Vegan Coaching
Personally Customized For YOU!

Does this sound like you?

You decided to give the vegan diet a try. And you might have even started out all gung ho with this new way of eating. Whoo-hoo, look at you go!

But after a while confusion sets in. It happens to ALL of us....

  • "What the heck should I eat?"
  • "How do I know if the meals I create for myself and my family are well-balanced?"
  • "Why do I feel tired (or crabby, or angry or...) since I went 100% plant-based?"
  • "How do other people make this diet work?"
  • "I just can't get my new vegan kitchen organized -- and what tools do I need?"
  • "And perhaps most importantly, why the heck am I talking to myself?" ;)

Heart with quotes"When I introduced myself to you, I was a want to be Vegan, very nervous and overwhelmed. With your coaching I've become an excited living learning Vegan. Discovering a new world. I have a special place in my heart for you, an all around inspiration. You have my respect and affection."
-- Beth Elyse, Sherman, Connecticut

Let me share a little secret with you...

The vegan diet is actually the SIMPLEST way to eat.

But the day-to-day "make it work" can seem challenging; especially if you grew up with a "standard" diet of animal products such as meat, dairy, and eggs. Obviously this is because it's usually quite different from the way you're used to eating.

I mean, let's face it, if you're used to making a meal with animal protein (such as a steak, or some chicken, or a piece of salmon), then it usually takes center stage. Then to "balance" things out you toss some potatoes onto the plate. And if you're one of the FEW, you actually cook up a token small pile of veggies.

It's easy for long-time vegans to forget that -- before going full-on vegetarian -- most of us didn't eat veggies! So if this is you as well, then it can REALLY send your mind into a spin to realize that vegetables suddenly should be a MAJOR part of your diet.

Heart with quotes"Everything's going super good and to plan. Thank you for all your help and guidance and inspiration. Vegan is a life changing experience for me that I'm thoroughly enjoying, and I'm glad you have played a huge part in that"
-- Jackie J., Sydney, Australia

"Thank you for the analysis! A lot of it I didn't know and I will start to implement these changes to work toward a healthier, more balanced vegan diet. I appreciate your passion for healthy living and am so inspired and motivated by you! Thanks again!"
-- Marle W., Fresno, California

Want to know the key to making a plant-based diet work?

It's one very simple factoid...

Going vegan doesn't mean simply removing the animal products.

No way! That's just half of the equation.

It means ADDING IMPORTANT NUTRITIOUS FOODS TO YOUR DIET too; foods that you just might not have ever had before, such as the myriad of whole grains, beans, fruits, nuts, seeds...and more!

Hubby Jeff compares changing to a plant-based diet to taking a vacation to a foreign land, where you are introduced to new ingredients -- they're not BAD, just DIFFERENT. And you usually find some faves that you weave into your regular meals. I love that.

When do you need Vegan Coaching?

Whether you're newly vegan, or have been a veggie for a while, you might be wondering what the heck to eat? Which foods make up a healthy plant-based diet?

Or maybe you can't stop asking yourself "Is my diet well-balanced? Is it providing the nutrition I need?"

And how annoying is it when you read one thing that says "X" is GOOD for you, and then you turn around and read something else that says "X" is BAD for you?

It can be really confusing out there!

Heart with quotes"My skin looks fantastic! You absolutely amaze me with your knowledge, expertise and being able to provide me with an easy explanation of some complicated stuff."
-- Stacey D., East Islip, New York

If you are finding your new vegetarian road challenging in any way, shape, or form, then I have some good options for you to consider here in the halls of

If you're the type of person that prefers to do things on your own (with a little guidance) then the most affordable options for you are my vegan menu planning courses Plan It With Sass! or Get Down With Sass!

You will learn not only WHAT to eat each and every day, but WHY. You'll discover nutritional holes that should be filled, as well as uncovering stuff you are eating that might go against the solid rules of a health-promoting totally vegetarian diet.

And everything you learn throughout the course comes together at the end when you take all that information and create your very own plant-based menus based on the foods you and your family love. It's really slick, very affordable, and the feedback from my students is always positive.

So which to choose? Opt for Get Down! if weight loss is your goal. Otherwise, Plan It! is the course for you.

But if you're the type of person that doesn't have time to learn things on your own and you just want someone to listen to what you want and need -- and then come up with a plan that is uniquely for you -- then it can be helpful to hire a Coach.

Heart with quotes"Last week Sunday, I began following your advice from our coaching call. There was no feeling of coming home and wracking my brain about what to eat, and then passing out before I even make a decision, going to sleep without dinner.

"I've had a fresh and colorful green salad every day, and something good and nutritious to eat in the morning. Thank you so much for your advice. I can literally feel myself getting healthier!"

-- Yvette P., Los Angeles, California

Here's how Vegan Coaching works...

As a healthy vegan since 1994, and a Nutritional Consultant since 2005, I have personal AND professional experience that can help you to find your way.

Basically, no matter where you are at in your journey, I've been there too. So you can find the answers you're looking for with my personalized and very YOU-nique Coaching service.

This frees up your time to concentrate on LIVING. I mean, why spend so much time trying to reinvent the wheel?

In a nutshell, I help you clear away the cobwebs and get the answers you're looking for.

And if I don't have the answers? I find them! Because that's what a good coach does, of course. :)

Heart with quotes"So TOTALLY cool are you!!!!!!!! I knew we would hit it off. I feel like I've known you for a very long time. So easy to talk to, such a good listener, so knowledgeable, personable, more than generous with your time, and wise beyond your years (however much that is).

"Needless to say, I loved our consultation and am so grateful for the extra time you spent with me and the care you took with each of my many questions. It was a huge help.

"I have already thanked god several times for you not only before speaking with you because of your masterful website, but especially now after having the privilege of speaking with you and knowing that you are available to me on such a personal level to guide and teach me what I need to learn. You are a true gift. Many thanks times a million."

-- Mary C., High Falls, New York

Vegan Coaching Options

With the economy in the dump these days, you might think it's difficult to find the money for coaching.

You might be surprised how affordable it really is for one-on-one help with your unique questions.

And since you will find the straight-ahead answers you need, you WILL save time and money in the long run.

When you hire me as your coach, I do not require any contracts. Flexibility is the key here.

Take a look at these coaching options, and find one that speaks to you.

The Quickie

The perfect option to choose if you are already vegan, but just want to know if you're on the right track with your current diet.

After you fill out a very simple questionnaire that will give me a peek into your current diet, I'll check it over and let you know of any holes I see that need to be filled. Or any excesses that need to be removed.

Zeros in on EXACTLY what you need to know in a simple and straight-forward manner. And if I check things out and find that you're doing just fine and should just continue on you current path? I'll return your money to you!

Wham! Bam! THANK YOU, MA'AM! :)

  • Personalized vegan diet advice: What are you missing? What are you eating in excess? Are you on track to eating a well-balanced diet? I'll let you know;
  • General nutrition recommendations (carbs, protein, healthy fats, etc).

The Quickie

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The Kickstart

Choose this option if you are already vegan, but you're still a relative newbie. If you go with this package, you should have already eliminated animal products from your diet, but you need a lot more direction than those who have been 100% vegetarian for a while.

Not only do I take a peek at your current diet and make suggestions, but you will also receive a Vegan Food and Nutrition Guide which has been personalized to your exact needs.

You will learn not only which foods to add to (or subtract from) your diet, but you will also receive cooking recommendations and recipes based on your very own food likes and dislikes, general nutrition advice, and other tips and techniques that will help to make the way easier for you as you continue on your exciting foodie journey.

  • One 45-minute phone consultation (for International clients we utilize Skype phone);
  • Personalized diet recommendations for your exact needs based on my super-sleuth investigation;
  • Cooking recommendations and/or recipes based on your very own food likes and dislikes;
  • General nutrition advice (carbs, protein, healthy fats, etc);
  • Free email support.

The Kickstart

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The Mother Lode

Choose this option if you are not vegan -- yet. But your goal is to get there! Basically, you're just starting out and need all the help and direction you can get.

Or, you're already Vegan but you're barely hanging on -- you just never figured out how to make it work. So you still need help. A lot of help. Such as what to eat and when, or how to cook, or how to get organized and make it all work on a daily basis, or...

Every client is different. Everyone comes into our private coaching with a different knowledge base, varying skills and experience, different beliefs about what you are capable of -- and it's my privilege to meet you where you're at and discover the best way I know how to coach you and your own unique self.

It's QUITE exciting. And fun! Promise!    :)

We'll take plenty of time together as I zero in on the best (and easiest) way to help you accomplish your goals. A typical coaching experience is all about you, and can involve...

  • Cooking advice, ideas, encouragement, and direction leading you to cooking meals in a way that makes sense for YOU;
  • How to get organized, shopping tips, making it work on a daily/weekly basis so meal prep is done in a quick and sane yet healthy manner;
  • Tools of the trade -- what will make your life easier, and what can you put on the "wish list backburner" for another day?
  • Zeroing in on solutions for a mixed family (some eat a Plant-Based diet, some do not);
  • Personalized diet recommendations for your exact needs based on my super-sleuth investigation;
  • General nutrition advice (carbs, protein, healthy fats, etc);
  • Free email support;
  • And The Mother Lode always includes two 45-minute phone consultations (for International clients we utilize Skype phone).

The Mother Lode

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Vegan Coaching Follow-Up Calls

If you require further assistance over and above your chosen coaching package, you can set up a follow-up call at any time. I'm here if you need me!

45-Minute Follow-Up Call

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Heart with quotes"Sassy is a wonder to work with, never letting you down, is always MORE than fair and accommodating. The best part is that she lives this stuff every day."
-- Jennie Haraldson, Spokane, Washington

Your Vegan Coaching is 100% personalized!

As your coach, I'll be there to answer any and all questions that arise as we work together, whether for one coaching session, or more...

  • No matter your experience
  • No matter your knowledge
  • No matter your available time

This is not a cookie-cutter approach. You are unique. And your Vegan Coaching experience is too.

Working with a Vegan Coach is a fun way to learn the ins and outs of food and nutrition without having to take the time for hours of research, without hopping from one fad diet to the next, and without spending hundreds of dollars on vitamins and minerals that may be actually doing more harm than good.

So, how do you begin your Vegan Coaching adventure?

It's easy! Don't blink or you'll miss it.

After you select your coaching option above, I will be in touch via email. Simply sit back and relax -- your Coach is on the case!   :)

Thanks very much! I look forward to working with you.

Sassy's Signature

Patty "Sassy" Knutson
Vegan Coach
Nutritional Consultant

p.s. Please note: I am not a doctor, nor a health care professional. As a Nutritional Consultant, I am qualified to assist you with your basic nutritional needs. As a long-time vegan and former personal chef, I can also assist you with cooking questions, balanced menu creation, etc. If you have any specific health challenges, please contact your doctor, nutritionist or dietitian.

Heart with quotes

"Working with you, I felt at ease right away. You were very concerned with what I was or was not doing and helping me eat right as a Vegan. I felt like you were a good friend and even a family member."
-- Aleta J., Claremont, California

"You have a bubbly personality and although I have never met you in person, I was very comfortable sharing personal information with the knowledge that you would be able to offer healthful insights."
-- Sandi S., Roseville, California

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing this. I'm really enjoying it and learning a lot too."
-- Robin R., Houston, Texas

"You have been a tremendous help to me, and others as I have read on your website. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing. It is very much appreciated by everyone's lives that you have touched and helped in some way! Thank you again."
-- Nikki Wilson, Saratoga, New York

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