Why We Use and Recommend a Berkey
The Best Water Filter For Home And Emergency Use

Looking for the best water filter system?

If you're like us, you eat the best food you possibly can to keep your body strong and healthy.

But what about the water you're drinking? And cooking with? Do regular home drinking water filter systems actually do the job?

Jeff filling a bucket with river water

We've owned a Berkey for years, testing it with dirty river water!

The water came out crystal clear.

This system uses no electricity, and the filters last a VERY long time. The water tastes delicious and retains the important minerals you need, yet all the scary stuff (like poisons) are filtered out. Plus, it's easy to use, affordable, and perfect for emergencies too.

We'd love to share with you what makes a Berkey special, how to use it, and how to purchase it with our excellent offer.

Heart with quotes"The Berkey is wonderful You're right, it is the most delicious water I've ever had. I use it for everything including my dog and canary! We all thank you. I think more people would appreciate learning about this!"
-- Edna Green, Yuma, Arizona

"For anybody who might be on the fence of buying a Berkey Filter system - I have had mine for a few years now and love, love, love it. We just had gutters installed and are beginning to collect rain water; mainly to water the plants outside, but in a pinch, we will always have water that could be run through the filter for drinking and cooking."
-- Harriet Terhurne, Tallahassee, Florida

When It Comes To WATER...

...one of our basic necessities, have you done your homework?

Don't worry if you haven't. Most of us pretty much trust that we're using the freshest, cleanest water available to us.

When Jeff and I met, we were both beginning to question many things we took for granted. One of those things was a lifetime of blindly eating animal products such as meat and dairy because we had always believed they were actually GOOD for us.

But as we did our research, just as you may be doing, we came to the conclusion that a vegan diet is the best choice for us. If this sounds like you too then you know how hard it is to accept because we all grew up on this food and were taught that we need it to be healthy.

Once you break ranks with everyone you know, it seems weird that very few people ever give animal consumption a second thought. Everyone seems to eat it, so it must be good for you, right?

Tap water is another example. You assume that since everyone you know drinks it and uses it in their cooking, it's not a questionable thing.

The tap is where clean water comes from. Period. Exclamation point!

The Water You Drink Is Just As Important As The Food You Eat

As you begin to investigate health issues and start making changes to your diet, in the process you also naturally start to examine other things. And this is how we came to the conclusion that tap water has never been what we had always thought it was.

You might already know this. And maybe you have turned to bottled water instead, like we did. Like, it seems, everyone does! Or maybe you bring jugs to fill up at one of those water-filling stations located in or near your fave grocery store, another thing we did for YEARS.

But upon further investigation, we learned there is a laundry list of chemicals found in tap AND commercially bottled water, and these substances can damage our bodies at the cellular level.

Skeptical? That's natural. So don't take our word for it. Visit the amazing Environmental Working Group's website, fill in the blanks at the top right that asks for your zip code and water company, and you can see exactly what is in the tap water where you live and work.

Water marketers would like us to believe that they draw their water from Arctic glaciers, pure mountain streams, or artesian wells, blah, blah, blah.

The reality is that most bottled water is:

  • Tapped treated water from municipal systems at less than one cent per gallon;
  • Wrapped in environmentally unfriendly and toxic plastic; and then
  • Sold to you for about one to ten dollars per gallon.


Heart with quotes"I LOVE my Berkey! The water is so fresh and I am very thankful that it removes the fluoride from my drinking water.

"My 2 dogs and 2 cats seem to love it as well! My Dad is on a well and currently has water delivered to his home. Expensive and heavy, since he insists on glass bottles. I am trying to talk him into a Berkey. You may be getting another order soon!"
-- Jennifer S., Richmond, Virginia

The bottom line is that we pay a markup of up to 100,000% for a product that we are trying to avoid. Oy!

And what are we unsuccessfully trying to avoid by consuming these outrageously priced beverages?

Here's a SHORT list:

  • Bacteria cysts and parasites (some of these are killed by adding chlorine to the water);
  • Chlorine, which will damage the delicate tissues of the intestines;
  • Trihalomethanes (Tri-WHAT!?) -- a large class of chemicals that are created when chlorine reacts with other chemicals that cause cancer and nervous system disorders;
  • A dangerous cocktail of pharmaceuticals and drugs from upstream sewage plants and farm animals (treatment plants can't filter them out!);
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), heavy metals, and much more...

If you feel a bit in the dark about water quality in general, here is an excellent video Jeff made about water quality and purification. This video takes about 10 minutes to watch. Highly recommended.

Here's A Peek At The Berkey Water Purification System

As you may have guessed, we love our Berkey. We even take it along on trips with us. We're currently in Mexico and have one here with us. We've brought it on road trips, cruise ships and more!

Here's another video we think you'll enjoy...

Note: You'll see Jeff filter dirty water from the river that flows through our city -- and drink it! When he showed me this video I FREAKED OUT!

Me: OMG, you didn't actually DRINK that, did you?!
Jeff: Why not? I had to make sure it actually purifies the water.
Me: Well, what if you get sick or something?
Jeff: Well, then we probably shouldn't be using the Berkey -- or recommending it to anyone else.
Me: (Pregnant pause.) Good point.

* By the way, if you want to learn about just ONE poison in our drinking water, click to read this article at CNN -- oh, and this one at PBS! In fact, if you do a search on the internet for anything to do with cancer-causing tap water, you'll find many local news sites across the country that are talking about this. Sheesh. Calgon, take me away!

The Way We Were - Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Remember when January 1st, 2000, was looming (can you say Y2K?) and everyone was getting prepared for "what could be"?

Well, that was us.

We didn't think there would be a huge devastating calamity, but it seemed possible there could be an interruption of our basic necessities, like water!

What if we ran through our supply of 3- and 5-gallon plastic jugs of reverse-osmosis water, where would we get clean, fresh water? We figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

So Jeff did some research and purchased a Berkey, which is a very cool water purification system.

Have you ever stopped to realize that most city's water systems (yes, likely YOURS) use LEAD PIPES? And that lead is leaching into your water? The Berkey practically eliminates the lead, along with most other heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, micro-organisms like e.coli, and so much more -- up to 99.9% eliminated! That's amazing.

Berkeys require no electricity, and since they aren't hooked up to your sink, they're a PORTABLE water filter so you can take them anywhere, which makes them perfect for emergencies too.

Plus, they're VERY inexpensive to maintain.

But perhaps most importantly Berkeys make the MOST delectably clean and tasty water. Super yum. It makes you want to drink it. If you're a person who doesn't like to drink water (and I know there are a lot of you out there -- I used to be one too!) then I guarantee it's the CRAPPY tasting water that's stopping you from becoming a water-drinking machine.

Anyway, back to our story. After we bought our fabulous Berkey, what did we do?

We put it in storage for an emergency...

...and forgot about it!

For 10 years!

Then we moved from our place in the suburbs to a condo downtown -- with 2 flights of stairs between the garage and the main floor, and a small elevator to get us up to our condo.

We quickly realized what a huuuuuge pain in the butt it was to cart our big 3- and 5- gallon water bottles filled with Reverse Osmosis water up to our place.

Not only that, but we discovered that Reverse Osmosis water is an unhealthy filtering method!

And there are two main reasons why:

  1. The reverse osmosis processes remove minerals from the water (just like distilling water does) which turns the water into a solvent; and
  2. The reverse osmosis process does not "purify", it only "filters". That's because the water is forced through the reverse osmosis filters at such high pressure that lots of contaminants slip through.

And to add insult to injury, it takes up to 9 gallons of water to produce one gallon!

Great! Now what the heck were we gonna do?!  :-/

The Best Water Filter Was Right Under Our Noses All Along

It was around this time that Jeff remembered our Berkey water purification system he bought all those years ago...

So he dug it out of the back recesses of our storage and brought it up to our condo.

Wow, talk about an eye-opener.

The water our Berkey delivered was so pure, fresh, and delicious, we couldn't believe we had this easy-to-use system at our disposal all the time we were paying for less-than-desirable water and lugging all those freaking heavy water jugs around!

Mineral-rich, purified water, just like it is supposed to be at a cost we could afford. Not only that, Berkey water filter (purification) systems are also portable water filters because they are not hooked up to the plumbing and need no electricity (which is the reason Jeff bought it in the first place).

We have been using our Berkey ever since. And wondering why in the world we took so long to use it.


Interested in ordering your very own Berkey? Click here to shoot us a note. We'll give you a call to discuss your water needs and recommend the perfect Berkey for you.    :)

Thank you so much for joining us!


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Heart with quotes"My wife and I have been Vegetarians for about 9 yrs and just made a transition to Vegan. With three children we feel good about the dietary decisions we've made. Your site is very important for people and our planet. The Earth thanks you."
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