The Best Strawberry Margarita

So you want to learn how to make the best strawberry margarita recipe? I was sitting right there where you are searching online as I desperately tried to figure out what to serve at a party we were having that night. Later I would create the most delectably smooth and tasty strawberry margarita ever to pass these lips.

"Sassy, what the HELL does this have to do with vegan cooking?" Well, actually not much. But the recipe is so good I just had to share it with you. Plus, it was made in my kitchen, so it qualifies. :)

2 gorgeous smooth Strawberry Margaritas

Our party wasn't going to be a huge one, just a handful of 15 or so of our closest friends. Some of us are beer snobs, and some of us are wine snobs. Some like straight-up vodka drinks, and some like sake. We are all over the place with our tastes.

But one thing I knew for sure: I was not in the mood for wine or beer (not to mention, I discovered a couple years ago that beer has estrogenic properties and helps to load the pounds on the tummy, hips, and thighs so I've been sort of laying off the grain).

Although the party was BYOB and everyone was going to bring their favorite beverage to share, I still wanted that perfect "just in case" drink handy -- you know, just in case everyone else was sort of sick of the drink they brought.

And that's how I ended up in front of my computer looking for the best party drink. When I came across an idea for a Frozen Strawberry Margarita my first thought was "I don't really like strawberry margaritas." My second thought was "But I think most people like margaritas."

Sassy and Jeff at The Smallest Bar In The World

My third and final thought? Remembering back to a fantastic time we had in Cabo last January when we started our night at The Smallest Bar In The World. All they serve is tequila! Thank god we have pictures because it helps to tell a story of the most hilarious and fun night.

Okay, so my decision was made. I was going to teach myself how to make the best strawberry margarita recipe. GAME ON!

So my beautiful friends show up to our soiré, crack their brews and wine bottles open, and get to socializing. Of course, when you're the host(ess), your drink is usually the last thing you think of. So after about 45 minutes I realized "Shit, you need a drink!" So I cruised into my kitchen, pulled all of my margarita ingredients out, set it all up near my Vitamix blender, and got to work.

My friend Amers was standing there and we started chatting about how to make this bloody drink. So with her as my coach, I got to work making my strawberry margarita recipe.

First thing I added to the blender? One cup of ice cubes. There, that was easy.

Next up, one bag (10 ounces) of organic frozen strawberries. Well, you don't HAVE to use organic, but I recommend it since strawberries are a member of The Dirty Dozen). However, I realize that you are just trying to get your drunk on and whether your strawberries are organic might not be a concern. ;)

The whole bag?! Yes, the whole bag. Deciding whether or not to add enough strawberries to a strawberry margarita? Oy, this is not the time to be chintzy.

Minute Maid Limeade Concentrate

Next up? Limeade Concentrate. Now, most natural foods stores (like Whole Foods) do not sell Minute Maid Limeade Concentrate? Why? Because it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup which is basically the devil and should be avoided at all costs! Seriously. But I made an exception in this one instance because I don't know of any other substitute out there for this ingredient which really helps to make this the perfect and best strawberry margarita. If you know of another option that is a bit more on the healthy side, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks. :) **

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, Minute Maid says it's made with real limes, is all natural, and contains 14% lime juice. Not sure if that helps to cushion the poisonous blow, but hey, it's the best party drink so live on the edge. Anyway, use 3/4 of the can, and put the rest back in the freezer.

Now comes the fun part -- Tequila! Ask your friendly liquor store salesperson for help in finding the best tequila your wallet can afford. But how much tequila should I use?

Under the watchful eye of Amers, I added 4 shots of tequila, then I looked at her. "MORE BOOZE! MORE BOOZE!" she shouted. So I added two more shots, then gave her a glance. "MORE BOOZE! MORE BOOZE!" shouted Amy.

Since I always respect her opinion, I added another shot. Then I looked at her hoping that she would be happy. I could tell she was working up another shout, so I quickly added 1/2 shot more. There, that should do it. Thankfully, she was pleased because good lordy be I had no idea if these amounts were going to put my 5'4" 115-pound frame into the local jail's detox center by night's end.

Okay, next came the Triple Sec. I looked over at Amers with a question mark on my face. She stared back. Then shrugged her shoulder and said "Eh, try two shots."

I placed the lid on my blender, cranked it up to the highest speed, and used my tamper to push everything down into the blades. In no time, everything looked well mixed and ready to taste.

So I pulled out my brand-new-super-cheap-on-sale-from-Bed-Bath-and-Beyond-because-I-didn't-know-how-the-margaritas-would-taste-so-I-didn't-want-to-spend-a-lot-of-money acrylic margarita glasses and poured out one glass full for me, and one for my trusty assistant.

Can I just say: OH. MY. GOD. This was truly THE BEST FROZEN STRAWBERRY MARGARITA WE HAD EVER TASTED. Soooo smooth, and not too brain-freezing cold either.

One by one, our friends left their own beverages in the dust to request a delicious and refreshing strawberry margarita instead. I HIGHLY recommend you buy more strawberries than you think you'll need. Oh, and more margarita glasses too -- some of our peeps had to drink out of a martini glass.

Moral of the story: Good friends + a beautiful summer night + the best strawberry margarita recipe = a perfectly perfect soiré.

Oh, here is the complete recipe:

My Strawberry Margarita Recipe
Fills 4-5 margarita glasses (I think, but I can't really remember for obvious reasons)

1 cup ice cubes
1 (10 ounce) bag strawberries (preferably organic)
3/4 of a can of Limeade Concentrate
6-8 shots tequila
2 shots Triple Sec

Blend. Drink. Smile. Try not to spill.


Sassy's Signature
An almost-empty bottle of Jose Cuervo

p.s. Beware the next morning when you wake up and have texts from your friends cursing you for having such an amazing drink that they couldn't help themselves and now they're so hung over they can barely think straight. (And yes, Miss "More-Booze!" Amers was one of them.)

Oh, well, I stand by my decision to invite Jose.

**Thanks to NaCole Ames for offering this suggestion for a HOMEMADE LIMEADE! :)
Juice of 12 limes
1 cup of raw sugar
6 cups water


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