Going Vegan Doesn't Have To Be So Complicated!

We'll help you learn the practical steps to living an easy vegan lifestyle so you can make easy vegan meals on-the-fly in 30 minutes or less—it's fun!

Let me paint a little picture for you about what you've probably been going through since your decision to go vegan:

  • First, it's all so new! You're excited but also feeling lost and frustrated because you don't know who to turn to for guidance;

  • You've become dependent on vegan packaged and processed high-fat and high-sodium foods (like vegan deli meats, cheeses, and frozen foods) because you're not sure what else to eat yet;

  • You're discouraged with the process of hunting down recipes, making a grocery list for ingredients that are mostly new to you, trying your best to find the food you need in the grocery store (what ARE these ingredients, anyway?), making dishes that you're so uncertain about (that probably took you a lot of time to make), and maybe even tossing it all into the garbage if it turns out tasting like crapola!

Let's take a closer look at what's going on.

Well, to begin with, what is one of the very first things most people do when they choose to go vegan? They go in search of a vegan recipe. That's because most of us are under the impression that recipes are the answer.

I mean, the cooking world seems to revolve around recipes, doesn't it? I should know. Because for the greater portion of my vegan cooking days I relied on recipes. I couldn't make anything without one—for years!

And I was fairly proud of the fact that I became sort of an expert at hunting down recipes and cooking them up. (I'm sure some of you can relate to being able to glance at a recipe and knowing within seconds which ingredients it calls for and how much work it will take to pull it off.)

But what if the recipe calls for an ingredient you don't like, don't have on hand, or can't eat? What if it requires more time than you have available? Then what? Then you have to spend more time hunting down another recipe. Or, rely on a recipe you have made over and over again because you're out of time. (Bor-ing.)

Before you went vegan...

...did you rely completely on recipes? Naw. I bet you could go into the kitchen and whip up a quick and easy meal without a recipe: scrambled eggs; a hamburger; grilled cheese sandwich; mashed potatoes; the list goes on.

The simple fact is you weren't dependent on recipes to get you through your day.

But suddenly you're thrust into a new life where it seems you can't do anything without one! And it's because of this reliance on recipes that you no longer can make something on-the-fly, you don't know what to buy when you go grocery shopping without doing research into what recipes you'll make for the next week, and you certainly don't know what to order when you go out to eat.

Without a recipe to guide you, confusion reigns.

But even beyond all that...

...there's one exceedingly important point most of us don't consider when we're going through our recipe phase:

Recipes won't somehow magically show you the way to a healthy well-balanced vegan diet.

Think about it: How many vegan cookbooks do you have? How many videos have you watched, how many blogs and websites have you visited? How many recipes have you collected?

I'm willing to bet with all you've done and all the pieces of the puzzle you've collected you still aren't 100% sure how to pull it all together into a vegan diet that supports you nutritionally—that you're no closer to knowing what a healthy vegan diet looks like!

The fact is that recipes rarely target all of your YOU-NIQUE needs at once such as the exact foods you like to eat, essential nutrients, and the time you have available to cook.

Not to mention, all the creative work has been done for you, which is the funnest part! (Why do you think there are so many cookbooks out there?)

When you learn the practical steps...

...to living every day as a Vegan then you'll:

  1. Have complete confidence to know what to make on-the-fly depending on how you feel and what you're hungry for (just like the old days!)-that you can make quickly and easily (usually in 30 minutes or less);
  2. Be inspired to develop your own recipes filled with a variety of affordable ingredients and balanced flavors so you'll rarely eat the same exact dish twice (goodbye boredom!);
  3. Know what to buy when you go to the grocery store without needing to study a recipe or make a list before you go;
  4. Take charge of your kitchen so it's stocked with the ingredients and tools you need to cook in the moment;
  5. Feel confident as you carve out a new routine to support your goals; and
  6. Gain a renewed belief in a healthy vegan lifestyle that is flexible, fun, and will support you now and for years to come.

Not only is this possible...

...but it's exactly what you'll learn when you sign up to Recipes Shmecipes, a class to help get you started on the path to a WFPB (whole-foods plant-based) diet. These are the clear steps you will need to start creating your own heathy meals at home.

Ready? Sign up here...

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"I've cooked professionally for 47 years. I met my husband in Culinary School. I owned my own restaurant. Managed lots of others. I was a Personal Chef as well. That all being said I know how to cook. So this was a new challenge. Another opportunity to add to my knowledge, plus this is for our own health.”
-- Deborah Herman, Lakewood Colorado

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