Crack Soup

Jeff and I named this yumminess Crack Soup because it is completely addicting -- we didn't want to stop eating it!

Vegan Crack Soup

This vegan vegetable soup is packed with beans, veggies, pasta, and brown rice, it is very healthy, completely yummy, and satisfies the soul.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE soup. If I have a little of this and a little of that parked in my fridge, I can toss just about everything into a big pot with some veggie broth and within an hour (usually less) we are enjoying a big bowl of hot and comforting soup.

Road's End Mac and Chreese

The secret to THIS soup, though, is Road's End Mac and Chreese. Have you ever tried this vegan mac and cheese? The box contains the pasta, plus a packet of "chreese" powder. I have always liked this vegan macaroni and cheese, but this is the first time I added the pasta and "cheese powder" to a soup. The results were divine.

If you can't find this Chreese powder anywhere, make your own. You'll have to play with the amounts, but the main ingredients you'll want to use are wheat flour (or use gluten-free), nutritional yeast, sea salt, garlic powder, ground yellow mustard seed (or use yellow mustard), onion powder, and annatto powder (or use turmeric or paprika).

Now, just so you know, I'm not a huge proponent of pasta. Yes, I LOVE to eat pasta! But I find it much more satisfying and health-promoting to focus my diet on whole foods such as beans, whole grains, and veggies. But since the soup already contained all of these whole food ingredients, I decided a little pasta couldn't hoyt.    ;)

You do not have to make this EXACT soup with these exact ingredients. Use whatever whole foods you have in your own fridge. But be sure to add the secret ingredient: The Chreese!

(Please note, you can now usually find the individual packets of the Chreese Sauce without buying the whole box of pasta w/chreese packet. So if you have another pasta you want to use, or you want to skip the pasta altogether, you now can.)

Vegan Crack Soup
Serves 6

6 cups vegetable broth
2 carrots, cut in half lengthwise, then sliced to make coins
4 green onions, chopped
3 cups dinosaur kale, or kale of choice (5-6 leaves), chopped
2 cups COOKED pinto beans, or bean of choice
1 cup brown rice medley, or cooked brown rice

Macaroni from Road's End Mac and Chreese (or use your favorite pasta - equals about 1 - 1 1/2 cups dry pasta)
1 packet "chreese" sauce powder from Road's End Mac and Chreese (equal to about 3/4 cup) or use any vegan cheese substitute
1 Tablespoon organic Tamari, or to taste
2 teaspoons organic Earth Balance, or other non-dairy buttery spread
1-2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar, or to taste
1-2 teaspoons coconut nectar, or to taste

Flax oil, to taste

Step 1: Add first 6 ingredients to a large pot. Bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer, covered, until carrots are tender.

Step 2: Add macaroni and simmer, covered, until pasta is al dente, about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Add remaining ingredients and simmer, stirring occasionally, until heat through. Serve topped with a squirt of flax oil, if desired.

Serve with a crisp green salad.

Vegan Crack Soup Close Up
Vegan Crack Soup -- Get Addicted Today!

Happy cooking!

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