Curious About Us?

Hi, and thanks for taking a second to learn about us here at Vegan Coach.

First, I'd venture to guess...

  • You want to learn how to stay on course with your vegan diet;
  • You want to achieve a level of cooking technique, skill, confidence, and inventiveness that can make you proud to be vegan;
  • You want to find a way to stick to a whole food diet that looks and tastes satisfying and keeps your taste buds interested;
  • You want to know your food choices are well balanced and support your good health;
  • And you want to do it all in 30 minutes or less!

Now, let me tell you the challenge that I know you're running into because I used to run into the same problem when I went vegan...

You're going crazy trying to find recipes that you (and your family) will like.

You might even have a bookcase full of cookbooks but do you ever take the time to look through them? Likely not.

That's because you know every time you look through your cookbooks you have a hard time finding a recipe with the exact ingredients you have on hand.

Or you can't find a recipe that you can make in the time you have available.

Or you're hesitant to spend time on a recipe when you're not sure if it will turn out the way you expected.

Or what if (GASP!) after all the work your finished dish tastes like crap?

Okay, screw the cookbooks, you think...

Instead, you bring your search online, looking through website after website for the perfect highly-recommended recipe that you can make *right now* with what you have on hand.

Hmmmmm, how's that working out for you? I'm guessing not that great.

Because what are the chances you have on hand in your fridge and cupboards the ingredients any particular recipe calls for? Slim to none!

Who has the time to go through this day after day after day? It's exhausting!

(For the record, we don't have anything against recipes. There's nothing I love more than a lazy Sunday, with some Jazz or Tropical House playing in the background, a full glass of red, and the time to play around with a recipe I've had my eye on.)

If you're relying on recipes for your everyday cooking, my friend, there IS an easier way.

Here at Vegan Coach, one of our end goals is to teach you everyday vegan cooking WITHOUT recipes.

Spend some time with us and in no time at all you'll be stretching your creativity muscle while relying on a good ol' dose of intuition.

I promise you'll learn to look at your food in a whole new fun and inspiring way that will make you happy and energized about cooking!

That said...

We understand you might not be quite ready to cook without recipes. That's why we have hundreds of FREE pages right here on our website packed with vegan cooking and nutrition tips and advice that will teach you all the basics you need.

But when you're ready — and you WILL be ready some day (perhaps sooner than you think) — you'll be cooking custom-made vegan vittles anytime you feel like it without a recipe in sight.

And let me tell you, that's when the fun REALLY starts!

So much good stuff to look forward to including smarter grocery shopping, easier everyday cooking, more well-balanced vegan meals — and far more confidence.

If you ARE ready to learn more about FREESTYLE cooking right now...

Then this should help you find out if you're in the right place or not.

Do you want to:

  1. Become educated about a plant-based diet from someone who's successfully been there and done that?
  2. Focus your meals on whole foods?
  3. Ensure grocery shopping is fast and affordable?
  4. Custom-create meals to match your taste buds?
  5. Know your food choices support your good health?
  6. Stay out of cooking ruts?!

My guess is your answer is a resounding YES to all of the above.

Because...duh. Who wouldn't want this smorgasbord of fabulousness? :)

But how can WE help YOU get there?

Ah, that is the question! So on that note...

Let's quickly run through the above points one by one...

  1. Firstly, EVERYTHING you'll find through our entirely free website and our free class, Recipes Shmecipes -- as well as our plant-based online classes -- is based on our experience eating and cooking up a vegan diet since 1994.

    In other words, we've been at this a long, long, LONG time.

    I don't know about you, but if I'm going to take advice from someone, I want that someone to have experience under their belt that directly correlates to what I want to learn.

    If you agree that educating yourself in vegan home cooking is best from an experienced vegan home cook, you're in the right place.

  2. Back when I went vegan, cooking with whole foods was the only choice if you wanted to be plant-based.

    That's because there weren't many of the overly processed vegan ingredients lining the grocery shelves that you can find today.

    I feel incredibly fortunate to have learned how to REALLY COOK! And it's one of my greatest pleasures in life to pass this knowledge of cooking with whole foods on to you.

    If you like the idea of filling your meals with whole foods and all that goes along with this style of cooking, you're in the right place.

  3. We do things a little differently here at Vegan Coach -- and we've been teaching it since we started this website back in 2007...

    Because our tips and advice aren't geared to recipes! This means that you're never shopping for a laundry list of ingredients (that are many times too expensive or you've never even heard of them before).

    In our world, you're grocery shopping for in-season produce (organic whenever possible). You're loading up on dry goods from the bulk aisle that keep your grocery bills affordable. You're focused on stocking your kitchen with the vegan whole foods and seasonings you like.

    When you shop to stock your pantry, versus shopping for any particular recipe(s), shopping becomes quick and painless!

    If quick and painless shopping sounds good to you, you're in the right place.

  4. How many times have you cooked a dish only to find that flavors were incredibly unsatisfying?

    It's nobody's fault. The author of that recipe enjoyed it. But that doesn't always mean that you will.

    One of our goals is to ensure you have on hand a nice selection of seasonings that work beautifully with a plant-based diet.

    And then, we'll teach you how to use those herbs, spices and other flavorings you have on hand to add immense flavor and balance to every dish you create.

    We do this through the concept of Vegan Flavor Matches. They're like flavor training wheels and it's as fun and helpful as it sounds!

    If you want to create meals that are custom-made to your exact taste buds, then you're in the right place.

  5. Yummy food is only part of the equation. I mean, your food has to be nutritionally sound or what's the point; am I right?

    Healthy meals are important to me and I want to hang with people who feel the same way.

    Do you practically inhale nutrition information, always striving to make the healthiest choices? Me too.

    You want to ensure you're eating a diet filled with veggies, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds and maybe even a smattering of whole soy foods that ensure your diet is balanced in protein, calcium, healthy fats and more.

    As a Vegan Home Chef since 1994 -- and a Vegan Nutrition Educator since 2005 -- I have personal and professional experience that can guide you to making the most nutritious meals you can without sacrificing that yum factor you want, need and crave.

    If choosing ingredients based on the nutrients your body needs sounds like a good idea, then you're in the right place.

  6. Our focus here at Vegan Coach is pulling back the curtain on recipes for a thorough understanding of the working parts behind them.

    So rather than someone else's idea of what you can make for dinner, we encourage creativity in your kitchen.

    First, you'll shop for the ingredients that will stock your pantry.

    And once you have those affordable plant-based ingredients on hand, you can begin to pull them together into tasty meals without a recipe to guide you.

    We call it FREESTYLE cooking.

    And along with it comes the idea that drives all of our online cooking classes:

    Keeping you out of cooking ruts!

    Because once those cooking ruts set in, they can suck the joy of cooking right outta ya.

    And here lies the true magic of living a freestyle plant-based life:

    Because getting just a few easy-to-learn skills and techniques under your belt will ensure your meals will be different every time.

    Did you catch that? Let me say it again another way...

    Every meal you create can be completely different from the last.

    In fact, you can make a meal every day of the year and never repeat the same meal twice!

    See what I mean? Magic!

Also, with freestyle cooking you create meals according to what YOU can eat.

For example...

Some people can't or don't want to do salt. If that sounds like you, you won't shop for it, right? So it won't be part of your pantry. So that won't be something you'll use in your cooking.

Fortunately, when you free yourself from the bonds of recipes, it's no problem whatsoever because you'll have under your belt such a huge array of seasonings you can use instead, you won't even miss it!

Here's another example...

What if you're avoiding soy? You won't shop for it. It won't be part of your pantry. It won't be used in your cooking.

Instead, you'll shop to fill your pantry, fridge and freezer, and then use the ingredients you have on hand to pull together a meal.

It's incredibly exciting to flick that switch from recipe-based cooking to FREESTYLE cooking so all of your meals can be customized to the foods and flavors you love and can eat!

What do you think? Are we a good fit for you?


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