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You'll fall in love with our vegan cooking newsletter Recipes Shmecipes. It's filled with tips to guide you and student cooking successes to inspire you.

Sassy here, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer around these parts. I began publishing this website back in 2007, and since that time have helped thousands of people just like you not only transition to a whole food plant-based diet successfully but take it further by teaching you that...

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Recipe-free vegan cooking is THE KEY to being a successful long-term Vegan because everything you make is personalized and custom-made to your exact tastes, cooking abilities and dietary preferences.

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You'll have a front-row seat to the successes our students are having in their kitchen adventures as they, too, learn how to cook without recipes and live the custom-made and personalized vegan lifestyle that we teach and promote — that will inspire you to play with your food!

We just know you're going to love every single issue because you'll gain new tips you can use right away and a shot of inspiration to carry you through this plant-based cooking journey — all with a community of peeps like you who just want to create healthy and balanced and YUMMY whole-food plant-based meals.

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If you can relate to any of the following, then you're in the right place:

  • You've gone vegan (or you're well on your way) and you're EXCITED! But all the amazing info you find on all the websites and blogs and social media out there — it's like drinking out of a fire hose! It's not lack of information but TOO MUCH information that's slowing you down and making things confusing;
  • It seems you're always faced with new (and sometimes strange-sounding) ingredients, and you have no idea what they are or what to do with them once you buy them;
  • You're too rushed to figure out what to eat so you turn to overly processed foods in the store, order in, or go out to eat (which is costing a small fortune);
  • You have lots of recipes but don't know how to make meals that are healthy, and you're not sure if the recipes are well-balanced — is it okay to just take away the meat and eggs and dairy or is there more to it?
  • You might be fairly good at cooking, but you don't know how to create meals out of just vegan choices;
  • You buy whole foods and do your best to cook with them, but they're always flavorless and BOR-ING;
  • The recipes you try seem "strange" due to unfamiliar products and techniques, and worse the results are too bland and often unappetizing!

You had no idea that a plant-based diet would be so freaking complicated. Calgon, take me away!

If any of the above speaks to where you're at right now, then you really will love what we have in store for you.

Talk soon!


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Patty "Sassy" Knutson
Vegan Coach
Nutritional Consultant
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Heart with quotes" Get on the Sass train! She will get you going on your healthy cooking/lifestyle."
-- Lynn Bauer, Wooster, Ohio

"Get connected now if you want/need to improve your life."
-- Sandi Oswald, Atherton, Queensland, Australia

"What you've done and put together is truly a blessing."
-- Jae Ray, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I will be recommending you as a resource to anyone and everyone from steadfast Vegans to those just starting to lean into a more plant-based way of being."
-- Ann-Marie Lancaster, N. Dartmouth, Massachusetts

"Sassy is so incredibly knowledgeable and down to earth and so personable!"
-- Renee Waters, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I never thought I would get my life back on course, and because of you, I'm getting there! I can't wait to find out what more there is to learn!"
-- Aubrey Montgomery, Commerce City, Colorado

"Sassy is really out there with us and she is a great coach!"
-- Libby Watts, Chesapeake, Virginia

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