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If you're a fan of our long-running website VeganCoach.com, then you're going to LOVE what we have in store for you next!

Because we're going back to our roots and bringing back our popular cooking blog: Freestyle Vegan Cooking! :)

After well over a decade of listening to what you need to succeed with your everyday my-life-is-too-busy-to-even-THINK life, we're deconstructing our very best tips from our VeganCoach.com website and online classes to make them even easier to master.

You're going to love our new blog, with helpful little bite-sized morsels of digestible tips.

It's the perfect partner to our content-rich evergreen vegan cooking and nutrition website.

Freestyle Vegan Cooking?

Now if you've been hanging with us for a while...

...and taking our fun online vegan classes, you know we're all about FREESTYLE vegan cooking.

So if you're one of the pioneering home cooks who have joined us in embracing FREESTYLE vegan cooking (and MAN do we love you!), then you're going to find the bits of advice we share in our new blog to be incredibly helpful to you!

Freestyle vegan cooking is TASTY, EASY, INSPIRING, CREATIVE and FUN!

And if you're new around these parts...

...you might be asking "Sassy, what does it mean to cook FREESTYLE?"

Thought you'd never ask. :)

Cooking freestyle means cooking without a recipe to guide you.

Sound exciting? A little scary? Maybe a mix of both!

I understand completely.

Because when I went vegan all those years ago (1994) I depended on recipes.

I couldn't cook ANYTHING without a recipe! It always took such a long time to get dindin on the table.

It consistently felt like I was moving in slow motion.

Plus, I was getting really tired of the never-ending recipe search, making specific grocery lists and slogging my way through the recipe's instructions leading to (often times) a huge FAILURE of a dish.

It was just easier (and safer!) to make the same recipes over and over again. (Sheesh! Talk about sure-fire snooze material!)

Do you ever feel this way? Bored? Uninspired? As if everything is taking WAY too long?


Fortunately, I discovered the magic of cooking WITHOUT recipes.

And our motto of Freestyle Vegan Cooking was born.

We've been teaching this style of cooking for well over a decade!

It's quite exciting and I can't wait to share it all with YOU!

Freestyle vegan cooking offers a better way to run your kitchen.

Cooking is easier and more enjoyable.

Shopping is quicker.

And meal planning is completely hassle-free.

So here in our blog, we'll be unwrapping the finer details of what it means to be a FREESTYLE whole food plant-based home cook.

We'll share exciting been-there and done-that...

  • FREESTYLE vegan cooking tips

  • FREESTYLE vegan shopping tips

  • FREESTYLE seasoning and flavoring tips

  • FREESTYLE vegan meal planning tips

  • FREESTYLE vegan menu planning tips

  • ...and so much more!

Your cooking will be FREE of boredom, FREE of over-the-top expense and FREE of the whole rigamarole!

What won't it be free of?


By the way, you can find your way around our blog using the navigation bar at the BOTTOM of every page. It looks like this...

Freestyle Vegan Cooking Blog Menu

So glad you're here.

Have fun!

And happy cooking. :)


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Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

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