9 sessions, once per week.

Obviously this isn't the answer for most people, financially.

So I set to work creating a program to share what I've learned that would be more accessible to everyone.

I'd love to introduce you to my affordable step-by-step course that guides you toward discovering the secret sauce ingredients that combine to make up your own unique healthy weight loss plan.

Because everyone is different! What works for one person won't necessarily work for another. I'll teach you how to sit up and pay attention to what your body is saying as you learn the effects your food/beverages/lifestyle choices are having on you.

All while learning the most important steps to nutrition-based and lasting vegan weight loss.

My students love Get Down With Sass! because it's easy to follow, fun, and most of all EFFECTIVE with...

No calorie counting! Oy!
No portioning or weighing your food;
And no senseless weigh-ins (a MOST inaccurate judge of your weight-loss efforts).

What follows is a description of what you'll find contained in the course, along with testimonials from some of my students.


"I've been vegan for a few months and had the stereotypical notion that you could eat nothing but veggies to lose weight! After taking this course, I have a better idea of what a well balanced vegan diet looks like and I am more confident that I'm meeting my protein needs. My favorite part of the course was learning about how to work healthy grains into the picture. I love them and it's nice to know that I don't have to give them up.

"Get Down With Sass! is simple and realistic. The goals are attainable and the timing of each lesson helps you slow down and take one step at a time. The strategies I've learned will become habits that I will continue to practice for the long haul."

Anya Kennedy
Billerica, Massachusetts


"I am down a total of 20 pounds in 4 months. Before I took this course I had NO CLUE how to create a balanced diet! I thought it was just a limp piece of lettuce for lunch >.< and maybe some tofu and rice for dinner. I didn't even think how important all of the other nutrients were. I learned a lot more than I thought I would! This is an EXCELLENT course!! Sassy is so incredibly knowledgeable and down to earth and so personable! I've lost the weight I wanted needed to and I'm feeling incredible! I've made the choice to become vegan and I'm not going back! Vegan for life!"

Renee W.
Calgary, Alberta. Canada


"I've told you before, but Sassy, you CHANGED MY LIFE. You saved my life girl, no lie. I had to step on the scale, just to see. Since starting this course, I'm down 27 lbs. I'm so happy, but as cool as that is, I am more happy that I feel so GOOD! Energy, treating my body right, feeling more vibrant...I just can't believe it. I know now that I am NEVER going back to where I was. Not ever."


"I'm down 40 lbs since taking the course and I feel so amazing. I, again, owe it all to you and this course. Before this course, I ate a lot of packaged, processed faux meats, pizza, and all else that is no good. Lots of sugar as well. I never really learned to eat healthy at all, so I honestly had no clue how to eat a balanced vegan diet. Everything in this course was so helpful. I never thought I would get my life back on course, and because of you, I'm getting there! You've made it so easy to be a healthy vegan.   :)"


"You and your course changed my life Sassy (as you know)!!!! 55 lbs. down since January. Thank you from me and the animals.  :)"

Photo of Aubrey after 100-pound weight loss

"I've lost a total of 100 pounds! I feel amazing! Thanks to you and your course. I seriously owe this to you, Sassy. It's been a great journey and I tell everyone I can!"

Aubrey M.
Denver, Colorado

Click to order Get Down!

Why You'll Feel Empowered After You Take This Course

Research the topic of weight loss across the internet, in books, videos, and TV, and you will find a LOT of conflicting information. And when you try to get to the bottom of things, it is overload. There is so much information to wade through, how could you possibly know what is or is not accurate?

But more importantly, there aren't always REASONS given for the actions you're supposed to take. Plus...


As I mentioned earlier, in order for a program to work for the LONG HAUL it must be nutritionally sound.

Get Down! is backed by sound nutritional principles. I've worked hard to ensure that each week's lesson brings easy-to-attain goals for you to accomplish with a full explanation of WHY to do it as well. Because if you know "why" you must take a particular step, it is much easier to stick with the "how".

Karen D.

"Before I took this course I thought as long as I ate 'vegan' food...I would lose weight. I now know what to focus on to lose weight and be healthy. This course gave me the tools to be able to create a healthy weight loss plan. I can move forward now knowing I will be meeting my nutritional needs." -- Karen D., Hudson Bay, SK, Canada

Each week builds upon the previous week's lesson. Little by little you learn the tips, techniques, and skills you need to be successful at weight loss once and for all!

When you experience success each week, you gain the confidence you need to continue. And this in turn helps you to want to continue on your path so you can lose the weight you need to lose.

This is a natural weight loss program, and one that you can use for the rest of your life.

I am so happy to have discovered this new way of thinking about food and nutrition!

Kristin Dabar

"I am so happy to have discovered this new way of thinking about food and nutrition! I feel great and have lost (and maintained) a 5-pound weight loss. I went for my annual physical a few weeks ago and was so pleased to find out that my total cholesterol has dropped by about 20 points! Last year it was a bit over 200, now I am at 179. Triglycerides are 110 and HDL is 63. Fantastic!"

Kristin Dabar
Greensboro, North Carolina

As you make your way through our online course, we’ll cover the food groups you should include in your healthy vegan diet, including the amounts of each food group to shoot for each day. We'll also have in-depth discussions about protein, carbohydrates, calcium, fats, and so much more.

Then we'll work our way along in easy-to-digest Lessons as you learn exactly what it takes to create healthy weight-loss supportive vegan meals from beginning to end.

In fact, I'll teach you how to create your very own vegan menus from scratch with 100% flexibility based on the most current recommendations from top doctors and Dietitians -- I have done all the research, you simply bring your natural powers of discernment so you can feel empowered and confident as you make your way on your vegan journey well into the future.

With Get Down!  new foods are introduced one at a time.

Step by step.

So you're never overwhelmed.

As you move through the course each week, you will be encouraged to add (or remove) certain foods from your everyday routine. This might require learning new cooking skills or purchasing ingredients you might not have just yet.

Simply sit back and relax as each week a new Lesson is available to you in our online classroom. Everything fits together like a nice neat puzzle. And all you have to do is follow along and do your homework.

But don't worry, because all of the homework is edible!  :)

By the time you make your way to the end of this course, you will have a firm grasp on which foods should appear on your own personally customized healthy vegan menus.

Get Down With Sass Workbook

The course concludes with our 56-page downloadable Get Down With Sass! Meal Planning Workbook  where you'll put everything you learned into practice as you create menus from scratch based on the foods and flavors that YOU love.

The Get Down Workbook is a jam-packed useful tool that includes the following:

  • "A Week In The Life" with a peek into how we run our own vegan kitchen PLUS grocery shopping tips and list-making advice;
  • One week's worth of whole food plant-based weight-loss supportive menus;
  • Detailed breakdown of the daily required vegan food groups PLUS the protein, calcium and healthy fats totals found in each day's menu;
  • Get Down Worksheet so you can practice creating menus geared to your own nutritional needs - print it up to fill it out, or use it in Excel for columns that calculate automatically.

This Workbook took hours to pull together for you. It's important to me that you walk away with a thorough understanding of what can usually be dry material.

Instead, you'll find the Workbook to be filled with interesting tips and advice delivered in a FUN way that will assist you in reaching your nutritional goals.

This Get Down Workbook alone is a $600 value!

Photo of Shanna

"I have now lost track of the people that have said: 'Have you lost weight?' I have made so many positive changes in the last ten weeks.

"I still have more work to do and more bad habits to break but now I feel more in control and powerful!"

Shanna Brown
Santa Clara, California


"I highly recommend this course to anyone that needs a little boost in the health department. My husband and I think we know it all when it comes to health and eating, but we learned a lot (I say "we" because I shared everything with him)! I love learning about nutrition so reading about calcium, vitamin D, protein, carbs, etc. was all very interesting to me. I don't think you can expect to completely change in 10 weeks, but you will definitely get on the right track and keep heading towards a supremely healthy diet. I plan to use everything I've learned every day of the rest of my life!"

Libby W.
Newport News, Virginia

Regina H.

"Before, I only knew that I needed to eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. I had no idea how much I should consume, what supplements to consider, and more. There are a number of things I learned along the way with this course and I am forever grateful. This course can be a life changer!!! There is tons of information 'out there' but it's scattered here and there. This course seems to be complete and best of all in one location. I have deleted nearly ten bookmarks that, when combined, cover the material in this course. It's truly a one stop shopping, get everything you need course."

ReGina H.
Lexington, South Carolina

Click to order Get Down!

Let's take a quick peek at what you'll find inside Get Down With Sass!:

  • Lesson 1: We examine how and why Get Down With Sass! works, reality checks, setting goals, downloadable tools such as your Food and Exercise Journal and How The Body Works and the Weight Loss Connection. This Lesson gives you homework to do straight out of the gate that will get you started on your journey in a fun and exciting way.

  • Lessons 2 and 3: You'll discover an everyday food item that you must remove from your diet this week, and more importantly WHY. You'll learn the right way to track your weight loss as you make your way through the course. You'll also view a Sample Menu, so you can begin with the end in mind. Then we'll move on to breakfast options that will get your day off to the best start possible and set you up for a health-promoting day ahead.

  • Lessons 4 and 5: This week you'll learn about an important nutrient every vegan must include in their daily diet. And you'll add an important food group that provides you with nutrients that helps your body to build the amino acids necessary to make protein.

  • Lesson 6, 7 and 8: Next, you'll learn how to stay motivated and on track to reach your new goals. Then, we'll take a deep dive into the darlings of the plant-based world fruits and veggies. Plus, you'll learn how to easily add an important whole food into your diet that improves your metabolism and energy AND helps to metabolize excess fat (many vegans are missing this essential ingredient from their diet!). And we'll keep things moving along at a steady pace as we continue to build a well-balanced diet together.

  • Lesson 9: This week we're talking protein. We leave no stone unturned as you learn how to figure out your very own protein requirements, the foods which contain the protein you need, working with beans and legumes and the proper way to prepare them to derive the most nutritional benefit, tempeh, tofu, and more! By the end of this lesson you will have a very good handle on protein in the vegan diet.

  • Lesson 10: This week we take a deep dive into plant-based calcium. If it's your goal to go vegan, then how can you ensure you're getting enough calcium? That's what we'll focus on. You'll learn how to figure out your calcium requirements and those foods which contain it, which nutrient helps calcium do its job, and the connection between calcium and weight loss. Oh, and we'll also talk about CHEESE!    ;)

  • Lesson 11: Our focus this week examines the carbohydrate myth of so many diets that only end up starving your body of essential fuel and nutrition. You will learn how to choose only those whole grains and pseudocereals that support your good health. We chat about gluten and whole grains and how to know which to add to your diet for maximum weight loss (you might be surprised!).

  • Lesson 12: Our focus this week is fats; the good, the bad, and the ugly. We go in-depth into fats including showing you how to figure out the amount of fat intake that is right for your unique self. Plus, a primer on various oils, how to go oil-free if you'd like, all about nuts and seeds and saturated, monosaturated, and polyunsaturated fats. Plus, discover a KEY nutrient that most vegans are not only missing but might not even know about!

  • Get Down WorkbookLesson 13: This week we head straight into your downloadable 56-page Vegan Menu Planning Workbook that focuses on teaching you how to create a week's worth of menus that support your weight-loss efforts as well as tie everything together that you've learned throughout the course. You'll also learn the ins and outs of running a vegan kitchen, sample grocery shopping lists, and so much more! (Sold separately, the Workbook alone is a $600 value.)

    In addition, you'll receive Get Down! Recipes, a 46-page downloadable eBook that includes all the recipes from the course!

  • Lesson 14: To round out the course we'll take an amazing ride through exercise - not only do you learn to make it fun, but most importantly you learn to make it effective so you can work out smarter, not harder.


"Oh I LOVE that this is a real class, with real people, and a real teacher/coach! Makes it doable somehow."
-- Roma C., Livermore, CA

You Can Retake Get Down With Sass! Anytime

Sometimes life gets in the way and throws you off course. When this happens, simply retake the course at any time.

Many students retake the course when they need a refresher because there is so much for you to learn.

Click to order Get Down!

Our built-in Community w/Personal Coaching

Get Down With Sass Community

If you choose the Community package, you'll find a Discussion at the end of every Lesson created to bring out any questions you have about the topic we've covered for the week.

These optional course-wide Discussions are a place for us to connect which helps you stay on track. This means I'll be there every step of the way to answer questions and offer suggestions and encouragement as needed. Think of it as private coaching without the cost.

Plus, you can read the questions and comments students before you have made which helps to propel your learning experience even further. It's not unusual for friendships to form as students respond to questions or comments someone else has made. You'll feel supported in our friendly forums.

And because you'll always have access to your course and our Discussions so you can come on back any time to retake the course and ask for clarification about something. Because you WILL be learning a lot, and you will likely have questions (just as you would with any class you have taken).

It took us years to find a classroom that can deliver the experience we know you want and need with only as much time commitment as you want to give. It's never overwhelming!

Join your fellow students to ask questions about what you're learning, share your comments and ideas, and even help other students out with your own unique experience and knowledge.

Our students love our Discussions and find them to be incredibly important to their learning experience.

(Remember, the Community version of the course is Optional. If you're a self-starter who prefers to work on your own, then you'll save money by choosing the Self-Study option instead.)

These fun downloadable eBooks will help you along your journey during the course—and after too!

Scratch It!

Scratch It! eBook Cover

When you have an itch to play with your food, Scratch It!

In this fun little eBook, I'll reach into my fridge to see what I have on hand. Next, I'll create 4 separate meals with the exact same ingredients!

You'll discover the reasons I made the choices I did for ingredients, seasonings and flavorings. We'll talk about flavor matching and substitutions, too!

By the end of this book you'll have a better idea of how to use the ingredients YOU have on hand. Plus, you'll find a way to use those odds and ends sitting around in your fridge and cupboards. Using the quick and easy tips in Scratch It, you'll be on your way to creating vegan made-from-scratch meals without a recipe!

Save time and money as you travel through the basics of FREESTYLE cooking.

28 pages
$75 Value

Smooth Move!

Smooth Move eBook Cover

Wondering how to make a smoothie that is good for you AND tastes yummy?

One of our mottos in these parts is the idea of freestyle cooking. And this goes for smoothie making, too!

The KEY is to understand which ingredients make the healthiest smoothies. We don't want anything in your smoothie that isn't going to give you a nutritional bang for your buck.

We'll review each of the ingredients I recommend in depth so you can understand what each one provides in terms of nutrition, taste, texture and more.

Smooth Move is the ultimate guide to creating delicious and nutritious Superfood Smoothies that make your taste buds happy. Bottoms Up!

24 Pages
$45 Value

Don't Have A Cow, Man!

Don't Have A Cow, Man eBook Cover

Wondering how to eat out while sticking to your vegan goals?

This FUN eBook teaches you how to walk into just about any non-vegan restaurant out there and order plant-based meals that you will love.

Together we'll review 5 menus - The Breakfast/Brunch Place, The Southwestern Place, The Steak Place, The Burger/Mixed Bag Place and The Italian Place - and I'll show you how to order tasty 100% plant-based meals that even the chef didn't know he could make!

Going vegan doesn't have to mean turning your back on good food or good friends. You just have to learn to make the best of a potentially awkward restaurant situation, and this book will help you to do just that.

41 Pages
$65 Value

Private 1-on-1 Coaching w/Nutrition Analysis

Do you have questions about living a plant-based lifestyle that you just can't seem to find the answers to? Or the answers you find are conflicting? Or maybe you have questions about how to make it all work day in and day out (for example, cooking questions; how to get organized or shopping tips; dealing with friends/family who aren't vegan; eating out, etc.)?

As a healthy vegan since 1994, and a Nutritional Consultant since 2005, I have personal AND professional experience that can help you!

You'll love my personalized and very YOU-nique Coaching service! Here's how it works:

First, you'll fill out a Questionnaire that gives me a peek into your current diet.

Next, we'll set up a time to have a little chat where you'll receive personalized dietary advice based on my super-sleuth investigation: What are you missing? What are you eating in excess? Are you on track to eating a well-balanced diet? I'll let you know and make recommendations for those Lessons in Get Down With Sass! to pay extra attention to.

On this call you can also feel free to ask me anything about making the plant-based lifestyle work for YOU!

You'll have me all to yourself with my undivided attention.   :)

(This coaching package sells separately for $197.)

Plus, included is a nutritional analysis (this alone is a $150 value!)

An orange with a magnifying glass zeroing in on it

Using a revolutionary tool which focuses on 55 separate aspects of your nutritional profile, we'll read the signals your body is sending out to you (such as dry skin and hair or brittle nails, acne, hair loss, food cravings, and more) which can help to pinpoint specific areas that need your attention.

By studying this "body language" we can determine possible deficiencies (or excesses) of specific vitamins, minerals, protein and other factors. (For instance, if you're not eating enough protein, it could affect how your body makes hormones, enzymes or antibodies needed, your immune system may suffer, and your blood alkalinity could be off. Or if you're not getting enough Essential Fatty Acids, it could affect how your immune system functions.)

After filling out a thorough (but very simple and user-friendly!) Questionnaire, I'll share your Top 3 PERSONAL nutrient needs so you know what to focus on moving forward.

It's QUITE exciting. And fun!    :)

Remember, this package is optional. When sold separately, the 10-week class plus the entire coaching package would cost you $644. But if you choose the Private Coaching package below, you'll pay just $497. That's a savings of $147!

Get Down With Sass! Vegan Menu Planning Class Package Options

When you order your class below, you'll see three affordable options: Self-Study, Community and Private Coaching.

In a nutshell, we've given you some choices when it comes to the experience you'd like to have with us.

If you choose the Self-Study option, you'll receive access to the entirety of the course at once. If you choose this option you should be self-motivated and disciplined. Because while you can hop around the course from topic to topic, we also recommend you mark your calendar to do a deep-dive into each weekly Lesson as well as complete the (mostly edible) homework.

If you choose the Community or the Private Coaching options, your weekly Lessons will be dripped out slowly week after week. This ensures you're never overwhelmed by taking on too much at once. We have found this step-by-step process is the best way to learn and pick up new skills. These two package options also include access to our friendly community where you'll be joined by me and the rest of the students in Lesson-targeted weekly Discussions. Ask any questions you have as you make your way through! Either of these options are perfect for those fairly new to a plant-based diet.

Thanks for your interest!

Please review the package options below (all prices are in US Dollars):

All orders are 100% secure.

  • Self-Study
  • Work On Your Own
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    10-Week Online Class
  • Get Down!
    Menu-Planning Workbook
  • Get Down!
    Recipe Book
  • Immediate Access
    To All Lessons
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  • Recommended
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  • Get Down With Sass!
    10-Week Online Class
  • Get Down!
    Menu-Planning Workbook
  • Get Down!
    Recipe Book
    Drip of Lessons
  • Community Discussions
    w/Personal Coaching
  • Scratch It!
  • Smooth Move!
  • Don't Have A Cow, Man!
  • Buy Now
  • Private Coaching
  • Get Extra Attention
  • $497(Save $147)
  • Get Down With Sass!
    10-Week Online Class
  • Get Down!
    Menu-Planning Workbook
  • Get Down!
    Recipe Book
    Drip of Lessons
  • Community Discussions
    w/Personal Coaching
  • Scratch It!
  • Smooth Move!
  • Don't Have A Cow, Man!
  • Private Coaching Call
  • YOU-nique
    Nutrition Analysis
  • Buy Now

Photo of Lisa

"I really enjoyed your friendly, no-nonsense approach to healthy living. I truly appreciate your knowledge laid out in a friendly way. Nothing was scary or negative."

Lisa Reid
Mom & Glitter Cosmetic Sales
Penrose, Colorado

Photo of Sue

"I liked the gradual unfolding of the 9-week journey. The time also allowed me to think about why I wanted to walk this path. I have discovered that this is no longer about weight loss for me. Get Down With Sass! has stopped me thinking in terms of my 'weight' and I now think about my 'health'.

Oh, and by the end of the course I had lost weight - somewhere between 5 and 6 kilos (11 to 13 pounds). And, of course my clothes are feeling much more comfy."

Sue Schwartfeger
Independent Contractor
Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

Photo of Genine

"I had fallen off the healthy eating wagon and Get Down With Sass! brought me back and then some. At the end of the course, I had lost ten pounds."

Genine Fillmore Adam
Waconia, Minnesota

Photo of Teresa

"I have finished my course! I seem to have misplaced 12 pounds! Woo Hoo! I feel great, my skin is radiant and I don't have to do the "skinny jean jig" any longer. Simple things make a huge difference."

Teresa Anderson
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Photo of Bev

"This course was exactly what I needed. Support, education, creativity, and inspiration were to be found. I eat completely differently now. No cravings for snacks or unhealthy foods. I get completely satiated on the water and delicious whole foods.

And I've really had fun in the kitchen, which is also a big change for me. This has been great!"

Bev Forsman
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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If you'd like, I'll even hop on the phone with you for a free 1-on-1 private coaching session just to be sure you're getting the results. Why would I do this? Because when you team up with us, you join our ever-growing Vegan Coach family. We truly care about you!

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Questions about Get Down With Sass!

Q: How much time will I be required to spend on this course each week?
A: Each week you will receive a link to visit a new lesson or two in our online classroom. Each lesson will take you right around 20-30 minutes to read. You will also have to make time in your schedule each week to do the necessary homework (which is mostly learning how to shop for and cook the foods that will support you). In addition, you will want to spend at least 15 minutes per day filling out your downloadable daily food and exercise journal.

Q: I would like to try your diet plan but I have food allergies that often get in the way of standard type diets. Is your program flexible to accommodate my allergies?
A: Yes. The course is designed to put YOU in the driver's seat. As you go along, you will learn how to add (and remove) foods and food groups from your diet that will allow your body to move toward natural weight loss.

So rather than me handing you recipes that you must make to stay on the program, instead you choose what to eat and cook based on my recommendations. There is never any reason to eat any foods you are allergic to. xo

Q: What is the maintenance program like?
A: There really is no 'maintenance program'. This is not like other weight loss programs, where you have to do one thing to lose the weight and then another to keep it off. That makes no sense to me.

With my course, you learn as you go, each week building upon the week before. By the end of the course, you have all the information you need to continue to lose weight and, most importantly, keep it off.

Q: Can you provide a sample vegan dinner/lunch recipe?
A: SUCH a great question because it will help you to understand how different this course is from others. You are not given a menu, you create the weight-loss inducing menus yourself with the information you learn. This way you become self-sufficient instead of having to rely on me (or anyone else, for that matter) to provide you with the menus you need to be healthy.

Q: Can we eat meat occasionally? How strict is this program?
A: This course was designed to allow YOU complete control over the food you eat. You are given the information to use as you see fit. So CAN you still eat meat? Yes, if you desire. But will you NEED to eat meat? No, because you will learn the basics of building a healthy vegan diet so you can feel comfy letting go of the meat when you are ready.

Q: How much do you promote the use of "fake" meat? Do the recipes you share have wacky, hard to find ingredients that are not found in my local Albertson's? Thanks.
A: The recommended ingredients throughout the course are mostly basic, including veggies and fruit and beans and grains, etc. All foods which I believe you should have no challenges finding in your local grocery store.

The use of organic soy products (such as tofu and tempeh) are completely up to you, and are not necessary to create your very own menus (which are based on your personal likes and dislikes). In addition, I don't recommend a diet focused on faux meats and cheeses and such, and it is not what I teach in the course either.

Beyond that, if there are any "specialty" ingredients discussed, they are explained so you know if you would like to use them, and where to find them.

Please note, most grocery stores will special-order ingredients for you. In fact, the more people ask for ingredients they don't normally carry, the more likely they are to consider carrying it in the future. ;)

Q: Can your vegan weight loss course be done in a house with people cooking meat?
A: If you are asking whether or not it would be EASY to take this course while others in the household eat meat? That completely depends on whether or not you plan on saying goodbye to meat while you actually take the course. And whether or not that would be an easy thing for you to do while surrounded by others who are eating meat. The course does not require you to go vegan. It simply asks you to add or remove certain foods from your diet as you go along. Whether you choose to take each step is completely up to you. Those who follow my advice to a "T" seem to have the most success losing the weight.

By the way, it might surprise you to know that very little talk of "giving up meat" is made during the course at all. That's because when I created this weight loss course, it was important to me that everyone should be able to successfully complete the course no matter what their diet looks like when they begin. The course is a tool to use to help you understand what a proper weight-loss promoting healthy vegan diet looks like. Then the ball is in your court as to whether or not you will go all the way with it, or simply take some of the advice and make it work for you and your life.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: With your purchase of Get Down With Sass! you receive my personal money-back guarantee so you can feel as confident as I am that you'll love this online course. If at any time you feel you did not get your money's worth, then you can request a full refund. I want you to be happy!   :)

Q: I have some questions about the course. Is there anyone I can talk to?
A: Yes! Shoot me an email through our Contact form. Or you can click here to Chat w/the Coach. Sign up for an available 20-minute time slot, and I'll give you a call to answer any questions you have about the class OR help you determine which of our courses would be a better fit for your current needs and plant-based skill level. Thanks!

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"I loved that the course allows for people to be people. This is not your typical 'weight-loss course'. Sassy isn't bringing people a fad, a ridiculous promise, a harsh routine or diet. She's giving the tools for a lifetime of healthy living! That is refreshing. I am amazed and inspired with each lesson, every week. This course has no joke changed my life."

-- Greer Kukuk, Portland, Oregon


"If weight loss is your goal, then you might want to check out Get Down With Sass. By using gentleness, humor and love, Sassy teaches you how to plan well-balanced meals. This course delivered everything that was promised and more. I tell everyone who will listen how awesome the Vegan Coach is."

-- Teresa T., New Castle, Delaware

You can start today learning how to create a healthy well-balanced vegan diet that also promotes weight loss that works for the long term. You'll get a fresh, new idea of the food on your plate while you kiss stress and confusion goodbye.

Learn exactly WHAT to eat and WHY, how to stock your kitchen with the foods you love that will support your weight loss efforts as well as support you nutritionally, and make connections with a community of like-minds who offer support, inspiration, and understanding.

You are going to love this easy, fun, and delicious vegan weight loss course.

Are you ready?

It's time to Get Down!

Sassy's Signature

Patty "Sassy" Knutson
Vegan Coach
Nutritional Consultant
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

p.s. Remember, you can retake the course at any time at no charge. And as with all of our courses you have my personal 100% money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Thanks and I hope to see you in class!


"By the end of the course, I lost 12 pounds and my husband lost 10 pounds. I have lost all desire to eat animal flesh. I have zero desire to consume dairy. If I struggle at all it will be in the sweet department, but I feel so empowered from this course and I've learned about other sweetener options that I should not have any issues.

Photo of Scott and Allison

"Thank you Sassy for sharing your expertise and your obvious love of your vegan lifestyle with others. I would not be where I am today, a committed vegan on an exciting journey, if not for you and your husband."

Allison and Scott Harrison
Covington, Louisiana

Photo of Allison After Weight Loss

"Wow Sassy, where do I begin? I have so much to share and I will TRY to keep it short!! But first I have to say thank you, because of what you do my life changed and because my life changed there has been a ripple effect and other lives are being changed! Thank you!!

"I have stayed the course of a vegan lifestyle. I do tons of juicing and raw food as well. My health is excellent, my clothing size has stayed at a steady size 6 and my energy level is wonderful. (My husband went back to the Standard American Diet shortly after we completed GDWS.)

"Yet, I didn't believe that my lifestyle would go unnoticed and I fully and faithfully believed that if I set the example regardless of what everyone else decided to do with their life and diet that it would pay off. And I believe that it has.

"So 4-5 weeks ago I informed my family that I was going to begin my second round of GDWS. To my amazement and delight my daughter asked if I would consider helping her with a week-long juice fast, to which she would follow with joining me and really digging into a vegan diet. It has been 4 - 5 weeks and she is a changed young woman. She now reads everything she can get her hands on in regards to whole foods, juicing, seeds, nuts grains and non-processed foods. We spend hours in the kitchen and she has learned that she loves foods that she once thought she hates...such as lentils, with onions and carrots with organic seasoning cooked in a pressure cooker.

"My younger sister witnessed my daughter committing to a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of clear skin, weight loss, improved attitude, more energy that she asked if she could come over and spend her week-long vacation locked in my house juicing and learning about healthy eating and a vegan lifestyle. In 9 days she lost 15 lbs and gained a new thought process!

"I know I am long winded...Sorry! Like I said I had so much to say!!!!!

"Thank you so much!"



"By the end of the Get Down With Sass! weight-loss course I had lost 8 pounds. I learned so much more about nutrition and how to apply that knowledge to my everyday life.

Photo of Mareile Before Weight Loss

"And the most glorious thing of all is that I WANT to eat like this, so I know the weight will continue to come off effortlessly. You changed the way I cook forever!"

Mareile Bowditch
Specialist Learning Supporter
Somerton, Somerset, United Kingdom

Photo of Mareile After Weight Loss

"Welllll - I know Sassy said to throw the scales away...

"...but I haven't. ;-)

"5 months after joining - following Sassy's advice but FALLING OFF THE WAGON SEVERAL TIMES and TAKING WRONG TURNS AND RE-GAINING POUNDS before going back on track -

"I have lost 26 POUNDS!! Yippeeee!!

"This weight has gone off for good as most of the good habits have now been ingrained into my everyday life. And I never have to battle hunger pangs - that's important!":D


"Another goodbye ceremony for a set of trousers...


"And it made me think: what a waste! The trousers are not quite good enough for the charity shop but it's sad to throw them away. (goes against my thrifty grain :D). So I'm getting back into quilting to make warm blankets out of my old trousers.

"I'm turning from 'blobby' to 'curvy', and it makes me very happy!"

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Heart with quotes

"I have finished my course! I seem to have misplaced 12 pounds! Woo Hoo! I feel great, my skin is radiant and I don't have to do the "skinny jean jig" any longer. Simple things make a huge difference."
-- Teresa Anderson, Nurse, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Your course has definitely been a great help in making the transition away from animal products. Your website is always a huge source of info and recipes for me! Keep up the awesome work and support you are offering us all. Your generosity in sharing your experience and knowledge is greatly appreciate!"
-- Andrea V., Ontario, Canada

"The awesome result of the journey becoming vegan with the vegancoach is: I don't CARE at all how I look for the first time since adolescence - I just feel so great, energised, happy and free with the plant based diet together with the devotion to a daily yoga practice that I love everything and anything, including my body as it is - dearly :)))"
-- Andrea B., Marlborough, New Zealand

"I feel confident fixing vegan meals. One way it surpassed my expectations was I had planned to remain an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian. I can now say I'm Vegan. Throughout the entire course it felt like I was chatting with a friend over Green Tea. I'm just thrilled with the program and this new way of living."
-- Linda "Sunny" Troup, Legal Assistant and Holistic Animal Care Provider, Escondido, California

"This course surpassed my expectations. I expected a load of sanctimonious bland but worthy advice and recipes mirroring the bland worthiness, however after serious consideration I conclude that Sassy - lady you rock! Even the science bits were credible and understandable, even by me.

"It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have over the course lost a total of 7.5 inches overall with a brain blasting 3 of them off my gargantuan waist. So big ups to both of us! Now I am wondering seriously what to do next week when you don't pop into my inbox. Send help to North Western England ASAP."

-- Jayne Price, Ansdell, Lancashire, United Kingdom

"I have lost about 8 inches total and about 3 pounds. I am planning on starting the course over and be more diligent and try to keep more on track."
-- Patt Dillon, Pegram, Tennessee

"I really followed your instructions and stayed the course, I am happy to say that I have lost 10 nasty pounds that I put on over the past 12 months. You ROCK!!! Thank you!!!"
-- Kim McLeod, Jamison, Pennsylvania

"I just want to say 'Thank You!' I've wanted a more veggie-based program in my life, and so many books and internet searches get confusing. I've been subscribed to your blog for a couple of years and found the information wonderful! I'm so glad I purchased the 'GDWS'. I have dropped a couple of pounds, but it's how much better I feel overall. I have more energy to WANT to get out and do things! I know my success will be long term, and not a 'quick fix'. Thanks again!"
-- Kathleen Mitchell, Gainesville, Texas

"I highly recommend this course to anyone that needs a little boost in the health department. My husband and I think we know it all when it comes to health and eating, but we learned a lot (I say 'we' because I shared everything with him)! I don't think you can expect to completely change in 10 weeks, but you will definitely get on the right track and keep heading towards a supremely healthy diet. I plan to use everything I've learned every day of the rest of my life!"
-- Libby Ann Watts, Chesapeake, Virginia

"This course was exactly what I needed. Support, education, creativity, and inspiration were to be found. I eat completely differently now. No cravings for snacks or unhealthy foods. I get completely satiated on the water and delicious whole foods. And I've really had fun in the kitchen, which is also a big change for me. This has been great!"
-- Bev Forsman, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I have now lost track of the people that have said: 'Have you lost weight?' I have made so many positive changes in the past few weeks. I still have more work to do and more bad habits to break, but now I feel more in control and powerful!"
-- Shanna Brown, Santa Clara, California

"Love, love, love the course. (And your web site has so much info. I enjoy the email newsletter, as well.) Thank you so much for creating and sharing all of this!"
-- Nichole Brown, Tempe, Arizona

"I couldn't be happier with all that I learned through the course. Spreading the info out over 10 weeks really helped me to set weekly goals and see my progress. Also, my taste buds have completely changed! I've started doing things that I never would have initiated on my own. This course has literally changed my life, and I'm very grateful for breadth of information I've gotten from this course and from your website. Kudos and many thanks.    :)"
-- Melissa B., Bayonne, New Jersey

"Loved, loved, loved the section on menu creation! It was very helpful."
-- Kristin Yates, Retail Buyer, Little Rock, Arkansas

"This course surpassed my expectations. I was really impressed with the manageable pace and logical presentation of the information. I was also delighted with the wealth of information and resources provided. I also appreciated the timely, supportive and helpful responses to my questions. I'd highly recommend it to anyone and look forward to going over the materials again and further incorporating them into my life."
-- Suzanne Perry, Victoria, B.C., Canada

"You gave me the kickstart I needed to put my health first before weight loss (I’ve been on most diets throughout my life and yo-yoed constantly). Thank you so much – words can’t express how you’ve helped me."
-- Sue Stelfox, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

"The info about the body system is excellent. I'm an RN and was very impressed with the readability of it."
-- Paul H., Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

"I've been a vegetarian for 16 years and always struggled with my weight, depression, and fatigue. I was a junk food vegetarian and also ate a lot of processed vegetarian products.

"After following the course and taking the vitamins you recommended, I feel so much healthier. I have so much energy, never binge eat like I used to, a chronically stubborn patch of pimples has cleared. I weigh 5 lb. less and my clothes aren't tight any longer!

"Although I came here to lose weight, I feel like the weight loss is just a side benefit of the diet. I love your site, your recipes are delicious, and I love the way your present your material--simple and nonjudgmental. It actually feels like you are reading something from a friend!"

-- Sarah S., Wellsville, Ohio

"For me this course was great because it made it simple, I have food allergies and Sensitivities no programs or Dr could help with what to eat and how. This took all the guessing out of it and confirmed that I feel 100% better if I eat as a Vegan and I have shown my Dr's that I am healthy, meaning blood work shows everything is as should be."
-- -- Rebecca Maul, Uxbridge, Massachusetts

"I enjoyed this course. I was looking forward to Thursday (my day to receive the weekly emails) just to read what you send. And I love how the course ended - it is perfect. You gave a good road map to follow."
-- Darlene Union, Westminster, Maryland

"I liked the gradual unfolding of the 10-week journey. The time also allowed me to think about why I wanted to walk this path. I have discovered that this is no longer about weight loss for me. Get Down With Sass! has stopped me thinking in terms of my 'weight' and I now think about my 'health'.

"Oh, and by the end of the course I had lost weight - somewhere between 5 and 6 kilos (11 to 13 pounds). And, of course my clothes are feeling much more comfy."

-- Sue Schwartfeger, Independent Contractor, Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

I had fallen off the healthy eating wagon and Get Down With Sass! brought me back and then some. At the end of the course I had lost ten pounds."
-- Genine Fillmore Adam, Waconia, Minnesota

"The program was the perfect jump start that I needed to begin a process of lifelong change. I lost 11.4 pounds in the 10 weeks and feel more energetic than I have in years."
-- Sarah Wannemuehler, Smyrna, Tennessee

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