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Please Note: I thought you might be interested in reading this comment from someone who was sitting there JUST LIKE YOU wondering if she should take the leap to setting up an appointment.

Well, she did! And I'll never forget when I called to speak with Mary Jean how VERY skeptical she was about me, Vegan Coach and whether or not she could trust us to take her where she wanted to go with her plant-based diet.

Here's what she has to say about her experience...

Heart with quotes

"Sassy, I was very unsure about you and what you offered and if you could help me; had spent lots on other classes and people and was tired of wasting my money. Part of that was being unsure of what I was really looking for and what I was hoping to achieve as I have had a LOT of knowledge but not knowing how to use it.

"You took me from that place of not knowing. And each piece of the puzzle that you provided has helped me to know myself and what I want to do in the kitchen.

"I am still a work in progress: 'meal planning' much more successful; 'having proper foods available' almost always; 'no cheese', well, I am finding great substitutions; 'not feeling satisfied', I am soooo close. My first class with you was grade school (The First Step); my second class with you was high school (Plan It With Sass); and now with my third class, I am entering college (Cooking With Sass).

"So look out world here I come because of Sassy — her charming methods, her great teaching style, her willingness to help us, her caring and compassion for all of her students."
-- Mary Jean Kersey, Seattle, Washington