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Vegan Cooking - I'm a failure!

I am not vegan but vegetarian and don't know how to become creative. How can I do this? I am working on seasonal cooking...I am having to teach myself from an average American diet. Ugh. I am having a day that makes me want to revert.

How can I learn more WITHOUT recipes. I have them coming out my rear. I love the sauces and will keep trying but I also have a hub and 3 sons to feed. I may be rambling now but you said to ask.

I bought your book and I love it. But I tried to do a sauce and it was AWFUL! All I need is some words of encouragement.

Thanks. Oh, I also live in the middle of nowhere. I appreciate it.


Sassy Sez: Oy, I know exactly how you feel. I was THE WORST COOK before I went vegan. I burned everything I made. Inedible is the word to describe most of my meals.

So please know that I have been there.

It seems you need a bit of coaching on preparing basic vegan vittles. That way it is not overwhelming.

Fortunately, most of VeganCoach.com was created to teach you how to cook WITHOUT recipes. So I'd like to recommend you visit the Vegan Cooking Guide Tutorial so you can understand how to make use of all the information that is packed into the Vegan Cooking Guide which teaches you to prepare various grains, veggies, beans, etc. Once you learn the basics, you can then pull together a yummy meal that will satisfy all.

Step by step is the answer for you at this point.

Also, please be sure to sign up for The Path To Whirled Peas because it includes a free cooking course that meets you right where you're at, whatever your skill level in the kitchen. We teach you everything from the basics of cooking to working with flavors and all the way through to creating recipe-free meals.

I think between these two resources you will get the hang of creating vegan sauces without recipes quickly.

I hope this helps.

Never give up! Never surrender. :)

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Learning to cook
by: Memory

I can really appreciate where you're coming from. Last nights thia recipie was so bad that I had a big bowl of popcorn for desert! A couple of things that I've learned is:

Make only one new thing every few days. Round out the meal with other family members favorites.

Never try out a new recipie when it matters, like when company is coming over.

If you cook something and it really really bites,( like certain noodle recipies!!!) remember that there is no progress without the occasional error. Lay a beach blanket in front of the TV, drape a plastic lei over each diner and whip up a batch of Peanut Butter and Banana wraps and pineaplle spears and have a picnic.( My kids know the theme song to "gilligans island" by heart.)

Take a few things that you cooked and your family loved before you went veg, actually write down the recipie as if you were giving it to a neighbor, and then see what you need to change to "veganize" it. Try the recipie in its new form and see if the kids and hubby even notice the change. Don't tell them, just let them enjoy it.

Lastly, when you feel like you have "failed" ask yourself...do the animals that you didn't eat think you're a failure?

Big hugs!

by: Sassy

Well, Memory, that was just about the best answer I could have imagined. :O)

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. xo

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