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Meet Elizabeth (<--).   Everybody say "Hi Liz!"   :)

Liz has always been a fairly happy, content, and healthy person.

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But as the years go by, she's been feeling a little less energetic, gaining weight, and basically feeling sort of blah.

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One day, she watched the movie Forks Over Knives and was shocked to learn the health implications of eating animals.

She decided to go Vegan that very minute.

Maybe this will be the key to feeling good, losing weight, and looking sexy again.

And how hard can it be, really -- just take away the meat, eggs, and dairy, right? Well, it's been ANYTHING BUT easy for her.

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Every chance she gets, Liz is on the internet researching the topic. But everywhere she looks, she finds conflicting information about the vegan diet.

"Eat soy!" "No, don't eat soy!"

"It's a-okay to eat nuts!" "If you eat nuts you'll get FAT!"

"Olive oil in the diet is okay." "No, it's NOT okay to use olive oil!"

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And she simply can't figure out how to make a decent meal. So she's been living on bread and pasta and fruit. With some veggies thrown in for good measure, even though she hasn't really ever learned to cook veggies that taste good.

She has tried to make dishes with beans and whole grains, but everything just tastes SO boring! Before she went vegan she was a pretty good cook, so why can't she do this?

And she's pretty sure the food she's making isn't covering her nutritional needs. But that seems like overload at this point!

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Liz has very busy days at work. She's always in a rush, and has ZERO time to learn how to cook in this new vegan way.

And even though she has found a lot of recipes to try, she never seems to have what she needs on hand. Or they require a strange ingredient she's never heard of. She wishes she could just figure out how to make a vegan meal that tastes good AND is quick to make! Is that too much to ask!?

So she's been relying on frozen and pre-packaged foods just so she has something to eat.

Now she's even MORE frustrated because since she went vegan she's actually gaining weight! "Curses! I thought the vegan diet was supposed to help you LOSE weight!?"

Life is just too short and she's just too busy to be spending so much time feeling miserable.

Woman is thinking Now What?
But her parents didn't raise a quitter. She cares about the animals and our environment. And feels this was the right decision for her when she made it.

But it's all just SO overwhelming!

She's getting to the point where if she doesn't get a sign that this is going to actually work, she's going to have to face the facts and give up.

She needs help.
She needs support.
She needs direction.
And she needs it. . . yesterday!

Sound familiar?

If so, then join us on The Path To Whirled Peas where we'll take a fun and helpful journey through the process of how to be Vegan in a way that makes sense -- and works for busy lives.

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"Sassy's Top 10 Vegan Ingredients"

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