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Hello and welcome to Vegan Coach!

I'm your hostess with the mostest Patty Knutson, but my friends call me Sassy.    :)

I've been eating a vegan diet since 1994 and have found the keys to making it work.

This website was created in 2007 and was among the first vegan websites out there. We continue to be one of the most comprehensive as well.

Our focus is on working with natural whole foods, because it's the best way to fill your body with the nutrition it needs - plus it's the most affordable way to live.

We've found that if you take the old-school knowledge (you know, the stuff our great-great grandmothers knew!) and combine it with the convenient modern kitchens of today, you get super-school methods and techniques!

And these techniques will allow you to quickly and easily create home-style meals that taste and appear to be something that was a labor of love -- the kind that someone must have taken HOURS to create.

But most of the time you'll pull it off in a matter of 30 minutes.

Plus, you'll get all the lifestyle benefits of cooking with whole foods that come along for the ride...

  • Easy vegan weight loss;
  • Simple menu planning;
  • Affordable grocery shopping;
  • The best of vegan nutrition;
  • ...and so much more!

Our site is JAM-PACKED with helpful cooking, nutrition, and vegan living tips, and it's ALL here for you to use to your heart's content.

All of our tips and techniques are appropriate for new vegans, as well as the more "well-seasoned."

Use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of every page of our website for any specific questions. And if you need further assistance, feel free to contact me.

Be sure to sign up for our popular newsletter filled with tips and advice about vegan cooking, nutrition, and the lifestyle.

So welcome again, and thanks for joining me, my trusty sidekick Jeff, and the rest of our Vegan Coach community as you learn how to be your own creative 100% vegetarian chef.


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Heart with quotes"What I like best about your website and newsletters has always been your down-to-earth, never-preachy, always-patient presentation. You never take it for granted that your readers do or do not know something - you present information in a friendly, non-presumptious, non-condescending way, just as though you were talking to a best friend."
-- Susan Covington, Richardson, Texas

"Today is my one year Veganversary. I have to thank you for providing so much helpful information on your website about how to actually choose, store, prep, and cook all of the beans, grains, and vegetables. You also taught me what I needed to have in my pantry so that I could prepare many basic vegan meals.

"It is because of the knowledge I gained from you, that for the last year, I've been cooking all of my meals from scratch and eating vegetables, grains, and beans that I never tried in forty years. I was able to make an immediate switch to veganism instead of a gradual change because of your website.

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful gift to us all!"
-- Jessica Rempuszewski Conwell, Sarver, Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been trying my hardest to follow a vegan diet for 6 months and plan to continue that diet. I recently discovered your website, and it is just the thing I need to put everything in perspective. I was really getting frustrated with searching the endless sea of nutrition facts, recipes and just helpful information overall, but your site has really filled-in all the gaps.

"I just wanted to personally thank you for your the time and effort you have put into this website. It is simply a masterpiece."
-- Adam King, Florence, Alabama

"I hope you know how extremely helpful your site is. It's different than other sites....easy to read, understand, etc. Being vegan for 5 years, you get comfortable thinking you know most of it, but then a website like yours comes along and now I'm learning even more! Thanks again for all your wonderful info!"
-- Lynne S., Rockwall, Texas

"Thank you for this site. I have been a vegetarian for over a year and am sick of hunting down cookbooks only to hope that the food comes out like it should. I like your approach of not using recipes as this is exactly what I have been trying to do lately. Just wanted to drop you a line to say that your hard work is appreciated!"
--Flix K., Texas

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