The Complete Guide To
Cooking With A Pressure Cooker
(Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Pressure Cooking Guide.

By the way, in case you missed it you can go back to Part 1 of our helpful Guide where we chat about WHY to use a cooker and which foods should and should not be cooked using this method.

If you already have a pressure cooker and you know how to use it, then feel free to jump directly to Part 3, Pressure Cooking Dried Beans and Grains.

How To Use An Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric cookers are much easier to use. (Don't blink or you'll miss it.) Ready for the instructions? Here we go....

  1. Place ingredients in the inner pot of your cooker. 
  2. Lock the lid in place. 
  3. Set the timer. 
  4. Press start.

Seriously, that's all there is to it.

The cooker will come to pressure, start the countdown when pressure is reached, then go into warm mode and bring the pressure back down.

Stir. It's ready to eat or use as an ingredient in another dish.

There, wasn't that easy?

Choosing The Cooker That's Right For You

Okay, CLEARLY it's easier to use an electric cooker. So why would you even CONSIDER a stovetop?

Let's chat it up...

Benefits Of A Stovetop Cooker

  • If you have a gas stove and the electricity goes out, you can still use it. Duh.
  • They're extremely reliable, usually last for years and years. They almost become like a member of the family. That's because it's low tech. There are no electrical parts or connections that can stop working on you.
  • Great in an emergency survival-type situation because it can be used over a camping stove or campfire.

If this is you, then I have used and recommended stovetop cookers by Magefesa for years, like this 8-quart Practika Plus. Magefesa's cookers are excellent -- very well made, dependable, and last for years and years. It requires due attention when you are using it! We now feel that, in this modern age, there is just no reason other than those listed above to use these anymore. We have found that the electric models, such as the one we use and recommend below, is so far advanced and easy to use that the traditional stovetop cooker is just not worth the trouble ... unless you don't have electricity.

Benefits Of An Electric Cooker

Very easy to use so it's great for beginners to pressure cooking - just set it and forget it.

Many cookers these days are 3-tools-in-1 like this stainless steel cooker - it's a pressure cooker AND a slow cooker AND a steamer all rolled into one. We la-la-la-LOVE ours and have been using it for years! Highly recommended.

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