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Welcome to Cooking With Sass! where I'll teach you how to step into your kitchen, see what's on hand, and get cookin' without a recipe in sight!

Cooking With Sass!
Winter Class Begins
December 5th, 2016

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If cooking without recipes intrigues you or it's something you've been interested in but you haven't quite figured out how to actually pull it off in your day-to-day life, then you're going to absolutely love Cooking With Sass!

It's important to learn the skills to mastering recipe-free cooking. Not only does this save you time (for example, painstakingly measuring out the exact ingredients a recipe calls for) but it saves you money too! How? Because you'll choose ingredients that are in season and at their freshest while priced less than ingredients out of season.

PLUS, when you cook without recipes you use the nutritious food you have on hand instead of tossing old and wilted veggies into the garbage -- sheesh, the money you'll save on this alone is likely substantial. (And believe me, I understand that guilty feeling you have when you toss those sad past-their-prime vegetables out. It makes you feel sad, mad and frustrated!)

It's been a while since we've offered a new course here at Vegan Coach. And this is one a LOT of you have been asking for.

What is Cooking With Sass! you ask?

In a nutshell...

Cooking With Sass! is a series of online classes devoted to cooking with the seasons -- without recipes.

On-the-fly improvisational cooking is what we've always taught in all of our courses and across our entire website. And...

This will be the FIRST cooking course we've ever offered devoted to showing you how we make recipe-free cooking work day in and day out.

The Next Stop On Our Cooking With Sass! Adventure?

Winter! Our first class is currently underway (Autumn) and we're having so much fun together. Hope you'll consider joining us for our Winter class which will last for 12 weeks (December, January, February).

Anatomy Of A Recipe-Free Meal

One of the biggest and most important things we'll do in Cooking With Sass! is move step-by-step through the very process I use to get a recipe-free meal on the table, from the time I step into the kitchen to see what I have on hand until I'm plating it up.

Week after week we'll hyper-focus on each step. No stone will be left unturned. I'll completely deconstruct everything I do so you can follow along and do the exact same steps in your own kitchen.

This is the course you've been asking for that will help you pull together everything we teach here at Vegan Coach.

In Cooking With Sass! We'll Focus On Seasonal Ingredients

Because cooking with the seasons is a delicious way to ensure that your meals taste their best, your ingredients are chock-full of nutrients, and you're not spending a fortune when you do your grocery shopping since you generally pay less money for ingredients that are in season.

Cartoon of our Cooking With Sass Winter season plate with silverware

Our next 3-month class (Winter 2016-2017) will feature gorgeous ingredients that celebrate Winter like sweet potatoes, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, just to name a few!

We'll do our best to only buy ingredients that are the freshest, most beautiful and most readily available during the Winter months (December, January, February) before we bring them home to whip up unique and tasty home-style meals with them -- and then demonstrate to you through weekly videos exactly how we do it! (More on the videos below.)

Janie G, Cooking With Sass student"It makes perfect sense to cook with the seasons. I believe if more of us did that, we'd be a lot better off. It's just plain weird to me to find peaches in the wintertime or winter squashes in the summer...just wrong! That produce can't be good, or it's been sent from so far away it's OLD."

Janie G.
Canton, Georgia

Keith, Cooking With Sass student"If the idea is to cook without recipes, then seasonal cooking is the best way to go. If someone travels for example, that person can learn to purchase seasonal and local veggies for the freshest seasonal cooking available. Watching you throw something together to make tasty food that feeds your family works to excite me into having more confidence in creating science in the kitchen."

Keith N.
Slidell, LA

Shirley, Cooking With Sass student"Do you want to know something that I feel is unusual in taking this class? Well, I EXPECTED to have to go out and purchase different ingredients to make all the things you would have us make, right? Never one time have I purchased ANYTHING for this class! NOT.ONE.THING! So, I guess that means that anyone can benefit from these classes because it truly is teaching us to use what we have on hand already! In fact, I have only been shopping 3 times since these started and only bought staples! Way less than usual! I thank you for this! Glen thanks you for this! Recipe-free! XO"

Shirley M.
Nampa, ID

Get Inspired With Our Unique Cooking Videos

Each week you'll watch me as I go into my kitchen to see which ingredients I have in my fridge, freezer, and pantry (such as beans and whole grains, fresh veggies, nuts, seeds, etc), and then pull them all together into delicious good-for-you vegan dishes on the spot -- without recipes!

There was a time when these videos were the ONLY THING we were going to offer in this class and our students were incredibly excited about them -- enough that they would have paid money just for these alone!

Yes, they're THAT valuable and you'll be helped tremendously just by watching how I cook improvisationally right in my own home.

In fact, my group of course Reviewers watched my Cooking With Sass! pilot video and here's what they had to say...

Robin, Cooking With Sass student"I cannot wait to try this. You made it look so easy. I could almost taste the ingredients. Thank you for making this video. I very much enjoyed it."

Robin M.
Cincinatti, OH

Ashley G., Cooking With Sass student"I *loved* this video, Sassy! This is exactly the approach I best relate to. I've purchased several of the Vegan Coach programs, all of which are helpful, inspiring and informative. The highlights of those courses, for me, are the video segments where you can see what exactly is happening in the kitchen and how a meal goes together. I also like seeing the amounts of flavoring ingredients that are used in a dish - not to copy them necessarily, but to get a sense of how you approach it."

Ashley G.
Erie, PA

Here is a glance into some of the topics we'll cover in Cooking With Sass! ...

Cartoon of Sassy juggling 4 plates indicating the seasons

Cooking With Sass!  will instruct you step by step how to embrace seasonal recipe-free cooking.

Here's what I have planned for you...

  • Week 1:
    - The importance of creative cooking
    - Getting into the zone

  • Week 2:
    Starting this week we'll begin to build a recipe-free dish together from start to finish. It's going to look something like this:

    - Determining which ingredients to choose for your overall completed dish
    - Why shopping for and cooking with the seasons matters

  • Week 3:
    - Exploring the direction you want to take your meal

  • Week 4:
    - Choosing the cooking technique that will work best for your dish as dictated by the time you have available to cook

  • Week 5:
    - Decision time! Choosing the direction you want to take your dish

  • Week 6:
    - Exploring supporting ingredients to help you make your vision for the dish a reality

  • Week 7:
    - Determining the order of the prep and cooking that needs to be done

  • Week 8:
    - Choosing herbs, spices and other seasonings to add flavor and nutrition as you bring balance to your dish

  • Week 9:
    - Zeroing in on the vision you have for your dish

  • Week 10:
    Finding your go-to signature flavors

  • Week 11:
    Providing contrast between ingredients (i.e. textures, flavors, consistency, temperature, etc.)

  • Week 12:
    Exploring presentation and garnishing options

As you can see, we have a lot of FUN planned as we work together to bring your inner creative chef out to play!   :)

Cooking With Sass deconstructs exactly how I pull off recipe-free improvisational cooking day in and day out.

The Nuts and Bolts of How This Course Works

Cooking With Sass! is held in our user-friendly online classroom where you'll be joined by other students on the same path as you. Our students tell us time and time again how much they love our classroom! It's fun to use and encourages you to stay involved and motivated.

Each week a Lesson is prepared and made available to you in our online classroom. So you can take the course as it comes, or take your time going through the material. This weekly "drip" of information is THE KEY to you learning and implementing each week's lesson.

And that's how you'll learn. Step by step; goal by goal.

And since you're learning one little bite at a time, you retain what you learn.

With your Cooking With Sass!  purchase you'll join our online community of peeps.

So you'll never be alone and you'll always find the support you need.

Cooking With Sass Community

That's because Cooking With Sass!  is interactive.

Join your fellow students to ask questions about what you're learning, share your comments and ideas, and even help other students out with your own unique experience and knowledge.

Heart with quotes

Here's SOME of the feedback from students of our current class (Autumn):

"Wonderful seeing the various principles and guidelines you teach on your website and in your courses brought together in a very practical demonstration and example of how easily it's done!"
-- Greg B.

"Loving the Cooking with Sass course! Great job"
-- Janie G.

"I am loving Sassy's Vegan Coach approach stressing creativity, experimentation, and trial and error. I find it a relaxing and enjoyable way to cook! "
-- Margaret B.

"I LOVE watching you cook, and the commentary too!! These cooking videos just bring EVERYTHING you're telling us together so CLEARLY!!!....I LOVE THEM!!!....They are EXTRAORDINARILY INSPIRING!!!!.....I AM so excited because I made my FIRST TOTALLY IMPROVISATIONAL RECIPE-FREE DISH IN NEARLY 27 YEARS last night!!!!.....I wasn't even SCARED beforehand (NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!!)....rather, I was EXCITED!!!!!!!.....and I actually had FUN, FUN, FUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!! THANK YOU ENDLESSLY for what you're are CHANGING our lives, for the better, every single day. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!"
-- Daryl L.

"This class is so much fun! I love hearing the differences in dishes as to where people are from. There are so many different ideas to share. And I love reading all the comments! Looking forward to our next challenge!!! I am for sure signing up for the Winter class."
-- Nancy M.

"This dish was so much fun to plan out! Hubby and I both got involved! You know what was an unexpected side benefit? Because I was “allowed” the freedom to experiment without censure, I FELT SO GOOD, humming as I cooked. Your courses are SO worth it! I'll be signing up for the Winter class too.   :)"
-- Shirley M.

"I'm really enjoying this course, Sassy!"
-- Lisa D.

Are You Ready To Begin Cooking With Sass?

Here's what's included:

  • Cooking With Sass!  12-Week Seasonal Recipe-Free Online Vegan Cooking Course;
  • Weekly inspirational cooking videos! Watch as I step into my kitchen to create a meal on the spot without a recipe using the very same techniques you'll learn in this course;
  • Winter Seasonal Produce Guide to help you choose the freshest, most in-season produce when you go shopping;
  • Off-the-cuff, fun surprises sprinkled throughout;
  • Access to our fun online community filled with students just like you who are focused and driven to find success with the vegan diet;
  • Personal coaching right in the course—your questions will always be answered in a timely and friendly manner because I'll be right there alongside you as we take this journey together!

  • Our upcoming Winter 2016-2017 Class focuses on recipe-free seasonal cooking for the Winter months (season runs December, January, February). Click here if you'd like to be put on the waiting list. We'll shoot you an email when the doors open with special Early Bird pricing!

    (Don't worry, we hate spam as much as you and promise to only send you email from us here at

    Questions about Cooking With Sass!

    Q: Is this course appropriate for new Vegans?
    A: This is an advanced vegan cooking course. You should have a solid idea of the basics of a vegan diet such as how to cook beans or how to cook veggies. We'll simply show you in THIS course how we pull it all together into everyday recipe-free dishes.

    Q: "I have taken many courses from others, some quite expensive, and have not made much progress. How will your class be different?"
    A: It's hard for me to answer that, quite honestly, because I don't know which courses you have taken or what they included in their Lessons. I can only share with you what Cooking With Sass! will cover. One thing included with each and every week is a new video that shows me going into my kitchen and making a recipe-free meal on the spot with what I have on hand. These are NOT going to be scripted or rehearsed. Simply showing you what I found in my local market on my last shopping trip and how I incorporated it into my meal. I can promise you this: Every video will be completely different because I'll have different ingredients on hand each week so there will never be the same meal shown twice.

    We'll be covering every step of creating a recipe-free vegan meal, from selecting the ingredients to plating and garnishing. We'll also cover seasoning and flavoring at length so you can begin to get a really solid idea of this MOST important aspect of cooking without recipes. If you've ever taken any of our courses before where we cover flavoring just know that this course will go above and beyond anything else we've taught.

    We're still playing around with some other ideas -- this will be a living, breathing course. The Lessons have not been created yet so our students will be able to tell us what they need to help them move forward and we can do our best to deliver in a future Lesson -- within reason.   ;)

    Q: What time of day will the cooking classes start?
    A: The class will be held in our online classroom just as all of our other courses are. Each course begins whenever it's convenient for you after you've completed your enrollment. New content – whether text, audio, video, downloadable documents or discussions – will be available each week. I’ll notify you by e-mail when new lessons are ready, and you can follow the links directly into our online space.

    Q: Will I be able to access the class any time?
    A: You can participate at any time you wish, when it's convenient for you! No worries about scheduling, or living in different time zones.

    Q: How do I know if this course will fit into my schedule?
    A: Each week you will receive an email to notify you that a new Lesson is ready to be viewed. You can simply visit our virtual classroom whenever you have the time (and the head space!) to concentrate and get the most out of each Lesson.

    Q: How long will I have access to the course?
    A: You will own the course and can access it at any time. There is no expiration date.

    Do you have a question? Ask below in our Facebook commenting section or shoot me an email through our Contact form. Thanks!

    I think you're going to love this fun and unique recipe-free vegan cooking adventure.

    Are you ready?

    It's time to start Cooking With Sass!

    Sassy's Signature

    Patty "Sassy" Knutson
    Vegan Coach
    Nutritional Consultant
    Chief Cook and Bottle Washer    :)

    p.s. You can retake the course at any time at no charge. And as with all of our courses you have my personal guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Thanks and I hope to see you in class!

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