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Sea salt versus table salt

Is sea salt better than table salt?


Sassy Sez: Hi there - The short answer is YES sea salt is better than table salt.

Short answer is that sea salt is mostly unprocessed and "from the sea". The sea water is simply dehydrated by the sun, and the salt that is left makes sea salt.

Whereas regular table salt is very processed, heated, and stripped of all its nutrition.

It's like the difference between brown rice and white rice.

Sea salt does not have as strong of a salty flavor as table salt, so it takes a little getting used to if you are a salt-a-holic.

The ONLY advantage to table salt is that iodine is added to it. Iodine is a very important nutrient we need, even though only small amounts are needed. So if you go the sea salt route, be sure to get IODIZED SEA SALT. xo

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Best Sea Salt
by: Joi

I have found "Redmond REAL SALT" to be my favorite. It comes from ancient sea beds in Utah and is unprocessed retaining its trace minerals. It has some color and is not as salty tasting yet satisfies. One of my favorite things about it is I can use it sparingly and I don't have swelling in my legs, which happens when I eat processed salt. Also, my chiropractor stocks it because he wants his patients to use it.

Hi Joi
by: Sassy

Hi there Joi. Thanks for sharing. I have tried Redmond Salt and agree it is not nearly as "salty" tasting as other salts but it does seem to satisfy. I think it might be especially good for those who have to watch their sodium intake, which you have noticed with the difference in the swelling in your legs. Very interesting indeed. xo

re salt options
by: Sande Waybill

My main reson for changing from regular to sea salt was because sea salt does NOT contain aluminum. Regular salt may pour easily, but I would rather crunch/grind something halthy than have an easier yet less healthy product.

by: Eselpee

I worry about the polution in our oceans. I try to get inland salt. I am not a 'saltaholic', so I get the himalayan salt without worrying about the cost.

Table Salt, Sea Salt, and Iodine
by: Bob Jackson

As one that doesn't worry about salt or no salt, OR what salt, whose salt?...Isn't the real issue Iodine? What is the required amount needed for my body, and why? Thanks
Bob Jackson

by: Marg S

I do not use any salt to season or prepare my food. If and when I add some salt to my muffins or baked goods, I prefer sea salt. Same applies for snacks (prefer No Salt) but when products not found, I buy snacks seasoned with Sea Salt.

by: Sassy

Thanks, everyone, for joining in the convo. :)

Bob, yes, I personally believe the bigger reasons for eating salt is to get the iodine, which those who do NOT eat salt can get from seaweeds like you find in Veg Sushi (the nori) or dulse or wakame or...

I talk about this in my courses Plan It With Sass! as well as my weight loss course Get Down With Sass!. I wouldn't go out and start eating zounds of seaweed just to ensure proper iodine intake because you CAN overdo it as Dr. Greger mentions here at NutritionFacts.org.

Hope this helps. :)

sea salt for me
by: Carol

I much prefer sea salt, especially if I grind it myself.

Table vs sea
by: Davey

Salt is an item where the variations are so similar and our intake so (ideally) minute that worrying about one or the other being more healthful may be a waste of time. Yes, table salt strips minerals. Sea salt has 2 mg magnesium in each 1/4 your RDA of sodium. But adult RDA for magnesium is 300-400 mg daily, so salt isn't playing a significant role. It probably makes more sense to focus on other dietary items and just go with the cheap salt.

For those on a low sodium diet for health reasons, do NOT consider sea salt better than table, regardless your anecdotal observations. The AMA has done extensive research on this, and sea vs table has the same effect on the body. If you need to strip sodium out of your diet (we've done so for a congen heart patient in the house) you might try potassium chloride substitutes (warning: blech). Also beware that you're watching sodium, not just sodium chloride. It took us a while to notice the sodium punch baking soda adds to food...it's not salt, but it's very high in sodium.

Dr Mercola On Himalayan Salt
by: Anonymous

You might want to take a look at this from dr mercola. I use Himalayan salt for the added health benefits.


Sea Salt benefits

I encourage vegan to read more about sea salt. If it's white Is Not sea salt (have been process to commercial appearance) . It should be gray or pink. The sea salt benefits includes lower pressure, balance biochemical in our body's and once you read it, you will not touch regular salt. For me was the difference like to eat meat or not.

BTW, love new format, love the letters and thanks for the spelling class. This is my second language and love to improve it. Big Hugs and Thanks for the great work!

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