Your Vegan Cooking Routine!

If you're like most Vegans (or Veg-Curious!), you're running around like a crazy person! You're trying so hard to make the vegan diet work for you in a way that's simple and nutritious — and doesn't taste like flavorless cardboard!

As a vegan since 1994, I've been there and done that! And I'm never going back to that confusing place again. And you don't have to either!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret that many successful Vegans already know...

If you're relying on recipes to get you through your days, then it will be incredibly difficult for you to ever get ahead of the game.

That's because it takes far too much time to...

  • Search out recipes;
  • Print them up or take notes (which you always misplace);
  • Create a specific grocery list;
  • Shop for specific ingredients;
  • Painstakingly follow each measurement and step of a recipe to a T.

And how many times have you gone through all of this work only to find that the finished dish doesn't taste good?

How much time have you now wasted? It's maddening!

And what happens when you buy expensive ingredients that you only use ONCE? Or if all the produce you bought wilts before you get a chance to use it?

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