"This is the best cooking class I've ever taken. Very engaging. Freestyle cooking allows you to use what you have on hand, think creatively, and approach what can be a chore with a playful attitude."

Welcome to the Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass, a comprehensive and fun online course that teaches you the skills you need to step into your kitchen, see what's on hand, and get cookin' without a recipe in sight!

On-the-fly improvisational cooking is what we've always taught in all of our courses and across our entire VeganCoach.com website.

This advanced vegan cooking course will show you all the steps of making FREESTYLE cooking work day in and day out from the time you head into your grocery store to shop, all the way through plating and garnishing your very own unique homemade vegan dish.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Begin Building Your Freestyle Cooking Skills

A Quick Summary of  the Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass:

  • Learn the skills to mastering vegan recipe-free cooking in this fun and instructional 10-week online class;
  • Move step-by-step through the process of getting a plant-based meal on the table without a recipe, from the time you step into the kitchen to see what you have on hand until you're plating it up and garnishing — all completely freestyle with no plan in mind. I promise you'll LOVE this way of pulling your meals together because it's so easy;
  • Cook with the seasons so you buy ingredients that are the freshest, most beautiful and most readily available;
  • Get inspired by weekly freestyle cooking videos (over 50 and counting). These are unscripted and improvised, demonstrating how we pull together delicious and good-for-you vegan dishes on the spot by first gathering the ingredients we have available and on-hand -- without using a recipe; 
  • Hop into your kitchen to conquer weekly cooking challenges as you slowly (but surely!) learn how to cook vegan meals without a recipe;
  • Join the rest of your classmates, supporting each other as you learn by trial and error, sharing what works for you -- and what doesn't;
  • Tap into your creative side and have a blast doing it!

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If cooking without recipes intrigues you or it's something you've been interested in but you haven't quite figured out how to actually pull it off in your day-to-day life, then you're going to absolutely love the Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass.

It's important to learn the skills to mastering recipe-free cooking. Not only does this save you time (for example, painstakingly measuring out the exact ingredients a recipe calls for) but it saves you money too!


Because you'll choose ingredients that are in season and at their freshest while priced less than ingredients out of season.

PLUS, when you cook without recipes you use the nutritious food you have on hand instead of tossing old and wilted veggies into the garbage -- sheesh, the money you'll save on this alone is likely substantial. (And believe me, I understand that guilty feeling you have when you toss those sad past-their-prime vegetables out. It makes you feel sad, mad and frustrated!)

 The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass
Solves 6 Main Challenges
Most Plant-Based Home Cooks Face

The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass was created to help you overcome these problems our students encounter on a regular basis.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar To YOU?

  • Getting stuck in ruts while making the same dishes over and over;
  • Spending too much money buying expensive ingredients for recipes (that many times you only use once);
  • Filling your diet with overly processed, unhealthy and fattening convenience foods;
  • Having little knowledge of how to "fix" a recipe that sucks lollipops;
  • Spending too much time finding recipes, listing ingredients and long involved shopping trips;
  • Wasting food that has gone bad before you had a chance to use it!

And this just scratches the surface!

But fear not. Because we're here to help you move from this place of confusion and overwhelm, to creating seasonal, nutritious and super tasty whole food plant-based meals on-the-fly so you can get in and out of the kitchen (and on with life!).

Our Students
Will Inspire You
With Their Success Stories

YOU can do this, too!

It makes us proud to hear from our students how this class has REVOLUTIONIZED the way they prepare their whole food plant-based everyday meals. Check out some of our favorite stories...

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Sandra N.
Sparks, Nevada

"Since taking this class, I feel confident and am beginning to prefer meatless meals. And not just meatless...learning flavors and how to cook without oil have been real eye openers! Loved the seasonal produce chart and flavoring lessons. Also, attention to garnish and texture. These things gave me confidence to be recipe free. Chef Sassy's passion for cooking and creation is infectious. Feedback is positive but videos push us to think outside the box."

  • Had no knowledge of cooking freestyle
  • Had zero comfort cooking without a recipe
  • Extremely curious if she could pull it off
  • Knows how to season her meals now
  • Can walk through the produce section, pick what looks good to her and find a way to make a dish out of it
  • Comfortable substituting ingredients and knowing what flavors are needed

Rosanne F.
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

"Before I took this class, I could put a vegan meal on the table with some planning ahead and a chunk of time. Now, I can take what's available and make a vegan meal in a few minutes. This course saves you time and money, along with helping you keep on track for eating a nutritional plant-based diet without using processed foods. And the videos are always a nice surprise — we never know what Sass is going come up with next."

  • Could put a vegan meal together but always wondered what to make for dinner
  • Always looking for the "perfect" recipe
  • Unaware of how to balance flavors in her meals
  • Uses up what's in her fridge to create dishes from what's on hand
  • Discovered new ways to use up leftovers (as well as new ideas for using tofu and tempeh)
  • Can make a vegan meal in a few minutes and make it nutritional (especially with cooked greens)

Cheri M.
San Jose, California

"I have a lot of spices, condiments and vinegars that I have not used that much. Cooking without recipes has taught me the value of all of those items and also how to use them to really maximize the flavor of foods. I had no idea how much I would be participating and how valuable the participation (and feedback) from the other students would be for my growth."

  • Knowledge and experience was limited and usually turned to recipes
  • Doesn't know anyone else that is a vegan cook so hasn't had the opportunity to watch someone else cook a whole food plant-based meal
  • Used to stop on the way home from work for special ingredients for recipes
  • Considers what she might make for dinner out of what she already has at home
  • Looks at recipes for inspiration and ideas, but now willing to go way off course to customize the recipe
  • Has learned how to create a meal on the fly, create a sauce, add complex flavors, and how to have fun being creative instead of relying on a recipe

Hi, and Welcome To
 The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass

I'm Patty Knutson, but my friends call me Sassy. Vegan since 1994 and co-publisher of this vegan cooking website along with my hubby, Jeff.

From the start of VeganCoach.com back in 2007, I've been teaching the methods, techniques, and tips I've gathered over the years so YOU can learn all about the magic of cooking without recipes too!

Now, I've taken it even one step further by creating an online class that teaches you every single step I take to get a recipe-free meal on the table from the time you select your in-season produce in the store all the way to plating and garnishing. And it's ALL covered right here in The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass.

Anatomy Of A Recipe-Free Meal

One of the biggest and most important things we'll do in The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass is move step-by-step through the very process I use to get a recipe-free meal on the table, from the time I step into the kitchen to see what I have on hand until I'm plating it up.

Week after week we'll hyper-focus on each step. No stone is left unturned. I'll completely deconstruct everything I do so you can follow along and do the exact same steps in your own kitchen.

This is the course you've been asking for that will help you pull together everything we teach here at Vegan Coach.

Weekly Vegan Cooking Challenges

The BEST way to learn is to just step into your kitchen and start playing with your food! And that's what you'll do each and every week during the course with unique challenges that ease you into cooking without recipes.

You will amaze yourself with the progress you'll make from the first challenge to the very last one because the tips you'll pick up week after week and Lesson after Lesson will help you gain the CONFIDENCE you need to move forward. As your skills increase, your cooking becomes easier and more fun and your food is tastier.

I promise you that you will LOVE the cooking challenges. They will help make you a better cook, no matter what your current level of expertise.

And I'll be right there with you every step of the way offering constructive critiques and friendly suggestions that will help you progress further and faster.

Let's hear from
a few more of our students...

Greg B.
Darlington, Western Australia

"My level of expertise in vegan recipe free cooking has improved significantly with this course. Sassy's videos and the Cooking Challenges together with interacting with others in the course were favorites. Just do it! It's a fun, practical and effective way improve your vegan cooking skills."

  • Had a basic level of understanding and practice in vegan recipe-free cooking (due to taking other Vegan Coach classes)
  • Was looking for new ideas to inspire
  • Needed help working with flavoring his food
  • Improved his vegan recipe-free cooking abilities
  • Gained lots of new skills, tips and experience in cooking, flavoring and presentation
  • Learned a lot about his own cooking style

Lisa D.
Glenmont, New York

"I love seeing what ingredients others use in combinations that I wouldn't have thought of myself. It's inspiring! This is the best cooking class I've ever taken. Very engaging. It's so freeing to cook without a recipe, and it's fun to share your creations. Freestyle cooking allows you to use what you have on hand, think creatively and approach what can be a chore with a playful attitude. Also, Sassy is a wonderful, encouraging teacher and her positive energy is infectious!"

  • Would get mixed results cooking without recipes and often found herself in a cooking rut
  • Threw things together with no thought given as to the results
  • Didn't put much thought into the steps (deciding on direction, flavor balancing, plating, etc.)
  • Tastes for flavor balancing and adjusts before serving
  • Considers the textures and colors
  • Loves picking out a seasonal ingredient she's never used before and figuring out what to do with it

Michelle W.
Loveland, Colorado

"Watching all of the cooking demos has opened my mind to the possibilities of what ingredients can be made into actual dishes. I have made some really good tasting food over this course. It exceeded my expectations."

  • Had very little comfort and knowledge of recipe-free cooking
  • Would swap out ingredients or change ingredients in recipes
  • Used to stop on the way home from work for special ingredients for recipes
  • Complete change! Feels like learning about flavor balancing and matching has opened up a new world
  • Can take ingredients on hand and figure out something to make
  • Gained the courage to try making multiple freestyle dishes with confidence they will taste good

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You'll Learn How To Work With Seasonings and Flavorings

One of the hallmarks of cooking without recipes is learning the SKILL of seasoning your food. In The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass I'll teach you how to flavor your food so you can feel super confident in your flavoring choices as well as how to bring balance to every dish you create.

Because once you learn how to properly work with flavors, it extends to every single dish you make; recipe-free or not!

For instance, let's say you followed a recipe to a tee but the resulting flavors are a turn-off. Has this ever happened to you? It's happened to me! Maybe it's too bitter for your liking or too sweet or too sour or...or...

If you know how to season your food properly, you can FIX that recipe! Because you'll know without a doubt exactly what you can add to bring balance to the flavors. No more choking down a crappy meal or tossing it into the garbage to order take-out!

We cover flavoring and seasoning in full. In fact, 2 of the 12 Lessons are devoted to this topic. You'll walk away with this incredible skill under your belt that you'll use over and over for years to come. It's so important!

This goes beyond what we've taught in any of our other courses so if this is a sticking point for you, then I think you'll really enjoy what you'll discover in this course.

Get Inspired With Our Unique Cooking Videos

Each week you'll get several videos within the course accompanied by a dedicated forum for that video. In each vid, you'll watch me head into my kitchen to do a quick inventory of what I have in my fridge, freezer, and pantry (such as beans and whole grains, fresh veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.) before pulling them all together into delicious and good-for-you vegan dishes on the spot -- without recipes!

You'll be helped tremendously just by watching how I cook improvisationally right in my own home.

Guys, I Love a Good Recipe, but For the Everyday, 
FREESTYLE Cooking Is So Much Easier!

Janie G.
Canton, Georgia

"My level of confidence in the kitchen has risen enormously with CWS. I'm more adventurous with my ingredients and flavors. I'm more conscious of not only how a dish tastes but also its eye appeal. I especially love the videos. Watching you create delicious food from humble beginnings is a true delight for me. I also really enjoy all the dishes from the other students. No matter the skill level or vegan experience, the results are always amazing."

Teryl L.
La Conner, Washington

"I think most people would benefit from the concepts and practice of flexible use of ingredients, learning about flavor matches, balancing tastes, trying creative combinations, how to avoid wasting fresh foods, and easy shopping and in-the-moment meal planning."

Mary Jean K.
Seattle, Washington

"Loved the class feedback and participation and the other students' freedom in sharing. I learned way more than I anticipated. Sassy is a great teacher and was so interested in all we were doing. She takes so very much of her time helping us all the way through."

Charlene F.
Tucson, Arizona

"I love the kudos and encouragement I received. Your approach makes failing more of a shared lesson we all can benefit from vs. something that should never be discussed! I felt much more confident about my Vegan cooking and much stronger with my conviction of being vegan by the end of the course. I would highly recommend this since our go-to way of cooking IS without using a recipe!"

Recipes Serve A Very Special Purpose

They can help you to improve your skills, discover new herbs/spices and learn new cooking skills.


...if you continue cooking your everyday meals WITH recipes you'll...

  • Spend a lot of time researching recipes in cookbooks and magazines and all over the web;
  • Spend too much money buying convenience foods from the frozen food section;
  • Run out of time and stop off for take-out or order food in -- expensive and unhealthy!
  • Take a long time to advance your cooking skills -- one recipe at a time is very time consuming;
  • Get bored, making the same meals you know over and over again;
  • Get burned out on the whole rigamarole of recipe research, ingredient lists, and long and involved grocery trips.

For your EVERYDAY cooking you'll want to learn all you can about how to pull a meal together on-the-fly with very little advance planning. It just makes sense for busy people (like most of us!).

Here is a glance into some of the topics we'll cover in
The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass

The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass will instruct you step by step how to embrace seasonal recipe-free cooking.

This is bare-bones summary of what we'll cover in our 10 weeks together:

Week 1: The importance of creative cooking

  • Getting into the zone
  • Your Mission (with an extensive forum)
  • Four Cooking with Sass! videos

Week 2: Uncovering your unique cooking style

  • Your Mission (with an extensive forum)
  • Three Cooking with Sass! videos

Week 3: Flavor Balancing

  • Includes downloadable PDF "Your Quick Guide to Seasoning, Flavoring, and Flavor Balancing"
  • Your Mission (with an extensive forum)
  • Four Cooking with Sass! videos

Week 4: Flavor Matching

  • Includes downloadable PDFs "Your Guide To Vegan Flavor Matches" PLUS "Your Quick Guide to International Flavor Matches"
  • Your Mission (with an extensive forum)
  • Five Cooking with Sass! videos

Week 5: Cooking Techniques (the how)

  • Defining cooking techniques and which work best for vegan cooking
  • Includes downloadable PDF "Vegan Cooking Techniques: What They Are and When To Use Them"
  • Your Mission (with an extensive forum)
  • Five Cooking with Sass! videos

Week 6: The World of Unique Dishes (the what)

  • Discovering all the types of dishes you can create in your kitchen playground
  • Includes downloadable PDF "Types of Vegan Dishes: Master List"
  • Your Mission (with an extensive forum)
  • Six Cooking with Sass! videos

Week 7: Pizzazz and Plating

  • Adding pizzazz to your dish through the use of color, texture, and more PLUS plating and garnishing
  • Your Mission (with an extensive forum) 
  • Four Cooking with Sass! videos

Week 8: A Test Flight

  • Putting it all together! Using all the tips from the previous 7 weeks, create a meal without a recipe in sight (with an extensive forum)
  • Three Cooking with Sass! videos

Week 9: "The Final Exam"

  • Final exam to put into practice everything you've learned throughout the course (with an extensive forum)

Week 10: One Week of Cooking on one Shopping Trip

  • Repurposing Dishes
  • Your mission (with an extensive forum)
  • "A Week In The Life" - A presentation of all the recipe-free dishes I make in a week with ONE grocery shopping trip until everything is used up! (featuring 22 Cooking with Sass! cooking videos)
  • Course wrap-up

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When you join us in
The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass,
you'll be in good company
with our private online community of
friendly plant-based home cooks.

So you'll never be alone and you'll always find the support you need.

That's because The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass is interactive.

With each week's Lesson comes a private Discussion where you can join your fellow students to ask questions about what you're learning, share your comments and ideas, and even help other students out with your own unique experience and knowledge.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!


We're committed to your success!

And we need YOU to be committed to your success, too.    :)

Here's how it works: Join us in class. Complete the coursework. When you've reached the end of the class, if you aren't satisfied with your experience with our materials, the tips and advice, the forums, the online classroom -- the entire experience! -- you get a 100% refund.

If you'd like, I'll even hop on the phone with you for a free 1-on-1 private coaching session just to be sure you're getting the results. Why would I do this? Because when you team up with us, you join our ever-growing Vegan Coach family. We truly care about you!

We want you to feel super comfortable with your decision. We gotcha covered!

Questions about The Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass

Q: Is this course appropriate for new Vegans?
A: This is an advanced vegan cooking course. You should have a solid idea of the basics of a vegan diet such as how to cook beans or how to cook veggies.

For example, we won't be covering things such as how to select/prep/cook vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds, etc. If you need help with this, then our beginner's vegan cooking class Vegan FUNdamentals might be a better option for you.

In the Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass we'll be taking these basic ingredients and pulling them together into meals, freestyle (without recipes). We cover all that goes along with that such as how to choose the direction and focus of your dish, the how and why of choosing seasonal ingredients, selecting the right vegan cooking technique for your dish and all the types of dishes you can make.

We'll spend two weeks on how to season your food properly as well as how to bring balance to your dish. We'll talk about the importance of adding pizzazz to your meals to keep them interesting. And along the way, you'll uncover your unique cooking style. And so much more.

It's a very thorough hands-on cooking class that helps to set you free from the bonds of recipes so you can cook freestyle whenever you want AND you'll also know without a doubt how to fix any clunker recipe you come across.

Q: "I have taken many courses from others, some quite expensive, and have not made much progress. How will your class be different?"
A: It's hard for me to answer that, quite honestly, because I don't know which courses you have taken or what they included in their Lessons. In the Freestyle Vegan Cooking Masterclass we'll cover every step of creating a recipe-free vegan meal, from selecting the ingredients to plating and garnishing. We'll also cover seasoning and flavoring at length so you can begin to get a really solid idea of this MOST important aspect of cooking without recipes. If you've ever taken any of our courses before where we cover flavoring just know that this course will go above and beyond anything else we've taught.

Each week brings a new cooking challenge, too! So you can put what you're learning into practice, post your homework (edible!) and get feedback from myself and the rest of the class.

Each week also includes a video showing me hopping into my kitchen to make a recipe-free meal on the spot with what I have on hand. These are NOT scripted or rehearsed. Simply showing you what I found in my local market on my last shopping trip and how I incorporated it into my meal. I can promise you this: Every video will be completely different because I'll have different ingredients on hand each week so there will never be the same meal shown twice.

This is a living, breathing course so our students can tell us what they need to help them move forward and we can do our best to deliver in a future Lesson -- within reason.   ;)

Q: What time of day will the cooking classes start?
A: The class will be held in our online classroom just as all of our other courses are. Each course begins whenever it's convenient for you after you've completed your enrollment. New content – whether text, audio, video, downloadable documents or discussions – will be available each week. I’ll notify you by e-mail when new lessons are ready, and you can follow the links directly into our online space.

Q: Will I be able to access the class any time?
A: You can participate at any time you wish, when it's convenient for you! No worries about scheduling or living in different time zones.

Q: How do I know if this course will fit into my schedule?
A: Each week you will receive an email to notify you that a new Lesson is ready to be viewed. You can simply visit our virtual classroom whenever you have the time (and the head space!) to concentrate and get the most out of each Lesson.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?
A: You will own the course and can access it at any time. There is no expiration date.

Q: It is important to my husband and I that we eat an oil-free diet. Will I benefit from your class as someone who cooks without oil of any kind?
A: Absolutely without a doubt this class will work beautifully for you.

When we think of a traditional way of cooking, where we follow recipes, it's important for you (as an oil-free cook) to be sure you choose recipes which have no oil, or at least an oil-free option.

But with freestyle cooking, you create meals based on the ingredients that are in your own kitchen, what YOU like and can eat. And you simply don't use the ingredients you don't like and can't eat. No oil? No problem! This is one of the most important reasons to cook freestyle, without recipes. It just makes life easier!

Personally, I cook with very little oil. So, in most of the videos, you'll see me use vegetable broth to sauté my ingredients in a pan. I think this will work beautifully for you, too. In addition, in every class we teach there are always students who are oil-free and you'll likely pick up some good tips from them as well.

Q: I’m a fairly accomplished and creative cook already (worked as a chef in my past career and never follow recipes). And being a new mostly-vegan (since June) have already done a lot of fun freestyle cooking. Would your course be too basic for me? I’m mostly looking for some new fun ideas and things I may not have thought of trying.
A: If you're already an accomplished cook, the most value I think you'll get from the class is two-fold:

1) Our weekly inspirational videos which are just like they sound: They're meant to inspire as you watch how I pull together recipe-free meals in my own kitchen. I believe you'll find these super valuable and send your brain off spinning in new directions.

2) In addition, each week brings a Cooking Challenge (called a "Mission") where, no matter your background or your experience, you are creating a dish in your kitchen to share with our community. This is not only to show off your mad skills so we can all cheer each other on, but also to go on your own journey through freestyle cooking. Some students are more advanced than others, but it works because everyone is going through it together, getting inspired by each other. I've found that sometimes the less-experienced cooks haven't painted themselves into any sort of box so they come up with ideas the more experienced cooks hadn't really thought of before!

In the end, if you're looking for some new fun ideas and a shot of inspiration, then I think you would love going on this adventure with us.

Q: I have some questions about the course. Is there anyone I can talk to?
A: Yes! Shoot us an email through our Contact form. Thanks!

Margaret B.
Los Angeles, California

"I am loving Sassy's Vegan Coach approach stressing creativity, experimentation, and trial and error. I find it a relaxing and enjoyable way to cook! I love-love-love this approach!!!"

Daryl L.
Seaford, Delaware

"I LOVE watching you cook, and the commentary too!! These cooking videos just bring EVERYTHING you're telling us together so CLEARLY!!! ....I LOVE THEM!!!....They are EXTRAORDINARILY INSPIRING!!!!.....I AM so excited because I made my FIRST TOTALLY IMPROVISATIONAL RECIPE-FREE DISH IN NEARLY 27 YEARS last night!!!!.....I wasn't even SCARED beforehand (NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!!)....rather, I was EXCITED!!!!!!!.....and I actually had FUN, FUN, FUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!! THANK YOU ENDLESSLY for what you're doing.....you are CHANGING our lives, for the better, every single day. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!"

Nancy M.
Stockbridge, Georgia

"This class is so much fun! There are so many different ideas to share. And I love reading all the comments from other students. I have to say this class, seeing you cook, then issuing challenges has really changed my approach to cooking. Even if you aren't vegan, you learn so much about ingredients, how to season a dish, how to cook them, how to take random ingredients and make a delicious satisfying meal without being a slave to a recipe. Looking forward to our next challenge!!! This course far exceeded my expectations."

Londa R.
Sacramento, California

"Before this class, I was not comfortable about relying only on my vegan cooking to survive! This course forced me to experiment with seasonings and flavorings. I learned from you how to sauté with little or no oil, encouraged to pressure cook and use the blender for sauces. This course has made me excited about cooking vegan. My favorite part is about flavoring; because it intrigues me. I have always wondered how chefs come up with such amazing flavors in their dishes. You put an amazing course together; I did not expect to learn so much. This course is mentally challenging. I learned a lot about cooking in general as well as vegan cooking. And, I did not expect to have so much fun reading the comments from all of the students."

David K.
La Mesa, California

"I've learned a lot about cooking since becoming vegan 4.5 years ago, but almost all recipe based. In this class, I learned how to start from scratch with seasonal vegetables, come up with a cooking style and plan, use flavor matching to flavor the dish and balance the flavors, and how to make a sauce and appropriate garnish. I love how the knowledge I gained has extended my meal prep abilities. I loved the feedback and new ideas from Sassy and my classmates. I loved the way Sassy structured the course and built upon our knowledge gained in previous lessons."

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You're going to love this fun and unique recipe-free vegan cooking adventure.

Are you ready?

It's time to start cookin'!


Jeff and Patty "Sassy" Knutson
Vegan Coach
Culinary Educators

p.s. Remember, you can retake the course at any time at no charge. And as with all of our courses you have our personal 100% money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Thanks, and ww hope to see you in class!

"Before this course, I ONLY used recipes from my hundreds-of-cookbook collection. I have much more confidence now and really can cook recipe-free. It is the BEST way to learn how to free-style cook and also to learn about the vegan diet."

-- Lynne D.

"Before this Vegan Coach class I felt terrible about recipe-free cooking. VERY uncomfortable! Zero confidence! I had no knowledge of the whys and hows...the science of cooking. Of course I could follow a recipe...but free-hand!?! NO WAY! I was very nervous to have anyone taste my food for fear they would not like it! I felt very insecure! Sassy, you have given me something no recipe ever could give me. That is...CONFIDENCE! Just 12 short weeks ago, I NEVER could have waltzed into my kitchen and just made up dishes like this! And, had FUN, to boot! Yes! I HAVE learned in this class! I can't imagine what I will feel after our next seasonal class!?! But, I look forward to it so much! Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime! Thank you Sassy!"

-- Shirley M.

"Best course ever to learn no recipe cooking with entertaining and very helpful videos."

-- Beverly U.

"I just turned 53 and for the first time in my life I feel a type of freedom in the kitchen that I never felt before! So creative, so healthy, so economical (no waste), so tasty. Even my husband and son here are being amazed. Thanks to you."

-- Carol M.

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