Is Freestyle Cooking For You?

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Hi guys! Hope you enjoy the video above where you'll learn all about Freestyle Cooking, why we love it and why it's something we think you'll really love, too!

It's important to learn the skills to mastering recipe-free cooking.

Not only does this save you time (for example, no more painstakingly measuring out the exact ingredients a recipe calls for) but it saves you money too.


Because you'll choose ingredients that are in season and at their freshest while priced less than ingredients out of season.

PLUS, when you cook without recipes you use the nutritious food you have on hand instead of tossing old and wilted veggies into the garbage -- sheesh, the money you'll save on this alone is likely substantial.

(And believe me, I understand that guilty feeling you have when you toss those sad past-their-prime vegetables out. It makes you feel sad, mad and frustrated!)

By the way, you'll hear me mention my freestyle cooking class...

...Cooking With Sass! toward the end of the video.

We'd love for you to join us!

In this seasonal course, we'll move step-by-step through the very process I use to get a recipe-free meal on the table, from the time I step into the kitchen to see what I have on hand until I'm plating it up.

Week after week we'll hyper-focus on each step of the freestyle cooking process before you're given your YUMMY weekly challenges that ease you into cooking without recipes.

You'll walk away a more confident cook. I guarantee it. (Really!)

Cooking With Sass!
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March 2019!

Cooking w/Sass Seasonal Freestyle Cooking Class

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Thanks, guys! Happy cooking! :)

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Feedback From Our Peeps About Freestyle Cooking!

Since 2007, we've helped thousands of people like you become more comfortable with their vegan freestyle cooking experience.

Here's just a teeny tiny glimpse into some of the comments we receive every single day across our website, emails, and eCourses...

"Vegan Coach has helped me to embrace my new vegan adventure. You do more than give recipes. You inspire us to create our own. I also love the fact that you encourage us to use real food vs faux vegan food. It makes us look at whole foods with new eyes."

"Sometimes the simplest things can discourage us from trying something new. The way you teach everything becomes very empowering and it encourages others to jump in and learn new things, to try it out on their own."

"I now know more about a wide variety of whole foods and how to cook with them."

"The most positive change I've made is cooking on a whim and making it quickly."

"Eating out doesn't appeal as much because I know how to make flavorful dishes at home."

"Even as someone that felt fairly proficient in the kitchen I've learned so much!"

"I have more energy and have started losing weight!"

"I use simple methods to make delicious flavors rather than exotic recipes that produce blah results."

"I feel a lot more confident in putting things together on my own, now."

"I can now take the veggies I cook and eat to a different flavor level."

"You've opened my eyes to so many possibilities!"

"I'm more committed to being vegan."

"Life is a journey, and I like where this is going."

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